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Seduction captions tumblr

Nicole had invited Joanna and her other girlfriends around for the week-end to in with the weekly disciplinary session for her husband.

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Sexy photo-stories, captions, and manips to seduce your mind. At least two new pics created every day. Seven new pieces, a few with supernatural elements. Lots of experimentation, including some things I never tried before. Check out one piece below.

How old am I: 49
Tone of my iris: Misty brown
What is my sex: Girl
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
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I tried to unlock the door again, but she just started blowing a bubble, and I was pressed back into the seat. Soft and sticky, and sweet, and every time it touched me it felt more pleasurable than the last. My hips arched and I thrashed about.

You were so manly and assertive about it. And then she started blowing another one. Larger and larger, I was pressed back I felt like I might be crushed to paste. You expecting Alexandra to get you coffee in the morning. She blew another bubble … God, it felt like I was just about there.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Maybe if I came it would break this spell she had me under. It was your fuckup. And she was blowing another bubble! With her fingers and the pressure, god, surely I could come, please ….

She was moving on top of me. Little thrusts of her hips in my lap. I tried to hold her hips, or my hips, still, but she was in complete control.

That might have repercussions. But I talked to the other girls about it, and we decided this could be handled in house. No need for HR to be involved at all. She was blowing another bubble, and it was bigger and bigger, and her hips were shimmying and …. It popped. On my face. I felt like a was having a seizure. She was sitting and smirking at me the whole time. The suit was soaked. My best suit, my suit I bought when I made junior partner.

Vc sabe e não faz nada por que é muito frouxo!

I did, helplessly. Gum on my face. And I got a visit from one of the Senior partners.

A frankly uncomfortably sexy older woman that shall remain nameless. Former model. I was halfway through my six month review before I suddenly realized … Every senior partner I had seen could be described that way.

Most of the full partners. So, see you again in six month.

Mind if I steal candy? I must have gone pale. She arched an eyebrow. Then she casually took the gum out of her mouth and stuck it on the door frame, winked at me, and sauntered out.

And another one caged over there. So many smiling women. And so many obedient boys.

Admittedly a summer job working at the local restored historical village was not exactly an exciting, glamorous way to replenish a girl's savings as she worked her way through college. Having said that, Chloe had always been the sort of person who would find a way to make the best of a bad situation.

A 'lemonade out of lemons' kind of girl, you might say. So, for each tour group that came through the cabin where she worked Chloe would always pick out one unsuspecting target toward whom she would pay a little extra attention. Someone who's trip to the village would become surprisingly memorable.

Perhaps it would be a cute young man who was clearly on a date to appease his girlfriend. Or, a middle aged man burning a day of his precious vacation time with his wife and family. Maybe even a bored teenager who seemed to be serving a sentence with his family rather than enjoying his day.

In any event Chloe's goal, and the ensuing result was always the same. She would treat her prey to a flirty smile, drawing his eyes to the hypnotic sway of her body, the tasteful yet alluring hint of gently heaving cleavage, and of course the mesmerizing twisting of her soft skilled hands, rhythmically pumping the hard wooden rod up Without fail, by the time the tour group was ready to move on to to their next stop the butter Chloe was so sensually preparing would not be the only thing that was churning. She really did appreciate the way her husband always did his best to endure the pleasures she offered him.

She found those quiet little sounds that escaped him and those anguished grimaces on his face when he tried so hard to hold back to maximize her pleasure to be adorable, cute and sexy. Still, there were times when the devil whispering in her ear provoked her in to reminding him that his ability to withstand the pleasures of her sweet, soft pussy were solely dependent upon her desire for him to do so.

In other words, sometimes the mood struck her to give him a little reminder that if she wanted to make him cum that there was no amount of focus She approached him with hips swaying, then reached beneath her dress to peel down her warm, moist panties. After allowing them to dangle teasingly from her fingertips for a moment she tossed them aside then knelt between his legs, wasting little time freeing his cock.

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Within moments her soft hands and teasing tongue had coaxed him in to just the condition she wanted. Moving up to him, she straddled his lap and in one slow, graceful motion took him deep inside, her pussy claiming his cock as its captive prisoner.

The moment her body went in to action her husband gasped softly, his muscles tensing and a look of concern washing over his face. She smirked inwardly, well aware of what was causing his plight. Rather than allowing him a caption to become acclimated to the velvety soft tightness of her pussy she was instead immediately unleashing the power of her seduction sexuality upon him.

Her hips were already moving up and down And at the same time her exquisitely honed muscles were already tumblr and releasing She smiled inwardly at the obvious sense of panic and helplessness in his voice when within moments he was already groaning, "Baby Never breaking her erotic movements she took his face between her hands. Her voice was soft, gentle, and reassuring as she murmured, "Shhh, I know baby Don't try to fight it, you can't With her hips rolling seductively and the muscles of her pussy relentlessly working over his cock he had no prayer.

She emitted a soft purr of triumph when his head fell forward in defeat, the perfumed softness of her cleavage only adding to her sensual entrapment of this now helplessly aroused man. She could feel his sense of embarrassment and helplessness at his seduction to resist her, making her drip caption arousal and the rush of sexual power that she could wield over this man.

And as his body surrendered to hers, she cooed tumblr in his ear, urging him on. I want you to feel how my pussy can milk every Moments later with his spent body still trembling beneath hers he tried to apologize. I tried to hold back but Quickly though she interrupted him, smiling as her fingers stroked through his hair. I know. Sweetheart, I love the way you always try to hold back for me, really I do.

But still, I don't want you to forget, if I want you to cum With a wicked grin slowly forming on her face she teased, "Good. Because I know you might be thinking that I've finished having my way with you, but trust me honey, I haven't. She smiled at his gasp when she allowed the muscles of her pussy to once again clutching and tugging at his cock that was still imprisoned within her. And at the sound of his moan of pleasure being muffled in to her cleavage she laughed softly, purring, "You are sooo mine, baby.

She might be more serious than you bargained for. Well thank you very much! Of course, I was there for a loooong time.