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Resident evil sex stories

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Random women, who are deemed 'desirable', are kidnapped through unknown means and brought to an undisclosed location, where they are dressed in sexy bunny girl outfits Your vision slowly fades in from a pitch black to a variety of swirling and undulating colors. With a start you realize that you are no longer At least in the physical and spiritual sense.

How old am I: I am 51
Where am I from: Ecuadorian
Iris color: I’ve got enormous gray-green eyes
What is my body type: My body features is chubby
I prefer to drink: Brandy
What I prefer to listen: Heavy metal
I like: In my spare time I love collecting

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On September 22nda viral outbreak began in Raccoon City. But this story will detail one untold tale of three RPD employees strong will to make it out of the infected city alive. The annoying alarm goes off as it always does before being smacked off the nightstand. Sitting up in the small studio apartment; hearing sounds of the city below her in the streets. S crew again.

Give it a damn rest she thinks to herself as she flips off the crappy old TV as she walks past it to the small bathroom. Water kicks on as Trinity strips down; getting a good look at herself in the mirror before getting in. The 21 year old admired her frame just a little as conceited as it sounded.

Hips were a little wider but they had a nce round backside attached to compliment them. Flat tummy that went up to a pair of perky C cup breasts with pink nipples. She was kind of a tomboy growing up but was more of a girly girl to help out with work now. She looks into her hazel eyes in the mirror before yawning again and hopping in the shower.


She grabs her bookbag that has her workout clothes and another change of clothes for after work. S incident back in May. She was making decent pay too…. Slinging her book bag on as she kisses her hand and plants it on a picture of her and her father by the door before walking out. The sunlight feels nice as she walks down the small set of stairs to the road. People out and about strolling along getting their days started as well.

The bell on the door rings as she steps into a chatty and quick moving busy cafe. She can hear chattering going on about one particular guest in a corner booth and she glances over at a man who appears to be very sickly. Luckily she spots a few officers she recognizes. The officer looks at the man with fear in his eye before the crazed man lets out a loud groan and jumps onto the officer.

Some of the other patrons try to get the crazed man off the officer but end up getting bitten as well.

Trinity looks on frozen in fear before hearing the two gunshots from the officer by her. One hit the crazed man in the chest and one right in the head. What the hell was that all about? Trinity forgets her coffee and just dashes out the door and to work.

Jerome breathes heavy as he reaches his townhouse stairs to his front door. Thinking that was definitely a good jog. Heading up the stairs and unlocking the door; plenty of time before work too he thought to himself.

Checks himself out in the front doors mirror though before heading in. Jerome had been working as a police officer for the last couple of months after moving here to escape family drama back in Denver. He loses his train of thought when he thinks he hears movement coming from his bedroom. She holds her heart trying to calm down after being scared shitless. Flat stomach, long dyed red hair with cute B Cup tittys.

He loved her tight little snatch beyond comprable words. His muscular arms under her little thighs as he begins to move her up and down on his 9nch shaft.

He explodes all over her face as he moans; she definitely did not want it on her face but he did not care. Jerome drinks his coffee while he watches TV from the kitchen, now in his uniform for work. Just waiting on Rias to get the hell out. He looks at the beautiful curvy body in front of him….

D cup breasts and an ass that you would want to take a bite out of. She giggles as their lips meet, his ahnd going up her shirt and grabbing her large breasts as she turns him over and straddles him, yanking her shirt off and revealing them to him. Leaning down to kiss him more as they dry hump each other for a little while longer before he flips her back over and moves down her body.

Yanking her shorts off and burying his face between her legs as he starts to flick his tongue on her clit. She moans instantly as Kevin works his tongue magic on her. Hs 7 inch white cock flings out and she instantly enters it into her mouth.

She strokes and sucks him, moving her tongue all over his shaft to his moans that get longer and louder as she went. Finally she stops and smiles as she moves up and straddles him as she angles him at her hole. She slowly slides down it, her tighness and wetness making him wanna cum already as she starts at a slow pace. His hands on her round ebony bubble butt, giving it nice smack every now and then.

She picks up the pace, making her booty pop as she goes. Kevin leans up and sucks on her nice tits as she goes faster and faster. Bringing her legs up and putting her feet flat as she leans back and starts slamming down on him.

Wanting to feel his cum inside of her as she keeps going. Megan hops off and instantly slides her body down him and starts to suck him wildly and stroking him as he moans again and she feels the spurts of his cum shooting into her mouth.

She finally pulls him out and opens her mouth giggling as she shows him that she swallowed every drop. Megan sighs to herself before grabbing her RPD badge, gun and uniform and reluctantly starts getting ready for work. Co-workers were okay except…for Chief Irons that smug overweight tub of pudding was trouble and she knew it!.

Plus all the weird things that had been happening since the S. S mission up in the mountains had went wrong. It was a shame to as the members Chris and Jill had always been super friendly to her since she started working at the RPD. Megan sighs again but all she could do was move forward. Erotic Stories. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

June 5 September 24th, AM Trinity Morrow The annoying alarm goes off as it always does before being smacked off the nightstand. September 24th, AM Jerome Harris Jerome breathes heavy as he reaches his townhouse stairs to his front door. September 24th, AM Megan Johnson. Erotic Stories A world of monsters and men a female Vampire x Human male story.