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Punishment haircut story

Consensual Time for a Change.

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My age: l am not forty yet
My body type: My figure type is quite thin
I prefer to listen: I like dance
Piercing: Eyebrow piercing

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Read through some of our exciting men and female head shave experinece. Here we have " Cue Ball Ecstasy " another novel in kindle store tel This is good opportunity for you to share your hair off experience to public.

We are delighted to share your experience to public. Happy Writing!

True Head Shave Stories. Sneha's Nightmare haircut. Sneha's Nightmare haircut Reviewed by Ritz on Rating: 5. Anonymous 3 June at Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Get the best fetish haircut and head shaving streaming videos!

Share your Experience! One of the advantage being a man is "You can shave your head anytime and anywhere". Watch some of the real head shave videos, get some inspiration and be ready for your next trip to barbershop. Popular Posts in this blog. Collection of Stories from readers.

Few Stories from readers: Finally shaved my head by snesh Hi im done finally ya my head is bald now im mottai now in tamil. Surprise head shave at barbershop. This is a very interesting women hehave, a forced shave by barber and her boyfriend. Women shaves head to get rid of dandruff.

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Another killer head shave story by our readers. Summer Pleasure - Women head shave. By Vidyut.

It was a hot afternoon, school was over for the year. My sister and I sat under the fan and mom was in the kitchen. Time had Priya's Head Shave. An experience from female reader: I'm living in a town near Chennai, India.

I am in love with a guy from my college day Forced Head Shave at School.

By Yuvraj. An experience from a female reader: Shobha and her husband were living in a quite society in India they had 2 children their beaut Punishment Head Shave for Son. I met the boy in t Family Head Shave.

An open source of haircut stories for the lovers.

By Vasu Hi friends this is a story based on the experience of our family ,I'm a businessman and I'm married and I have 2 chi A busy year at university for my PG course is finally over. I decided to take a break from every thing and relax for few months. My fri Recent Posts recentposts. Random posts randomposts. Powered by Blogger.