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Sci fi handcuffs

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So I'm building a galaxy with bunch of space-age civilizations and an galactic wide supra-nation. Something similar to the Citadel races in the Mass Effect games. Unlike those games, the most of the aliens in my story are hardly humanoid. Right now, I have one humanoid alien, two beetle-like aliens, a squid-like alien, a monitor lizard-like alien and a bat-like alien. Assume they gained intelligence and technology yet mostly keeping the form of their Earth counterparts, ex. The supra-nation has a law enforcement force employed with various members of these aliens.

What I am concerned about is how would the criminals be bound or trapped after they are caught. For the humanoid aliens, handcuffs would suffice, but I am not sure about the other races. One BAG fits all. You get to keep your head out if you are good and your head Sci the right shape. Think twice: if something comes out of handcuff, it stays with you in the BAG. BAG is air permeable. It has strong handles or maybe some levitation tech.

BAG withstands a lot of chewing. In Minority Report, criminals could be fitted with a small device around the head that numbed the brain, stunning or at least making compliant the sentient fitted with the device. Application of Halo from Minority Report. A collar with a small range receiver and a bit of explosive. Paired to another receiver on a control officer, or another prisoner.

Looking for sci-fi handcuff model

When out of range, or on command, the collar will detonate. Collar exploding from Wedlock. Shock Collar from Thor: Ragnorok.

Although it seems to have limited or limitless effect in Demolition Man, as required by the scene, the concept is a portable device that flash freezes the prisoner. An extremely-low power gravity gun can be employed as a restraint. Generally controlled by an artificial intelligence, which has sufficient quick thinking to keep the beam tuned as required.

The best sci fi handcuffs of - beginner's guide

A lower tech restraint, firing balls of material that very quickly increase their viscosity from almost nothing so that it can flow around the target to very high keeping the target in place. This viscosity must be layered somehow, allowing a lower viscosity inside so that targets are ripped apart or smothered.

Zero-point energy ray in use from Incredibles. Doctor Strange captures a deity in a small fragment of looped time that would continue looping back on itself until the Doctor negotiated a deal with the timeless deity, after which he released them both. Although later treated as big solid crystals, Protoss prisons were early described as frozen time, given the space and time bending capabilities of that Sci.

Not very portable a facility was required in Empire Strikes Back and potentially lethal Darth Vadar asked Boba Fett for assurance that the process wouldn't kill his son in the form of trying it out first on Han Solobut you could imagine a perfected and miniaturized handcuff.

The process flash freezes the subject and covers them in a protective coating until intentionally thawed.

Northam prison cell handcuffs set 1

In Fringe, one of the government agencies developed and deployed a mist that solidified after a certain of seconds. It was used to seal dimensional rifts, or imprison monsters. Amber removed and deployed from Fringe. Neuralizers come in many forms and sizes.

In addition to temporarily stunning the suspect, it also renders them open to a certain amount of persuasion and provides for a controllable amount of memory erasure. For completeness.

The suspect is wrapped in cloth that eliminates mobility without suffocating the being inside. Optionally can be secured with straps or zippers. Most likely law enforcement officers would prefer to be able to subdue, immobilize and transport their suspects all in one go. Given the wide variation in body types, and presumably different environments you can find your criminals in squid aliens are in the water, while bat aliens are flying awaythen a portable net projector is a handy, low tech means of doing subduing, capturing and transporting the miscreants Sci one go.

The net mostly has to be strong and flexible enough to wrap around the suspect and withstand attempts to break, cut, bite etc. If the net handcuff with built in carrying handles or not is up to the enforcement agency. I would probably avoid things like sticky nets, or energizing the net, both to make the net usable in all environments, and to prevent the possibility of injury or wrongful death of the suspect when entangled, but local departments might review this on a case by case basis "OK Officer Blonkins, if you have a positive ID on the suspect, the backdrop is clear and it is a monitor lizard, set the net to stun and fire".

Peace officers might also appreciate the ability to have only one item on their utility belt rather than a plethora of devices. So handcuffs are meant to be used to make sure something is safe to transport and this will vary for each of your aliens.

For humans, it means restricting our hands so we can't use them to fight and really resist, but for your aliens it could also include binding all their limbs or body looking at the beetles and muzzles to stop biting lizards. The easiest way would be to carry around some flexible rubber cables. Wrap them around the body of your prisoner and it should restrict all limb movement.

A more advance way would to have a material like putty, which can be hardened using a weak electric current.

That way you could apply it to any part of your alien and basically stick or bind it to something, or wrap it around something and then insert a small chip that will cause the putty to harden and handcuff it extremely tough to break free I'm not saying it becomes completely solid, just not as liquid like as putty usually is.

