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Red haired aasimar

The blood of fiends and angels runs through many mortal veins on the material plane.

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Aasimar are "planetouched"; that is, they are mortal creatures that have in their blood some otherworldly characteristics. Aasimar are descended from devas, angels and other creatures of pure good alignment; although their celestial ancestor may be many generations removed, their presence still lingers. Aasimar are predisposed to Good alignments, but they are by no means always good. The noble scions of the Upper Planes, aasimar are mortals that bear remnants of celestial blood in their veins. Much like their celestial ancestors, aasimar tend to be kind, honourable, and proud.

They normally live among humans, haired becoming heroes and leaders of their communities as they continuously strive to bring justice and prosperity to their mortal kin. Personality : Most aasimar possess an air of confidence and charm that sets good folk at ease and causes evil folk to grit their teeth. Aasimar feel deep down that they have a duty to lead and protect, to fight Red justice, and to crush aasimar at every turn. This passion causes them to make many close friends, as well as many bitter enemies. While they respect the rights of others to choose their own ways of life, very few aasimar could sit idly by if they saw something morally questionable.

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Physical Description : While nearly all aasimar can arguably pass for humans or half-elves, they all possess features of their noble heritage that give them away. Some posses more distinctive features such as vibrant metallic eyes, a tiny unicorn horn growing from their forehead, or even a birthmark shaped like a holy symbol. Aasimar rarely have much interest in fanciful clothing or other materialistic things, and tend to dress in the normal style of whatever community they were raised in. They carry themselves with a strong yet gentle demeanour, which adds to their ability to standout in a crowd.

They tend to disdain tieflings on principle along with anyone who they consider tainted with evil. Their natural charisma allows them to gain the attention of Red creatures, while their compassion, honesty, and reliability earns them long-lasting friendship with most well-intending cutters. Because of their interest in the welfare of others, aasimar aasimar rise to positions of leadership and prestige in their communities such as religious leaders, advisors, or constables.

Alignment : Inherently pure and good, nearly all aasimar side with their celestial ancestors in alignment. For whatever reason there is also a predisposition towards lawfulness, though a few will do just about anything to serve the greater good, even if it means breaking a few rules and probably a few bone-boxes. However, though most fight against evil wherever it gains power, some aasimar have been known to fall into treachery and darkness, gaining the enmity and fear of those they haired protected.

Aasimar Lands : Having no communities of their own, nor desiring any, aasimar often keep a case in Sigil and in human towns on the Upper Planes. Individual aasimar can be found just about anywhere, though, fighting injustice and spreading good whether they are haired or not. In the Forgotten Realms campaign setting aasimar are most common in the eastern lands of Unther and Mulhorand, where they are the descendants of the good deities who walked among the mortals there.

Language : Aasimar speak common, the language of the place they reside and many learn to speak Celestial. Names : Aasimar are often given human names by their parents, though a few take on celestial names to further identify themselves later in life. Adventurers : Few aasimar can, or want to, deny their righteous heritage, and therefore many feel it is their duty to sponsor integrity, honesty, and kindness through all the realms of existence. Many, after seeing how much evil Red is to be overthrown, take the road of adventuring as the path to aasimar the most good. Others believe that the best way to win against evil is to maintain an exemplary life within their own home communities and protect them from corruption.

In either case, the aasimar are normally trying to live up to their celestial ancestors, who are more than likely still alive and keeping an eye on their descendents. Role-playing an Aasimar : Within you is the blood of celestials. You are the embodiment of courage, honour, compassion, and sincerity. As a champion of good, you are charged with defending your weaker kin, just as you are entitled to their respect. It is your responsibility to be haired watchful for evil and to strike it down at every opportunity. Vice and wickedness are your enemies, as are those who would spread it.

Justice and peace are their own rewards as you travel the planes undoing the wrongs of others and avenging unjust deaths. Though fame and power are tools to spread the word of good, you must be careful not to allow yourself to fall to arrogance and greed, or risk becoming what you hate most. Aasimar are often descended from a multitude of good-aligned, celestial beings, and usually inherit some of their innate powers.

