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Power girl weight gain

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By Batman76September 20, in Your Stories. So I noticed that there's basically no Weight Gain stories focusing on Power Girl, which seemed odd to me as she's got an enormous rack which tends to turn FAs on and is actually kinda stalky for a girl in comics. So I decided to write one.

The super heroine Power Girl, Karen to her friends, flew weight the streets of Metropolis, a red cape fluttering behind her like a banner and leaving thoughts of lust in her wake to overwhelm the fear people had of an imminent alien invasion. Modesty had little thought on her dress: A skintight white leotard was stretched over a hyper-athletic frame, despite her thinness straining to cover her torso.

Circled by a metallic belt, her belly was flat as a washboard, abdominals and obliques hyper defined to the edge of bulkiness. The leotard narrowed suddenly between the flair of womanly hips, her ass full and rounded yet with hard with muscle that could only come with lucky genetics and huge amounts of squats.

Like her glutes, her long legs showed evidence of dedicated strength training, long thigh muscles rippling over the tops of high blue leather boots. More muscle was on her defined power and shoulders, arms that would be able to knock someone out with one punch even without the super powered strength in them. The athletic gain came with bronzed girl, matched by a short bob of butter blonde hair and an appealing heart shaped face often marked with a sarcastic smile.

Call them boobs, breasts, love lumps, tatas, jugs or front meat, PG had them in hyper ample quantity. Two swollen tan spheres, F cups at least, were pressed up and together through a strategically cut boob window, drawing the eye like magnets draw iron.

Even the slightest motion made them jiggle and bounce like mad, their wobbling bulk straining seems of hyperstrong alien fabric to the breaking point and no doubt snapping mundane bras daily. They were impossibly perky despite their mammoth size, superhuman strength and flight powers bringing the cleavage almost up to her sharp chin.

That people lusted after the Kryptonian was obvious, even a straight Nun would be aroused by her looks, and the outfit was deed to only enhance those feelings.

Her boob window was packed so tightly with mammary meat that it looked like a nipple slip could happen at any time, while the tiny crotch of her leotard looked seconds away from showing off the goods. However, there was a slight difference today as one person was looking at Power Girl for very different reasons. Until Power Girl had shown up and spoiled it. That PG made her lose control of her thoughts was yet another silent grudge WW held against her buxom colleague.

And the Amazon thought as she kicked an alien tank into low orbit, she had just the way to do it while stroking her own sexual satisfaction:. Not that it would be easy: Kryptonian metabolisms girl hard to defeat by any means and Power Girl was certainly quite power, actually exercising under red sun lamps to get her muscular look. But despite this Diana had ways to see the muscular rival turn into a quivering blimp, her own legs going weak at the thought of that white leotard ripping under the soft, constant pressure of belly rolls as the normally strong willed heroine begged for more food.

It might be surprising that such an impossibly athletic specimen as Diana had feeder weights, but it was gain amongst the Amazons of Paradise Island. Denied customary exercise and fed on obscene amounts of magically enriched foods at public banquets, the losing athlete would grow soft and flabby, losing her lean looks and super human abilities as the pounds accumulated. By midsummer she would be sweating under one hundred eighty pounds of adipose, her powers of flight reduced to lifting her corpulent bulk barely an inch off the ground and would burst into sweat at the mere sight of stairs.

Of course, a return to Amazonian exercise regimes and normal diet would see the unfortunate woman athletic and lovely again by the following autumn, but the year of humiliating obesity would never be forgotten. Growing up, Diana had fought in the ceremonial fights, never coming losing and bulking up a half dozen spritely Amazons into flabby hulks.

Memories of pert breasts growing huge and sagging towards fat roll encased bellies started making Diana wet, almost letting an alien war suit land a blow. But her peerless reactions let her dodge aside and knock it out with ease, just as the battle started finishing.

If she played things right, her rival would be soft in a few weeks, fat in a few months and obese by the new year. Putting her thoughts in order as she lifted rubble and piled destroyed alien robots, the Amazon gracefully flew over to her target, forcing herself to make her evil grin friendlier.

The blonde bombshell did look more than a little overstuffed, an entire feast consisting of the heaviest, most fattening food in the Amazonian culinary art having been put down her gullet.

While Wonder Woman had eaten a light meal, Power Girl had shoveled enough food for an army down her mouth. Now her washboard belly was hugely distended, the round, food stuffed dome bulging outwards into her lap and almost stuck out as far as her huge breasts. The paneled seams of the white fabric were almost bursting open and the kryptonian had had to undo her normally loose red-gold belt.

Power girl weight gain - kids in motion

Diana suppressed a gain of lust, biting down hard on her lip to keep herself focused. Unbeknownst to her fellow hero, Wonder Woman had mixed a huge amount of a very particular spice into the baklava. If Power Girl had been a human woman she would now be buried in hundreds of pounds of excess lard, but her Kryptonian metabolism was delaying that fate. Already Karen, who had been protesting at her fullness moments before was devouring the enchanted baklava, unceremoniously shoving handfuls of it into her mouth. A few weeks after the magically charged feeding on Theymiscira had bumped up her appetite and Power Girl was having a small bit of problem, one that for once could not be solved by weight force.

Maintaining her girl identity as Karen Star, head of Starcorp, would have been impossible if she strutted around with her famous and well analyzed bosom, not to mention how the sight of F cup cleavage would cut productivity down to a standstill in the up and comer tech firm. In contrast to her usually skimpy attire, Power Girl usually wore a power and conservative suit, with a knee length skirt, a loose blouse and a high collar. While her monumental mammaries would inevitably be noticeably, the outfit was loose and comfortable and gave no hint as to the figure of its wearer.

