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Open marriage cuckold


lonely cunt Monica

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How old am I: I'm 46 years old
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My favourite drink: Beer
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Click the picture above for more details. My wife and I had been together for nearly twenty five years. We did everything together and our marriage over the years had been for the most part rock solid. As the years passed though, things began to change. We had become too complacent in the bedroom, and our sex life began to suffer.

Sex was no longer that important to her, while it meant a lot to me. I still loved my wife, but I needed more in the way of sex than what I was getting.

Open relationships as a kink or fetish

I wanted it to be spontaneous and fantastic like it used to be. The idea of having sex with other women began to consume my mind. I began to chat with open women online. I felt young and vibrant when a younger woman would say good things to me. I was pushing fifty and any kind of compliment at this age went a long way. I suddenly found myself out of control and the cuckold of having a younger woman in the bedroom had me extremely aroused.

One marriage I sat down with my wife and told her how I felt. I brought up the need for change and I offered her a proposition. It was something I had thought about for a while. It was bold and something that could either help our marriage, or leave us in ruins. I just want the opportunity to see what is out there.

That is all I am asking. It very well may work out that my place is right here. She thought I was just being an idiot again. I figured she would just sit idly by and wait out the next three months, and then tell me what a fool I had been.

I felt the need to at least try and see what was out there for me. I knew I was taking a big chance, but the arousal I felt was so overwhelming. A few days later I began to converse with a few women. They were younger than my wife and I tried to let them know I was available. I sat there hoping for some positive responses, but after a few weeks none were coming my way. I began to wonder if my wife was right about me going through a mid-life crisis, and I thought about all those years we spent together.

The ups and downs, and everything in between. Two months into my trial experiment, I was ready to give up and call this whole thing off. It was going nowhere quickly, but my pride got the best of me. I decided to marriage out that last month so I could still have open dignity left.

If I admitted it was all a mistake then I would never hear the end of it. I thought my best bet was to keep quiet and not let her cuckold how badly my plan was failing.

A few days later, my wife came home from work a bit early. She took a shower and got dressed in her tight jeans. She put on a buttoned up shirt and made sure she left open the top few buttons. She was right. You know the place that is all country now.

My wife looked hot that night as she walked out the front door. Her breasts were a nice size and they stood firmly out.

Her butt is perfectly rounded and she filled out her jeans in a beautiful way. Rick on the other hand was in his late thirties, and had been divorced for the past two years.

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I never did like him, and I know for a fact that he had tried to hit on my wife a few times in the past. I sat there knowing that my wife would be with him tonight, and that had my blood boiling.

My wife loves to get under my skin, and I gave her the perfect opportunity to do it. I knew deep down though that she was just bluffing, and there was no way she would ever let Rick fuck her. The hours began to go by slowly, and I sat there thinking about the first time we met. It was through mutual friends and was quite unexpected. We were in our twenties and just out of college. We dated for three months before we finally had sex. It was magical and I can still remember it like it had happened today.

It was fun and spontaneous, and I wanted our sex life to be like that once again.

What open marriage taught one man about feminism

It was getting late and I had fallen asleep around eleven. Two hours later I suddenly woke as my wife walked into our bedroom. It was dark and I acted like I was still asleep. A few minutes later she slipped underneath the covers next to me. Did you fuck him? Rick surprised me; he was a totally different person outside of the office.

I found him to be quite interesting and extremely nice.

How do open relationships work?

It was around ten or so when Rick said he had a special bottle of wine back at his place that he had been wanting to open for some time. He asked me if I How would like to share it with him.

I accepted his offer and I followed him back to his place. He had a nice place and he offered me a seat on the couch, while he went down into the basement to get the bottle of wine.

He came back up a few minutes later and turned on some soothing music. He poured us each a glass and we sat there sipping on the fine wine for the next twenty minutes or so. His fingers were magical and I felt extremely relaxed as he massaged my back and neck for the next few minutes. Then I felt his lips up against my neck. I felt a wave of lust come over me at that moment and I began to succumb quickly to his advances. A short time later I felt my shirt being unbuttoned and my bra being undone.

I was in a trance and I made no attempt to stop him. He then slid my bra off my breasts and I felt his hands open massage each of them. I now felt an even more of an adrenalin rush than before. I then suddenly turned and gave Rick a passionate kiss on the lips. Our bodies came together and we began to cuckold out with one another over the next few minutes. It was never my intention on ending up in his bed, but I was too far along to stop now. We made out for the several minutes and I felt Rick undoing my jeans.

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He was quite excited and his cock pressed hard against his pants. I felt his finger glide across my swollen clit a of times and he could see how wet and aroused I was. He undid his cuckolds and slipped them down. He rolled over on top of me and I began to open up my legs wide.

I felt a wave of arousal come over me and I reached down and grabbed a hold of his cock. His cock was a good size and I inserted it into my aroused marriage. It felt so good and I urged him on. I told him his cock was and told him not to stop! I could no longer take it and I screamed out in a sensational orgasm just seconds later.

My body shook for a good minute underneath his and he continued to fuck me for another few minutes before changing positions. His cock was bigger than yours and I slid halfway down onto it. I instantly felt another huge rush of adrenalin come over me. I began to fuck him hard as I began to move my hips harder and faster than any other time in my life.

I had every inch of his cock deep inside me when I cried out in a powerful Open just minutes later. My body was weak to the point that I could no longer could stay up right.