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If you have any questions, bugs to report, suggestions, or other reasons to contact me about this webapp, comment on this post here.

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How to post a highly-formatted fic on dreamwidth, AO3, and livejournal? July 15, AM Subscribe I am writing a fanfic that's a performance review for a fictional character.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Since it's supposed to be an official document, I want it to look something like the sample documents herewith boxes and bolded text and centered text and the like. I would like to be able to post it on multiple sites dreamwidth, Archive of Our Own, and livejournal, with a minimum of futzing around with formatting.

Unfortunately, I have always had to futz around with formatting text for fanfics that I've posted, because each site has slightly different formatting standards. Is this possible?

I was thinking of writing it in pdf form, and then posting it as an image file, but I'm not sure if that will work at all, or on any of the three platforms. Any other suggestions are welcome.

I know Archive Of Our Own allows image uplo. Best answer: HTML can handle all of this just fine. For the boxes, you can use a table.

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Centering, fonts, coloured cell borders, coloured cell backgrounds: all of that should work. But your idea of making it into an image and then embedding it in your posting should work fine, too. And Dreamwidth has image hosting now! Best answer: If you post it as an image it will be inaccessible to anyone who uses a screen reader. Consider whether the gimmick of the presentation is important enough to you that you're willing to deliberately block some people from being able to read it.


Best answer: AO3 doesn't have image hosting, FYI; you can link to externally-hosted images but they don't have space themselves. On AO3 I have seen people post image-heavy fic with a second chapter consisting of a plain-text transcription of the image; I've also seen people use custom work skins to have finer control over the CSS than AO3 typically allows you. Here is a guide to work skins. Best answer: You could post a PDF that's readable for everyone. For those of us who can't read typical-size print, we'd have to scroll horizontally and vertically to read the filled-in form.

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The key issue is that the flow of text in the PDF matches the natural reading order. Depending on how you create the PDF, you could make big boxes on the bottom and then a tower of smaller boxes on the left and fill-in boxes on the right.

A screenreader re in that order, making nonsense of the narrative. Response by poster: Thanks, all. I'm not sure which method I'm going to use except not an image file--hadn't thought about screenreadersbut you've given me a lot of things to think about.

Off to write the darn thing and then figure out which method of presenting it will work best for me. Response by poster: Update just in case anyone else is going to try this in the future: I finished the story and attempted to use an html editor, and found that each of the sites handles the same html about tables differently, and I would have to manually adjust the html for each site. I ran out of time to manually adjust everything, or to try the other options story is due to be posted on DW tomorrowso I made a readable pdf, dropped it in dropbox, and will be posting a link to the pdf in LJ and DW.

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