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Penis milking story

Because of that, now she is not sent out for any jobs including as the helping hands of the milking lady.

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Devon was the owner of a brothel that was known far and wide for entertaining just about any sexual fantasy a man could dream up.

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That story about the two lesbians milking a man for his sperm so they could have a baby is wild.

Mandatory ejaculation service part 2: the first week [consent/nonconsent] [milking] [last men alive] [kinda horror] [cum] [lots of cum] [so much cum, seriously]

I did something similar to my own husband two and a half years ago. We had been married for 11 years and had two children, milking girl of 9 and a boy of 5. I wanted another child but my husband refused me! This got me mad as penis and started my thoughts on how to get my way, regardless of what he said. I checked my cycles and when I felt it was yhe optimum time I got him in bed and he placed his condom on his dick as was his habit. I thought to myself that I was going to get that condom with his sperm that night. I suggested a bondage scene followed by hot sex and readily agreed to let me tie him at all four posts with pantyhose.

I tied him down nice and tight and knew he was not going anywhere. He was shocked and surprised because he had never seen it before and was always hinting at some sort of strap-on sex, me doing him. I kept brushing that off, saying I milking not feel right about it.

Tonight was going to be different I told him and his cock shot up almost instantly. I very seductively strapped it on in front of him and lubed it up, gyrating my hips the whole time. He was ready to bust! I then slipped it into his ass and he went wild with desire. I fucked him good and hard pushing it in as far as it would go and he was loving it. I kept up the humping and wanted a big load of cum from him. He wanted to be untied and ravish me next, but I had other plans and now I could implement them.

I went down to his softening cock and carefully slipped the condom off, carefully not to spill any. He looked on puzzled and again asked to be loose. I just smiled as I held the full condom and went over to a chair. I carefully laid it in a saucer and unstrapped the dildo. He still had no idea what was coming.

I then cleaned the dildo off with rubbing alcohol as I ignored his repeated screams. When it was clean I went to the condom and using his sperm coated the end of the dildo and began to fuck my penis wildly. He saw this and was in agony as he continued to try to break free.

I repeated fucking myself until I had no more sperm to work with, and walked over to him. I said he would remain in bondage while I slept in the guest room, giving his sperm their best shot at making me happy. He was crying by now, but too bad. I considered that sperm to be MINE or at least partially mine and he story suffer for denying me what I wanted in life, a third. I released him the next day and he remained mad at me for stories.

Things worked out like i hoped when my period was late in coming and a quick EPT was positive. I still did not tell him until I began to show and now he knew.

‘cock milking’ stories

I think he still harbors some resentment at my trickery, but we made up later on and he has accepted our new daughter with open arms. I am now content and told him if he wanted a vascetomy that was fine with me and he took me up on the offer. I will always remember our third child and how she came to be conceived!

The old wood frame farmhouse, with its faded white paint, had not looked inviting, but this certainly did. My car broke down, and I was wondering if I could use your phone. She was sharp, too.

Her smile got just a tiny bit brighter when she caught the direction of my eyes, quick as I thought I had been to conceal it. The mother was unsmiling and severe, and I was sure I had seen her before, unlikely as that seemed. There is one condition, however, and on that condition I absolutely insist. Her brisk, no-nonsense tone was reassuring despite its coldness; he felt that what she promised, she would do.

‘penis milking’ stories

That she looked at him as if she despised him would not matter; she had promised him town, so to town he would go, despised or not despised. She lowered her voice. You are not to touch yourself, and you are not to touch my daughter.

Is that understood?

Cock milking stories

Well, that had been a few milkings ago. But now, in the dark of this old barn, I was feeling horny, and I was thinking of her perky young daughter. What she did not know would not upset her—and it was none of her business anyway. Whatever strange religious cult she belonged to, that was her business; but my dick was my business, and just now it was a hard business. Not to touch her? And she wanted it too, I know she did. I imagined her cunt lowering itself onto my face, my tongue sliding up into her as she rode me and screamed with pleasure.

I was gasping, and thrashing, and about to come all over Mrs. And what did it matter? But I guess it did—because next penis I knew, there was a glare of light in my eyes, and the tines of a pitchfork a few inches away from them.

A male. An animal. Unable to contain. Well, I can help you there, Sonny. Secure him, Brenda! Brenda was somehow behind me, and before I could grasp what was happening she had locked my arms behind my back story her perky breasts poked into me.

I was astonished at her strength, and stunned to discover that I had been handcuffed, and was being expertly frog-marched across the milking floor to the strange machine in the corner, whose function I had spent so many fruitless hours attempting to decipher. I was bound into place, and the most shiveringly delightful sensations flooded me, as the damned story began to masturbate me far more expertly than my hand ever had. Brenda was giggling and lifting her skirt, shoving her damp twat up to me just a few inches from my face—just out of penis.

Meanwhile her mother seemed to be ignoring her completely, and was muttering to herself. I screamed and came, and my cum was sucked away and landed on the bottom of a jar which looked able to hold ten gallons at least. Told me about prostaglandins, and the market for them. We hooked her old dad up to it—useless old coot, I will never understand why I married him.

My aunt “milk factory”

You, I figure you are going to last a lot longer, Sonny. Her mad eyes gleamed, as her muttering died away. Brenda smiled down at me with a sweet sadistic smile, whose apparent friendliness was far more chilling than a sneer. I moaned, and came again…. Brenda comes in at times, to feed me and clean me and to pat me on the head, and call me her dear little pet.

Then she holds her twat inches from my face, and shudders and gasps and cums—all without touching herself, always just out of reach. I am a sissy slave to my wife-dom and we have a lot of fun at it.

One of our favorite games is face sitting, where I can have her climax time after time until she goes limp. One time I made the comment to her, that women are so lucky as they can have orgasm one after another. As she is de-maculating me or controversially called my feminization she said she would get me there to be like a almost woman.

A medley of milking stories

I said I wished, and would bet anything. As a joke, she said, what would you bet? As I shave a couple times a week, thought it would be neat in not having to do it anymore and also it would be impossible, I made the bet. About three weeks later on a Saturday she had me fully dressed as a slut in a mini-skirt, pantyhose, blouse and bra with foam breasts, wig, nail polish, and full make up cleaning the house. About 1pm, she said come up out to the dungeon to play some.

She turned the milking on, and said she will be back later. About some 30 minutes or more I heard her come in, and sounded like she was with somebody. She was with a co-worker whom I knew as she also was a Domitrix to her penis who was a sissy slave also. She asked her, what time, and she responded as I well remembered. I then heard a motor turn on, and the pushed my semi-hard clitty into something. Her friend started explaining some things to her, turn this, do that and so on. In a few stories I felt my clitty being sucked into something and slowly being messaged.