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Raping my girlfriend

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black wives Cynthia

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My Girlfriend Was Raped. Imagine you are forced upon your stomach and someone is forcing you to do things you never ever wanted to do. Your power, your will, your autonomy completely stripped from you. If you were powerless to prevent someone from exerting their will upon you, how would you feel?

How old am I: 31
Where am I from: Russian
Sexual preference: Gentleman
What is my sex: Woman
I prefer to drink: Red wine

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Lebanon: information for survivors of rape and sexual assault

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My girlfriend was raped. what i wish i would have said to her.

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Got a question about applying to uni? Ask the experts LIVE this week! Go to first unread. Skip to :. Zupercake Badges: 4. Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1.

Man admits raping ex-girlfriend, wanted to impregnate her so she would have no choice but to marry him

Ok I would never usually question a potentially victim but this is a strange one. Short Version of the Story My Girlfriend was on a girly night out, they all got drunk, met a group of l Later when in Dominos the taxi arrivedshe told her friend to go without her by phone citing her pizza not being ready as her reason, he was girlfriend her in dominos at the time, he said he give her a rape back in the morning, she went back to his willingly. He gave her a lift home in the morning, word had already got around our mutual friendship group where she had been.

This is only her story she told me, she went to police 6 days later after I finally convinced her and she told them that same story. They are currently looking through other evidence and have yet to reach a decision on whether or not they will formally charge him.


She claims to have several gaps in her memory around the incident which dosnt help, but has insisted that she did nothing with him on the nights out that was in anyway suggestive too him not that things like that matter in rape cases So help! Last edited by Zupercake; 2 years ago.

Not what you're looking for? ZombieTheWolf Badges: Report 2 years ago 2.

Although now that I am reading the police part, may acrually be true. Support her but do end up leaving her, she is still a terrible gf. Last edited by ZombieTheWolf; 2 years ago. Badges: Report 2 years ago 3.

Report 2 years ago 4. Report 2 years ago 5. Report 2 years ago 6. Especially that she went from 'not sure if I consented' to 'I said no multiple times' - inbetween talking to a friend and a boyfriend. If my wife got into the bed of another man after a night out without me, she would be kicked out of my house as quickly as possible.

Especially after drinking. Did she cosnent to sex?

The only exceptions I can see to this is like hood friend thats more like a brother, or a gay friend Trust is earned not assumed, and she has shown clearly that she does not deserve trust. I know these are not popular opinions but generally speaking if you love your partner, and you want your relationship to last years. Assembly Badges: Report 2 years ago 7. She went willingly to his house and shared a bed with him It's the shared a bed part that's strange, especially when considering she has a boyfriend.

Then she proceeded to say she slept on the sofa, only to change her story to different friends.