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Pokemon harem lemon

Ash uncovers an unusual glowing stone that changes his life. Now he has to deal with hormonal anthro Poke-girls and winning the World Tournament. He will become the greatest trainer ever, and the luckiest.

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The most horrible fanfiction ever penned

This story is by an author known as WitChan. At the time of finding this story, he had managed to fanfics on his Fanfiction. I have rarely seen a more prolific lemon writer than this guy. But wedged in-between these, there were a few stories that set themselves apart from the others. This is one of them. Overused premise? Shameless in both style and plot?

Sounds predictable? I thought so too, at first. Best you see for yourself.

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Ash, a fifteen year old teen getting out of his bathroom, while putting his shirt on. He just took a hot shower. Other than that, he was planning on going to Pewter City to earn his first badge. Because he has spent five years getting ready for a journey.

The first Pokemon was a Squirtle before it became a Wartortle, then a Blastoise. His other five Pokemon were Dragonite maleArcanine malea Clefable female in pokemorph form, a Gardevoir lemon also in pokemorph form, and a genderless Porygon-Z. And the female ones are physically altered to please the male demographic? He never fought a trainer in Pallet Town before, but he used his Pokemon to grow their experience in the harem, hence why he had Dragonite, Gardevoir, and again, Blastoise. Ignoring Prof. After entering his room, he grabbed his backpack Pokemon of items before heading back out to go downstairs.

There, he saw his mom, Delia, laying on the couch with a blanket covering her body expect for the head. Heading north, he looked around, seeing many people enjoying themselves. The current time was a. That sounds almost stupid enough to be a Team Rocket trap.

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There, he saw people trying to in and a battlefield in the middle of the room. Sneaking through the people trying to in, he wrote his name on a print paper. Luckily for him, he was the last trainer ing the paper as four can only enter the tournament. I guess every trainer in Viridian have a last minute mentality. One person being in charge took the paper away, and the ones behind Ash got disappointed because they were busying fighting each other with pens. He suddenly gasped, realizing that he forgot to bring more of his Pokemon with him. Oh well. More minutes later, Ash and his opponent, Johnathan, stood inches away from each other.

The announcer introduced Ash and Johnathan.

Okay, sure. The rules of the tournament is that you can use at least three Pokemon or less, which cuts the part of using six Pokemon. Any other rules of redundancy I need to be aware of? This was his first time facing a trainer and he was a bit nervous. But the bad news was that the Aerodactyl can attack first.

Ash and bonnie lemon fanfic amourshipping

Aerodactyl threw several stones towards Blastoise, but each missed. The starter Pokemon sprayed at the Rock-type with full force, and it knocked him out.

Apparently Aerodactyl dissolve into stuffing when hit by water. Good to know for Thanksgiving. It was a shiny Hydreigon holding a Choice Specs. Her, too, can outrun Blastoise. The brutal Pokemon summoned comets from the sky, them magically appearing up top of the ceiling to hit Blastoise.

Each missed. The Blastoise spat a beam of ice at his opponent, hitting her weak spot. She collapsed as she blacked out. So embarrassing. He dominated them using one Pokemon in their battle, especially Hydreigon. Today was not his day. Do we really care enough about this guy that we lemon back-story? He had harem left, but he had to choose one of them for the final part.

The one he chose was a Heracross holding a Life Orb. Charging towards the Blastoise, Heracross struck him using his impressive horn. After finally getting hit, the Blastoise retaliated with Hydro Pump, and that knocked out Heracross after Blastoise exposed his weak spot.

Typing is completely pointless, really. Good luck the rest of your way. This reminds me, if Ash Pokemon spent five years poaching for experience, is Gary the League Champion by now? Is he even going to be mentioned in this thing? Both shook hands, being classy to one another. After a while, the second match began with two other participants, Mitch and Leo. Once that was over, Ash went back towards the battlefield to face Leo, the one who won in the match. Leo, too, also called Ash a rookie. In the back, Ash told them, and Mitchell, that he never faced a trainer or two before he got here.

I see. Judges bribed, bets made, blowjobs given? Just about anything could have happened, when we are simply informed about it after the fact. Both trainers put their Pokemon on the battlefield.

Leo had a Moltres holding a Choice Specs. The Moltres flapped his wings hard to create a hurricane. It missed, due to Blastoise dodging it easily.

Ash ketchum's harem

Now he blasted a chunk of water at Moltres, knocking him out. A chunk of water? Natures now as well? Fine, whatever.

Unsheathing the master sword(pokémon sword harem x male reader)

The Blastoise sprayed more water, and it was towards Eelektross. Luckily for Ash, Blastoise scored a critical hit on Eelektross. Speaking of Eelektross, he charged at Blastoise with electricity over his body. That knocked him out, but the Blastoise survived the assault. For someone who goes through the effort of including so many game mechanics, the author is ignoring the utter thrashing that Blastoise should be getting here. He entered a Tangrowth in battle and she was holding Leftovers.