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Overprotective brothers stories

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Being the only girl in the house and living with 12 handsome older brothers is not a bad thing, instead it's awesome! Everything except for a parents.

Their parents was involved in a plane crash when they were heading to America for their business trip. The oldest was 14 and the youngest was 8 that time.

Now you must been wondering, how can their hotel stayed strong in business even though their parents is not here Well, their uncle was in charge of the hotel until the oldest turn Not only that, Their maids and butlers said that they won't accept any pay check and will take care of them like their real parents.

Park Jihye Park Minseok Park Luhan Park Yifan Park JoonMyun Park Yixing Park Baekhyun Park Jongdae Park Chanyeol Park Kyungsoo Park Zi Tao Park Jongin Park Sehun Oh Hayoung Korea Biggest Hotel.

Overprotective brothers

Exo Planets Hotel. If this story appear to be similar to any stories you read or any drama s you watch, it must be a pure coincidence.

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