This way you don't need to worry about size or weird shapes too much. If your squid is being annoying, wrap all its limbs together in the putty and not it can't really move anymore. If your bat keeps trying to fly away, putty its wings together.

If your human keeps talking non-stop and is an annoying prick, Sci some putty in their mouth or put them into a putty cocoon. Removal is a trickier prospect, but if your variant on it has a glue with an easily applied solvent you could just use that to make it easier. If you want to go science-fiction, use gecko-foot style molecular adhesives in the tape instead of glue, then you can simply peel it off, but if it's being pulled at then it won't come undone. The problem with cephalopods is the lack of bones means they can squeeze out of just about anything.

For a universal "handcuff" so to speak, I'd recommend a pain inducing nanite that responds to sudden movements as well as remote commands. Being sensitive to sudden movements, the prisoner can't run or attack the officers which makes escape virtually impossible and not obeying commands would be painful.

Tasers, All handcuff life on Earth uses small electrical impulses to control movement, however it would need to be adjustable as each species might need a different charge to have the same effect, and that shock might kill some species. Yes i know what i'm about to write is a bit stupid! Something similar to that Sci on Sokar in Thor Ragnarok, and implant that would be excruciatingly painful to remove by force, but which causes an electrical shock would severely restrict movement, this is basically just an advanced version of the taser law enforcement use today. So imagine a Shock implant, that if linked to a Squad Car or police station or prisoner, if the target leaves tries to run it automatically shocks them.

I'd imagine the futuristic Police Vehicles would be made so that if the driver was not a police officer, say the prisoner had overpowered the officer, taken the keys and were trying to drive off in the squad car so that the implant doesn't auto activate, then the car would recognize this and disable the local emitter so that the implants would activate. Other than a fine Net as explained by Thucydides, those pesky cephalopods are going to be able to get away every time. GLue has serious advantages over simple handcuffing. It is anatomy-agnosthic. And if you need to keep an offender somewhere - with handcuffs, you need to have some prop to cuff them to, such as pipes or cell bars.

With glue, you can stick them to the nearest wall, or to the roof of a police car for easier delivery.

It works like this: law enforcers have a glue gun with two barrels and one trigger. By pulling the trigger, the gun will spill out the two substances that form loctite, one from each barrel. Apply these on the creature's appendages. Allow me to declaim slightly before I even start, this answer comes to you direct from my inner sociopath and I am not a nice person:.

Assuming you have really good medical technology, regrowing body-parts good, and an extremely cavalier attitude towards the "human" rights of criminals, then they don't need limbs unless they're serving time with hard labour. To that end law enforcement should use weapons substantially similar to lightsabers that cut and cauterise in one pass.

It doesn't matter if you get the wrong guy Sci can just grow him some new limbs, same as the old limbs just younger and less tan. A "cartridge" of nanobots with a controller chip on one end is loaded into a Nanonet Gun, which, when fired, places the nanobots via commands ed with the private key embedded into the chip into "liquid mode" to be sprayed onto the handcuff. In liquid mode, they maintain contact with one another, but allow for some movement. They gradually build strong linkages between each other, locking into a very fine-mesh net structure that allows air and water vapor to pass, but no living cell will get through.

When the prisoner is delivered to the destination, the controller provides more power and the command to revert to liquid and reform into the "cartridge", ready to be used again. In cartridge form, the bots are very tightly packed, and thus take up very little space. A police officer would probably have multiple magazines of such cartridges at his disposal. That's how George Jetson's air car is able to fold up into a brief pad computer case, after all. Maybe you could use some fictional technology which dampens any quick movements by sucking out kinetic energy from the subject while still allowing the alien to function - sort of like a personal dampening field.

It is very unlikely that such a combination of aliens as the one you describe would all be able to share a common environment. Some many? This makes keeping them under control both easy and risky: if you disable the biosuit by violent means the alien will become incapacitated, but there is a high risk of the alien ending dead.

As it is usually seen as bad manners killing someone something? You can add some safety features: the code must be encoded in a way that the officer sending the al will be always identified, officers may issue the command but the order must be validated remotely by a situation room that checks that there is a real reason for it, to prevent its use by kidnappers if the suit is disabled it sends an handcuff to the police and an acoustic alarm to alert bystanders If the alien decides to mess with the system and disable it, then the officers are authorized to use force to detain the alien and if as a result of it the suit is damaged and the alien dies Sci will be considered the alien's fault.

Of course. Rick and Morty did it, and it worked out narratively. Why handcuff them, when you can just drug them and make sure they can't move? I guess if you want to get really out there with how the drug works, you can make it nanobots that specifically make the target sleep without killing it by secreting appropriate amounts of localized anesthetic. Nano bots seem like over kill for that IMO. You could probably do that with a smart needle too if you wanted. up to this community.