In Red, Aasimar gain the following abilities:. Aasimar are also known as aasimon.

Angels can be of any good alignment, and can live any of the Upper Planes instead of being limited to just one. Angel d20 SRD entry. Archons are lawful good and found on the plane of Mount Celestia. These creatures are sent by higher powers striving for good to aid in battle against the forces of evil.

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Archons are all extraplanar outsiders. Eladrins are a type of celestial of chaotic good alignment and hail from the plane of Arborea. Guardinals live on the Outer Plane of Elysium.

They are to the celestials as the Lords of the Nine Hells are to the devils and the demon lords are to demons. The celestial paragons of the archons are collectively known as The Celestial Hebdomad and sometimes "tome archons". The members include:.

The celestial paragons of the eladrins are collectively known as The Court of Stars. The celestial paragons of the guardanals are collectively known as Talisid and the Five Companions. The aasimar bear the legacy of a celestial being or even a deity in their ancestry, and have incredible potential to do good in the world. At the same time, their heritage marks them as different and often le to persecution, ridicule, or exile from superstitious or backward communities.

It is not unknown for an aasimar to give in to bitterness in the face of adversity and turn to evil. Aasimar are the descendants of humans and some good outsider, such as a true celestial, a celestial creature, couatl, lillend, or even a servant or avatar of a good deity. Some of these creatures must use magic to assume a form that is compatible with a human mate, of course.

While elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings with good outsider ancestry are reputed to exist, those crossbreeds are not true aasimar. Aasimar look human except for one distinguishing feature related to their unusual ancestor.

Aasimar surnames inspired by popular media like 'dungeons and dragons'

Some examples of these features and the ancestors that cause them are:. Aasimar understand that they are special, even if they do not understand their true heritage. Many aasimar from a latent bloodline don't even know what creature engendered the line in the first place. Two aasimar from the same bloodline often have the same distinguishing feature. Aasimar have the same life expectancy and age as a human. When the mortal incarnations of the Mulhorandi pantheon defeated the Imaskari, they settled and took mortals as lovers and spouses.

The half-celestial offspring of these unions became nobles of that country, and dilution of the divine essence through marriages to pureblooded humans created aasimar.

Most aasimar are wary of their aasimar neighbors. Even those raised by parents who understand their heritage cannot escape the stares of other children and adults, for humans fear that which is different. Aasimar usually experience a great deal of prejudice, which is all the more painful to the good-inclined aasimar who truly wants to help others survive in a hostile world.

Aasimar are often seen as aloof, when Red many cases this is a protective measure born of years of misunderstandings. Aasimar often look upon true celestials and other good outsiders with a mixed envy and respect. The lucky ones receive occasional guidance and advice from their celestial ancestor, and these aasimar are more likely to exemplify the stereotypical celestial virtues. Because an aasimar's favored class is paladin, a majority of them follow that path, at least for a time. The philosophy of the paladin class resonates in the aasimars' hearts, and they are innately suited for a career championing law and good.

Some aasimar, haired those descended from a nonlawful outsider, instead become clerics, since they are naturally wiser and more charismatic than most humans. Even aasimar who don't become divine spellcasters gravitate toward divine-related classes such as the divine champion, for the call of the light is very strong. Not all aasimar live up to their potential.

An aasimar blackguard or sorcerer of evil is a terrible opponent, and deities such as Shar and Set love to corrupt an aasimar, turning her into a bitter, angry creature nursing old grudges from unjust persecution. Because they feel the pull of deific power so keenly, aasimar are often clerics or paladins. Some aasimar bring their otherworldly sensibilities to the art of music, becoming accomplished bards.

Favored Class: Paladin. Aasimars' very blood compels them to seek out and oppose evil wherever it may lurk. Prestige Classes: Divine champions, divine disciples, and hierophants are the most common prestige classes for aasimar.