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Panties over or under garter belt

For anyone who works with lingerie, one question crops up daily, mainly from women who are fairly new to wearing stockings and suspender belts.

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Garters are some of the sexiest accessories a woman can own. You might be familiar with garters from the garter toss tradition at weddings, but if your knowledge on the garment doesn't extend much further than that, don't worry. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about garters and garter belts. Garters and garter belts are extremely fun, so it's no wonder you'll find them all over LingerieDiva. You can buy them either as part of your lingerie or as part of your Halloween costume! Keep reading below to get the low-down on all things related to garters, plus ideas on how to wear them.

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Yeah, it looks a little off, because it's not supposed to be that way, but your boyfriend isn't going to give a shit. He's just going to be stoked about banging you with stockings and a garter on. Would it be weird to wear them under and then just scoot them to the side?

Garters and garter belts: everything you need to know

Or should I just go get some new panties with a slit in them? No, wearing panties under the garter and then sliding them to the side isn't "weird" though if they won't stay put, it can cause some irritating friction. Crotchless panties are great too. You're obsessing over incredibly small details here.

Your boyfriend isn't going to even notice that you put any sort of effort into figuring all this out.

Do panties go over or under the garter belt?

Just do whatever's easiest for you. I'm trying to be sexy for my boyfriend But since garters are kind of hard to get on and off and I figured he'd get a kick out of me keeping the garter and thigh highs on during, should I wear the panties over the garter?

Usually on models they're under but this just doesn't seem practical. My garter goes higher up than the model in the link, but here's what panties over the garter looks like. Like would it look like I didn't know how to put my panties on? Or any other suggestions for getting my undies off while leave the other stuff on without killing the mood?

Panties go over the garter. Vote A. Panties go under the garter. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Do panties go over or under the garter belt? Add Opinion. Xper 4. I love wearing a garter belt and stockings. I think most show the model with the panties under the garter belt to better display the garter belt, and then frequently it will show the model with the panties only. I wear it with the panties over the garter belt. It is much more convenient and practical that way. Many of them also have the matching bra and panties.

How do you pee in a garter belt or girdle?

Is this still revelant? I would get a thong to go with it, or something like that. If you go under, you can move it to the side for easy access.

If you put it over, it will look as nice as if it were under. No more problem! Izumiblu Master. They go over. That you you can take them off without having to remove the garter. Anyone saying under is flat out wrong.

Guys are saying under because they see that in pictures now. It's wrong. Once upon a time garters were normal. Nylons didn't exist. It's not just for sex. It's to use the bathroom as well. Why would women undo their stockings to pee? Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks :. AustinMan They would normally go under but if they are just to heat up the sex, you probably want to leave the stockings et al on but give him access to your pussy and ass, right?

In that case, they go over the other stuff. One way to solve the problem is to tell him to rip them off. Up Now! Related Questions.

Show All. Guys, when a girl wears a garter belt should it go under or over her panties? Sort Girls First Guys First. Normally, panties would be worn under the garter.

However, If your plan is to have sex with the garter and stockings on, it'd be most practical to wear your panties over it or pick up some panties with "bow" style or velcro sides. Else you'd have to detach the garter, take off your panties, and then reattach it, and that just hinders the sexual flow. Did you look at the link to the picture? Does that look weird? Show All Show Less. Jersey1 Yoda. I like the panties over so they can come off and the garter is still intact.

TheDevilInside opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I'd just leave it in the drawer if I were you. My wife wears her panties over her belt. And it's also more practical in the bedroom. Think about it.

How do you pee in a garter belt or girdle?

Topcat Xper 6. I think panties under the belt looks best and you just pull them to one side for sex. Huge turn on.

Rickinct7 91 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 3. Put your panties on first. Related myTakes.

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