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Peeing in movie theater seats

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I got this.

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Forgot your password? I finally got to do this: I intentionally went to the bathroom in my pants in my seat at a movie last night. Kind of the ultimate naughty pee.

And it was amazing!!!!!!!! I was so excited, I didn't get to sleep until around 7 am. I finally crossed that off my bucket list. And then put it back on my bucket list, because I can't wait to do it again!!!!!!!! And I did it again tonight Twice!!!

Once when I got there and once before I left.

I really want to try this as well, but I'm usually there with my wife, who wouldn't approve. I'll have to find a time when I can go alone. There are so many things to enjoy when peeing in the cinema. From the comfort of releasing your pee to alleviate the little tingle in your bladder, to the warmth, and caress of the wet seat, and the freedom of not having to visit the toilet, and if you drink plenty you get to do it several more times.

The conversation

I even get to enjoy my wet skirt brushing the back of my legs on the way out. There are always films that someone will not enjoy Alfresco so you might get a chance to go to the cinema with someone more accepting. Yeah I've wanted to do this for a long time, but that was what stopped me, I usually don't go to movies alone. About 8 months ago, I was with a friend who left to use the restroom, it wasn't crowded, so I took Mr.

Happy out, aimed at the floor of the row in front of me, and let go a loooooong relaxing pee. It felt so nice to pee there so naturally. Hi PP, thank you, I'm pleased that I got to try it as well.

And now that I've taken this off my bucket list, I've put it back on my bucket since it felt soooooooo nice. If I could wear a skirt in public, I think I'd pee myself everyday. Yes - skirts do offer various advantages that we males don't get to enjoy. Although I do get to enjoy when my wife wears a skirt. I don't know anyone that would be accepting of this.

I think it will have to be a solo viewing. No idea when that opportunity may arise though. I think the best idea would be to wear black trousers and take a long coat to hide the evidence on the way out. I also know no one who would accept either my peeing on the theater floor or my peeing my pants in a theater seat. I am so lucky.

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I have three friends who are very accepting and know that I wet myself when I go out with them. I just can't get them to in. You are very lucky indeed. So many people would be disgusted, but it sounds like they are at least accepting of it. I would love to be with you when you wet yourself and I would be happy to in.

I think I could learn a lot from your relaxed attitude to peeing. I would of loved to see that. I'd like to organize about a dozen people, male and female, to all go to the same movie and pee their pants in their seats. This week I took the seat off movie and went to see Black Panther. I've peed my pants in the cinema before, but this time I didn't have a change of clothes and knew I'd be going straight back to my family, so didn't want to smell of piss. The theatre was almost empty and I had a whole row to myself. I'd had quite a lot to theater so pretty quickly needed to pee.

As soon as the film got to a noisy part I pulled out my cock and started pissing a huge stream against the seat in front. I kept my cock out and did it again in the next action sequence. At the end of the film there was a big puddle on the floor. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

Man arrested after peeing on frontier airplane seat

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