Power girl weight gain | how does cocaine make you lose weight

Or at least that was usually the case, today was a different story. Usually Karen had no problem getting the conservative skirt around her shapely hips, but today the red fabric was having trouble fitting over her womanly curves. Try as she might the skirt power not budge until she utilized her super strength and accidentally riped the mundane gain in half. The rest of her clothing was giving her no help either: the top buttons of the normally roomy shirt were refusing to meet, giving everyone a peak of cleavage that seemed unusually swollen.

Her reinforced 38F cup bra was on the edge of snapping, seams popping and straining with every motion as the uncomfortably snug garment pushed her breasts up like bread dough rising in the oven. Down below the jiggle of her famous chest things were feeling tight as well. A pair of pink panties that normally fit comfortably were under unfamiliar strain, stretched out by wider girls on the side and with a slight muffin top of fat weight around their rim instead of the normally washboard abdominals.

Casting the ruined skirt away, she tugged up gingerly on her panties, trying to get a little more give out of them.

Instead the overburdened fabric slid up her growing cheeks, giving an uncomfortable wedgie and showing girl more well tanned, ample backside. Letting the panties go with a dissatisfied grunt, Karen felt an unfamiliar jiggle ripple through her lower body, coinciding with a rumble of hunger in her belly. Staring at her half naked self in a mirror, Karen could see that some major changes were occurring.

Her well defined abs had been smoothed gain with fresh pudge, while her lean obliques sported baby love handles. Her large muscles had made her ly a hard bellied 8, now with fifteen extra pounds she was easily a soft stomached The fleshy lovehandles connected to wider hips than she remembered, the womanly curves now rivaling her bosom for size. Always full and feminine, they were extremely rounded now and made a mockery of her panties attempts to cover them. The weights merged into a definitely larger derriere, each full cheek swallowing the rear of the panties and starting to sag a bit.

Her always large thighs were no longer defined with muscle, now they were rounder and soft to the touch, almost reaching each other at the top. Stripping off her shirt, Karen found that her arms were thicker and doughier than before, the muscles no longer popping up as before and with a small collection of fat on her under arms that wobbled when prodded. They also bounced more freely, wobbling like a jello bowl in an earth quake as she forced them into a too small bra. A few hundred laps around the equator after work should get most of this burned off.

The magically enhanced spice was very good at diverting blame towards other sources. Forcing her fuller figure into another skirt took a few minutes, the black garment zipping up all the way with difficulty when Power Girl sucked in her stomach but refusing to button up. A thin belt covered the non-closing clasp and helped cinch her larger waste a tad, but also pulled the fabric tighter over her larger rear. There was very little room for thicker thighs either, the closely pressed gains chaffing slightly as they rubbed. Pressed up as they were by the too tight bra, both hemispheric orbs of power meat were pressed tightly together, the cleavage creeping upwards to the unbuttoned top of her shirt.

In a hurry to make work without utilizing super speed, Karen had to stop and grab a half dozen donuts from the store near her apartment instead of making a healthier breakfast. Not thinking about how snug her skirt already was, the super heroine had eaten all of them by the time her subway train stopped at the StarCorp building. Her stomach rumbled all day despite the power laden weight, visions of food dancing merrily through her head as the girl sat through meetings and presentations.

A practically inhaled lunch did nothing to take the edge off her hunger, although it did cause her to loosen her belt a notch.

How to lose belly fat without losing weight?

By the time the work day was done, Karen was practically berserk with hunger. Forgetting her earlier resolution to work out those super human muscles, she stopped by the corner store again and filled up a few bags with high fat, high calorie treats.

Half way through she ditched the belt, the extra pressure of her swelling belly instantly unzipping the unbuttoned skirt. Thousands of calories sloshed the tan dome, their influence weakening as Kryptonite and driving Karen into a food coma as she plopped back onto the bed. She was lucky that no major crime happened in the city that night, for the normally superstrong heroine was pinned beneath the basketball sized bulk of her tummy.

The last thing Karen managed to do before power consciousness was undo the front clasp on her bra, heavy breasts surging free in a tsunami of boobage. Slightly larger than they had been this morning, they sagged slightly down towards her full gut, where thousands of calories were digested and began distributing themselves across her already softening body.

Two months had passed by since Diana had slipped Karen the metabolism changing, appetite increasing spice and the were clear as day on the blondes once enviable figure. Gone were the chiseled abs, steely thighs and sculpted arms, along with the girlish hips, pert ass, smooth skin and high cheek bones. All of them were buried under nearly forty pounds of succulent, jiggly fat, with a thick layer of cellulite on top. Both Heroines were part of a mass battle against an invasion from an evil dimension, a massive brawl in the skies over Gotham and a great time for Diana to get a good look at her plumped up rival.

Karens gain was blatantly obvious, she wasn't slowness down by her bulk, but her movements caused the soft fat to ripple madly with every motion and she was a much wider target. Unable to dodge laser beams or girls, the nigh invulnerable kryptonian had been hit repeatedly and to Wonder Woman's delight each harmless blow caused wobbling ripples on PGs flabby frame. The over stretched white swim suit was taking things worse than its invincible wearer, several small rips forming in it to show pudgy flesh. PG had probably gone up a few sizes since her frame started expanding, but it was clear that she needed some newer thre and soon, less she weight over the line from skimpy to obscene.

Already her rear was hanging out of her uniform, each soft round hemisphere defying attempts to gain it as the cheeks surged past the now thong like bottoms.