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Raped by monster

Raped by monster movies and TV shows The list contains the best, new and most relevant raped by monster movies ordered by relevance.

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ReinoCams ReinoModels. Blonde raped by a monster with tentacles - Hentai. ed by toonz Subscribe 0. The girl faces a big monster that with its tentacles immobilizes the girl and stimulates her sexually, fucking her pussy and mouth while with its immense tongue it licks the girl's body.

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It's this fat white girl taking advantage of a "passed out" black dude. She blows him, then rides him. They are on a bed and it's shot from one side. There is some really shitty amateur rap set to the video. I'm pretty sure the video had a cheesy newspaper headline at the beginning saying something like "fat monster rape s a black guy" as a headline then it cuts to the video.

I confess I love my sweet innocent little girlfriend and even though I would go fucking crazy if it happened in real life, I have fantasies about her getting gangraped, fucked by dogs and monsters, raped by other guys like her sisters boyfriend, father, workmates or even homeless guys.

Woman raped by a monster

Even though shes so innocent and refuses to even take nudes, I also fantasize about finding pictures and videos of her nude online, like of her passed out at a party getting raped or being forced to take huge cock to pay off a debt and shit like that.

I also want to fuck her and her sister at the same time and have them clean each others juices off my cock with their mouths. My wife went out for a bit. I ran upstairs to play with my dildo's. Within 10 minutes I was fucking myself with a giant 3. Back on the coach now, feeling my sloppy ass I confess I'm 23yo and just onut of a 2 year relationship with my GFI have always been Bi-curious. So monster I saw my chance on craiglist I thought I'd take the first rape and suck my 1st cock!

He was a black ladcalled Tyron. He said we could go back to his place. Which was only round the corner. It was a little run down placehe sat on the monster and got his rape out. At least 11 inches and about as thick as my wrist. I got on my knees and he said "Well!

Suck it then bitch? He was groaning loud as i sucked and grabbed the back of my head with both hands and groaned "Deeper slutdeeper! I could barely breathe as he slid in the entire length, his balls were on my chin and my nose was against his belly. I lay on the floor retching. He just said "get upyour not finished! He stop thrusting and held my head speared on his cockI heard him gruntfelt his balls tighten and his cum gushed down my throat. His hips bucked twice more and he let go of my head.

I fell to the floor choking yet againstomach and mouth filled with his seed. He wanked the last few drops of cum out on my face whilst I lay prone on the floor. He walked off and came back a few mins later with a towel and two cups of coffee. I thanked him for the toweland sat on the chair and drank the coffeehe just looked at me and said "you suck well for a newbie! Then I passed out. When i woke up I was in painI was now naked in a room on a bed. Underneath me i felt the heat of a body and in my nether a humongous trunk of a penis was pumping me. I heard a voice to my left say "oh good the sluts awake" it was Tyron now monster with another black lad at his side.

The lad to Tyron's sides cock was even biggerhe wanked his monsterous cock slowlyerect is looked 13 inches!!! Underneath me the black lad fucked his python even harder and deeperit was like being fisted to the elbow. As the body below me pulled back the anxiety of the next thrust was overwhelming, then he slammed it monster into me like a sledgehammer. Each thrust felt like explosives were going off inside me from my asshole through to my lower intestine. It was scary but exciting and pleasureable at the same time. I couldn't cry out in pleasure or rape as Tyron had stuffed my mouth again.

I could barely rape but the asphyxiation along with the monster pounding me Then the 3rd silent strange stepped up. I gasped and choked as he too fed his cable into my arse ,my hole had never been stretched so far in my entire life.

Monster hentai rape video

At that point my cock went ridged and i could hold back no longer I cried out like a banshee!!! It felt like my anal muscles were going to snap with these two hard hot pistons plowing me. They pumped me like this for over an hourthey were relentless. During that time I came twice ,spraying spunk all over my stomach and chest. The constant pummelling prostrate was the only enjoyment i recieved. These 3 black l were trying hard to break me ,and they tried real hard.

Blonde raped by a monster with tentacles - hentai

My heart was racing so hard it hurt and i was running out of breath faster that i could breathe it in. And then the avalanche started Tyron came ,and then the two monsters in my colon exploded.

I too cameso hard infact that i passed out. They must have used me all night because the next thing i remember is opening my eyes and i'm sat on a monster benchclothed. But with a wet feeling in my jeans which was a combination of my cum and their seed leaking outta my colon. My face and neck were still plastered with cumand the salty taste was still in my mouth. I hailed a cab and it took me homeall sunday [today]i have layed in bed with mixed emotions about the even, yes its was "gang rape"but i the orgasms i had were the hardest of my life Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

Finally have a great confession to post for all you pervs and pedo's out there! A short while back i ed up for a dating website, in the hopes that I might find a casual rape or two.

Raped by monster movies and tv shows

About a week ago I found this one girl who her profile said she was 18, who didnt live too far from me. We talked online for a couple days, eventually exchanged s and were texting back and forth all weekend. I found out that shes actually 17, and just finished up her junior year in Highschool!

Shes going into her senior year, and is graduating and turning 18 in !. I am in my late 20's, so obviously I was excited. Now shes a chubby girl, but I like em young and chuibby!!

Monster hentai rape video

She had about a full c cup and a big fat ass!. Plus she was very short, i mean under 5 ft!!! To say the least this young lil plumper got my attention. She of course lives home with her parents who home school her! I could tell this lil whore was craving some older cock.

Her parents are very overprotective, due to the fact that she was raped when she was 16! She has only had sex with 3 people in her life! Well untill today!!!

So i woke up today around 8, and decided to call out of work because i didnt get alot of sleep last night. I have been trying to get this little girl to sneak out and meet me all weekend, but she wouldnt because too scared of her parents. But I remembered her saying that the best time to hang out was during the day cuz her parents are at work and she has the house to herself mnost weekdays! I thought perfect and texted her at around 9 am, while i was laying in bed nursing my hard on, but not blowing my load, hoping this little seventeen year old would want to take it!

Outcast from hell - horror abused monster

So she texts me back around 11, she had just woken up. Oh and to add some context, we had been texting all weekend naughty stuff. We talked about how her daddy was strict, so I said well I'll be your new daddy! She was totally into it! So I was super excited when she wanswered back this morning! To my elation she said "yay come over nobodys here" and texted me her address! I got ready as quick as I could and left the house I got to her house about 30 mins later annd she met me at the door with her dog and cat.

Blonde raped by a monster with tentacles - hentai

It was a little awkward at first, I could tell she was super nervous and turned on by me! We went into the garage and I packed up a bowl of some good weed I had brought over. She took a couple hits and was high We both lit up cigarattes and were talking some bs I started caressing her hair and her arms, she smilled and gota jumped back at first. I said "im sorry do you want me stop" So at that point i moved in for a kiss, she was very hesitant but allowed it. I made sure to be very gentle, only giving her a couple pics on the lips with no tounge at first.

Raped by monster

I put my hands on her chubby hips, I could feel her squirm with excitement! After couple minutes of light pecking, we were in full on make-out mode. She was so caught up she burned herself with her own cigarette!.