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Ranma saotome height

Ranma can mean "chaotic" or "reckless horse" or "a tangled thread".

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These heights are from the OAVs, not the television series, and certainly not the manga! I created the lineup from the file r-cast1.

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Onsen Mark's Favorite Pupil. What do you think of these suggested heights? O Anyways if you scroll down on the link you gave us I can see some suggested heights: Cologne 46cm 1'6" Happosai 46cm 1'6" Ranma F cm 4'11" Sasuke cm 3'9" Akane cm 5'2" Ranma M cm 5'5" Shampoo cm 5'2" Ryoga cm 5'5" Ukyo cm 5'3" Mousse cm 5'6" Kodachi cm 5'3" Genma cm 5'7" Nabiki cm 5'4" Kuno cm 6'0" Kasumi cm 5'5" Soun cm 6'0" Characters listed in order of increasing height.

Is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth?

Heights of ranma characters

Daiji wrote: Please don't call female Ranma "Ranko". Anyway, you forget that Ranma is Japanese. Compare their heights in that chart. If Ranma isn't at least that short, then the other characters would be waaaay to tall.

If anything Ranma might actually be even shorter than 4' Jarrah White. KJ made a chart awhile ago categorizing the respective heights and breast sizes of all five DoCo girls plus Ukyo. It's pretty good for reference.

Wow, Shampoo is a built little amazon.

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Kodachi is not shown there but it is interesting above to see her height at least. I guess i never thought about this before! XD well i think the suggested hights seem about right, but hey what do i know? Ranma-chan looks just a little too short but there's nothing wrong with these heights.

Ranma heights.

It's not like Takahashi gave them real heights that they followed while drawing, just enough to keep it consistent. Also, gotta love KJ. I know it's just an anime, but I just find it weird to be the same height as someone 3 years older than me when I'm WAY to short for my age.

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