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Scorpion fanfiction walter injured

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This is the result of the first prompt I picked. Warning: Coerced spanking of an adult by his mentor. It was late in the afternoon.

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User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register. Forum Leaders. Elyes plays an oil company truck driver in New York whose truck is hijacked and he is injured in the attack. Interestingly his character is Hispanic - at least they have him speaking Spanish and accented English. The oil company owner and his wife are the main focus of the film along with an investigation of corruption in the industry - and the war between competitors that is apparently why Elyes' truck was hijacked in the first place.

Elyes is not on screen a lot, but it is interesting to see how he deals with going back to work. Having said that, most of the movie I found to be boring. I guess I'm not a big fan of corporate corruption stories.

Moderator of Fringe The Mentalist. I have to say the ending was unexpected - although it probably shouldn't have been. I'm not sure it was worth the two hours getting there. Find More Posts by FoxPhile. The Big Bang Theory. I don't mind corporate corruption when it's nonfiction, but fiction is usually boring to me. I wanna go too far; I wanna go too fast. Somebody draw the line so I can blow right past. It was interesting seeing Elyes in a movie made just before Scorpion, especially playing a character so far removed from Walter O'Brien. Often, when I see an actor that I'm familiar with from a series playing a different role, I see so much of the character I'm familiar with.

I suspect that is because there is an element of the actor in both characters.

What the whump — can y’all give me hand?

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. That wasn't the case here. There was really no trace of Walter. It's one of the things that impresses me about Elyes. Each character is completely different. There's different voice patterns, different mannerisms.

He really invents each character from the ground up. He really is very talented.

Does sylvester die in scorpion

Dear Elyes, Please post something new on IG. The avocado song is running around in my head. Thank you, Your Fans. Thank you, Elyes I think he heard me!

Again, he's calling attention to a cause that seems to need all the attention it can get. Kudos, Elyes! When so many other celebrities are using Instagram to hawk products, it's nice to see someone selflessly using his fame to benefit fanfiction. I understand that a injured deal of the celebrity profession revolves around selling. But it's great when they also realize the opportunity they have to accomplish something that isn't about profit, but just about doing something good - scorpion if they never know who or what they might have helped.

Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post. Not sure I really understand the idea of a 'celebrity influencer' on social media. Is it not just advertising? Am I missing the point? It's sort of like some television shows use specific brands of cars or soda or just about anything in their scenes, which is also a form of advertising.

In some cases they even do some not-so-subtle promotion. Bones was really bad about that. The walter characters couldn't get into a car without one of them mentioning some feature of the vehicle as part of their dialog. I remember once someone giffed a Fringe scene with Peter and Olivia kissing and captioned it "makeout session sponsored by Nissan" to make fun of product placement. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Show Printable Version.

Walter o'brien

this. Go to All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name:. Forum Affiliates.

Thread Tools. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Cyclone Visit FoxPhile's home! Icon by Sweet Embrace. Quote: Originally Posted by FoxPhile View Post When so many other celebrities are using Instagram to hawk products, it's nice to see someone selflessly using his fame to benefit others. Digg del.

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