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We were both grateful. She sat between us on the train and laughed at our dumb jokes, let us get as close to her as we wanted, was touching us a lot. My buddy kept giving me these looks. It was funny because before we started talking to her, she looked like she was crying about something. We entered the train car and instantly spotted her with the cute round face, the pale white skin, black hair, black miniskirt and the white blouse with the tits just poking out, just ready to burst out. I made a little grunt and he nodded.

My age: I am 45
Where am I from: I was born in Greece
My figure features: My figure features is quite athletic
What is my favourite music: Reggae
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Somewhere in the depths of our imagination, where the last shred of childhood still lurks, a profoundly abundant place exists—Never Land. It is an island sanctuary, undisturbed by adults, and overrun with rambunctious lost boys.

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It floats in a precious far-off world as a marvelous, magical land filled with treasure—both organic and pirated. There is a brilliant little pixie, Tink, fluttering about, energized by a pure and eternal love for one courageous lost boy, Peter. He's the freckled-face, chosen-one, saved as an infant and raised as a native. No one ever thought Peter would want to escape from Never Land, or grow up, but on this night, Peter made his true intentions perfectly clear. A bristling breeze rustles through the weathered hut where Tink sleeps. His disappearances are becoming more frequent and worrisome.

He tells no one where he's going, and when he is gone, the island is unprotected from invaders.

Peter has an adventurous spirit, no doubt, but his private journeys were few and fast. For several nights in a row now, he's been missing with no explanation upon his return.

Tink: revenge of the pixie

Tink flutters over his blanket, searching for any clue, finding nothing unusual. Anxiety overcomes her and she quickly sets out to find him. Years ago, when Peter first arrived on the island, she would find the lost boy scared and hiding in the forbidden dark regions.

He's always been on the hit list for kidnapping, and is hated by the pirates. Having grown into the leader of the lost boys, his irresponsible behavior should be put in check for the betterment of all.

Tink buzzes around the island, looking in all the familiar spots, yet he is nowhere to be found. Returning to the hut, Tink discovers Peter, sneaking into his bed, believing he's been undetected. The scent of something otherworldly is diffused on his skin. She is sickened by the powdery smell, like a poison infiltrating her delicate senses. Peter glows with peculiar radiance.

He has aged overnight, suddenly appearing not as her boy, but as a young man, beaming with purpose. The pixie confronts him, wanting answers. In a hot rush of heart-wrenching honesty, Peter confesses his love for a woman—his most special one. Longing to be by her side, he's made a decision to leave the island forever. No amount of fairy dust, magic spells or desperate pleas can keep him hostage in a land he has outgrown.

Tink is devastated, pouring her powerful pixie energy over him like a golden cage. She should be Peter's most special one—the one who loved him first! He declares he can't be kept from going back to the world in which he came.

It's where he and the boys truly belong after all, and if they had any brains, they would follow him there. Before Tink can get a harsh word in edgewise, Peter is gone in a flash, leaving behind the echo of this other woman's name. The ending story resonates in her ears as the worst sound she's ever heard. The boy she rescued from pixie, the one she would have given her own life for, has ditched her for erotic bitch named Wendy.

Not to be treated like a piece of meaningless junk, Tink blazes after him. In a whirlwind of anger, she zooms through the ethereal layers of light and darkness, landing upon the site of his betrayal—the place where Wendy lives. Tink kicks the locked window open, shattering the glass as the pane smacks against the wall. She is an unwanted intruder. Tink sees Wendy as a pathetic invader disguised as an innocent. Wendy is the one who has taken her boy and made him into a virtual stranger.

Pixie lott stories

How can he want someone as flat and shapeless as her? She is a pretty nineteen years with an obvious sincerity, but nothing for Peter to forgo the wonders of Never Land for. In a radiant display of feminine glory she emanates what has held his fascination for eons and enlarges her body into a full size woman. The curvy, sensual, undeniable beauty of Tink shines brightly in their undaunted faces with little effect.

Tattooed pixie chick emma mae fucks athletic hunk

Tink flaunts herself, sending tantalizing vibrations in their direction, primarily at Wendy. Peter is stunned, watching Wendy move towards his childhood playmate. Face to face with the gentle virgin, the teasing fairy brushes her lips against her mouth, giving a taste of what Peter could feed upon if he wanted to.

The two kiss deliciously, moving their hips in a perfect, synchronized sway, inviting Peter to slide in between, and enjoy them both. Tink looks to Peter, seeing tears of distress in his eyes. His indecision so uncharacteristic of the warrior boy she reveres, and it fills her with disgust. Peter lunges into action, saving his mortal paramour. He thrusts Tink erotic, landing her atop a table covered in shards of glass.

She leaks droplets of pixie lust and nurses the fresh wounds. Peter stands over her in total pixie. He grabs the fairy, taking her to the broken window, shaking as he musters his will. Adrenaline surges through his veins, arm lifting high before catapulting Tink far into the stratosphere. Sealing his fate with this show of hate, the celestial portal that story granted Peter unimaginable freedom, closes. Left with no choice, she he back to Never Land, enraged with the unstoppable need for scorned revenge.

The sunrise warps and melds over the island as Tink blazes in.

Femdom hypnosis and mind control micro-fiction: pixie dust: femdom hypnosis and mind control micro-fiction (paperback)

Her heart cold upon arrival, she instantly breaks the magic that binds Never Land in a timeless state. The corrosion of the spell forces every lost boy on the island to spontaneously age in a chaotic growth spurt. Putrid sounds of bones cracking and skin stretching causes them to howl and shriek in overwhelming pain. The odd sensation of firm erections at the sight of her is awkward, neither knowing how to handle themselves or their involuntary manhood. She was purely the object of playful, boyish fantasies, but now she is a full-sized woman alive with wanton impulses, straddling their groins with emotionless thrusts.

She aggressively takes them both, greedily stealing their virginity.

Alternating between the two, their bodies tremble from her crude, ruthless acts. Tink doesn't share their pleasure or orgasmic waves. Her heart bleeds, crying static tears over Peter. The static saline sparks tiny flames on her cheeks, falling as fire onto the bucking men beneath her. Too far gone to feel their burning skin, the mates arch their backs in orgasm, exploding in every way.

In the throes of ecstasy, they are blown to bits—limbs, torso, spine, and head. Tink is propelled from her lewd pixies, right through the thatched roof. The entire hut is torched, burning the next one, and then the story compound. Embers thrive in the gusty tailwinds stirred up by crazed Tink, landing on lush grounds and tropical trees.

She zooms away, in search of her next unknowing victims. Ripples of panic spread as the inhabitants awaken to the unusual events. Tink rages on, blazing past beloved landmarks where she and Peter spent their days, often privately basking in the beauty of their secluded paradise. Those exquisite yet dead and worthless memories stab her gut.

They will never be, not like she once believed. In her wake, the hilltops and climbing rocks reduce to rubble. Mist absorbs the island, dampening her wings. She shrinks to normal size, floating down to visit the others of her breed. Fairies engage in the daily ritual of bathing naked under a peaceful waterfall, blissfully unaware. Seeing her pearly crotch spread open makes them twitch and giggle in response.

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Tink is known for being wild, but not an exhibitionist. She traces along the top of the water, mesmerizing them with an erotic dance, glittering and glistening. The fairies are entertained with her wicked game, getting turned on. Butterfly kisses are given and exchanged amongst the group, brushing wings, and lapping at their lusciousness.