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Public groping stories

Wanted to be groped molested and fucked in public by a group of people and want it to be wild. Grab and strip me down and the make a cumdump.

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Hello all, this is Preeti with a story of being groped in public bus. I am now 30 years old and married with a. Currently, my sizes are 34D I hope you guys are enjoying my stories.

My age: I am 25
What is my nationaly: Chinese
What is my gender: Female
What is the color of my hair: Redhead
My favourite music: Rap

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Part 1: A Friendship Found? She stood facing the fire wrapped in a bath towel. They had just finished bathing and she was warming herself, pondering the future.

A few minutes later he followed wearing his bathrobe. As he stepped into the lou It was a hot summer day and the city had organized a free concert for the afternoon. The band playing was very popular so the park was full of people. I was quite far from the stage but there were still a lot of people around me.

Suddenly I felt som Michael Boyd and his girlfriend Lydia met over a month ago. The girl liked to have sex all the time and even got turned on when they were out. Michael was always excited when she wanted to have sex in publi It was Labor Day weekend of Kelly was antsy. Kelly had a couple of wild fuck sessions with a wealthy guy and his vintage car racing buddies during that summer.

Groped in public bus

But summer was ending too quickly. All summer long Kelly had been running around in Ripped clothes, tongue's twisting, hearts pounding.

Yet something was always missing. Grunting, moaning, scratching, biting. She always heard him hissing. His cock out, ready to fuck her hard and good.

Erotic stories

Her clothes torn off, by his h The evening, I had stripped at a club full of men for the first time and I was still shaking a little from adrenaline. It was 6 A. I got up and showered; when I got out, Joe was up.

He got a quick shower and we decided to go It was January or February of Molly A few days after my encounter with the college men at the movies, I had been lying in bed thinking how much fun it was. I had really liked being groped by two strangers with Caleb watching me helpless and confused.

It had Molly After the party, it felt like things went back to normal. The weekend ended and school started again. Caleb wanted to hang out with me but I had a busy schedule so he didn't get to see very much of me.

We did see each other every day for lun Jasmine nervously glanced around at the handful of men who were in the train cart, wondering which one was her partner. They all seemed about average, and none of them seemed to be as nervous as she was. Her heart raced when her phone chirped, as if sh A sense of dread has come over me.

My stomach is in knots. I am not sure what was going on. I am at one of those high school parties with lots of drinking and the air is redolent with testosterone.

I am in a room full of boys but one boy, Jack, is stan It is two weeks before Christmas. A radiant, heavenly white. Six elegantly-dressed women are languidly Luke I had been downstairs at least twenty minutes before Tina appeared in the doorway. In the meantime, I had found out that Cara, Andy and Rob had come prepared, knowing that many places require, at least, smart dress on Ne Ever since they public met at Wisconsin Dells, Chelsea and Michael had been dating and groping every day of it.

However, after six months, dating long distance was wearing at them. It was only a six-hour drive, but they both knew in their hearts where In the hopelessly overcrowded subway, it feels like rush hour after work in Tokyo. From the cold platform, people are streaming in, close to each story, clinging to all sorts of impossible grips, eagerly awaiting their evening at home.

‘public groping’ stories

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Forbidden Indulgence Part 1 A forbidden affair in the making? Groped by a stanger She never thought she'd enjoy being groped by a stranger.

Lydia The Nympho. It took two to get the job done. Not enough cock She knew he was no good for her. Turned Out Or Turned On? Fantasia ch. Turned Out or Turned On? Caleb tries to turn me out Michael And Chelsea: Chapter One. Subway Train.