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Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories

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Before she can take him in her mouth he stops her. He stands, and retrieves the shard, placing it in his mouth. He comes before her and sticks out his tongue, which the shard is resting on, and she seems amused at his display.

He pulls his tongue back inside and allows his Ki to flow into into his mouth, much like when he calls his poison, but keeping his venom at bay. He can feel the shard absorb his power. He leans forward, and uses a canine fang to open an inch long vertical wound over her sternum, hearing her gasp. Quickly, he pushes the shard into it with his tongue and then laps at it twice, healing the small but deep cut.

A starburst of power radiates through her body and she can feel the difference.

A wicked smile crosses his face at her vulnerability, his beast sensing her more fully now than ever before. There is a hint of dark amusement as well. Rin shivers at his tone, but not in fear. She is aroused by his arousal.

Already the combination of the shard and his mark are working their magic and creating a bond between them. Before this night ends, he will be inside her, in every possible way; in her body, in her mind, in her heart and in her very soul… They will be one. She falls to her knees in obedience and submission. Rin grips him with her hands, velvet over an iron rod… and brings her mouth forward, sucking in his tip with greedy abandon.

He hisses in pleasure and then growls in delight as she continues forward covering him in her warm, wet, sucking mouth. She bobs her head and works both hands over him, and his hands burn to grab her head and guide her, but he digs his claws into his palm and attempts some semblance of sanity. His eyes are swirling in a dangerous mixture of red, gold and white, and the beast claws more frantically.

She is mine to do with as I please… but…. I must not scare her. He thinks, but… Rin has other ideas. She stories a siren song, calling to his inner demon and after only a brief struggle he loses the battle with himself entirely. His whole body thrums with power as his markings go jagged and his eyes enlarge and the red wave crashes over his vision; the beast is free. His hands come up and fist the hair on the sides of her head, burying his fingers in the strands and tugging, forcing rin to crane her neck back further to look at him. He continues to drag her mouth roughly over his length and shoves his hips forward.

Suck it, Suck it, Suck it. His mind and, over and over. He feels his member hit the back of her lemon, but still he presses on. She does not gag, she Sesshomaru not cry tears or scent of fear or pain… she is aroused by his actions, and her scent spurs his dark demonic lust on. He has allowed her to dominate certain aspects, and held his beast at bay. No longer. Her show of submission has released his inner lust driven beast. He has marked her as his and his beast wishes to do as he pleases with his honored mate.

In the end, the beast will always have its way. He will do no serious harm to her, she is marked, and his beast recognizes her as his alpha female, but he will show her what it means to be the bitch of a taiyoukai. He rips her drooling mouth from his angry red cock, and she gasps for breath.

In her most secret fantasies, this is what she has dreamed. Rin has always understood that Sesshomaru was youkai, and no youkaino matter their love or protection, is known for the gentleness, especially during mating. She has dreamed of his mating as a wild and rough experience, not the stuff of sappy romance novels. Rin has wanted him to dominate her, own her, posses her body as he has her heart for years.

She will be a most willing slave to his demonic lust, because she has wished for nothing more than the opportunity to serve him this way since she knew what went on between a male and female. She has seen the aftermath of the full moon on the body of her priestess friend.

The bruised wrists, the punctured shoulders, the scratched thighs and hand printed hip bones. She knows what is to come, and lustful anticipation springs to life, twisting her stomach into knots and making her nether regions ache and swell. Present yourself to you alpha. Immediately she turns and assumes the position.

Her head and chest pressed to the ground, her spine arched to push her ass into the air, displaying her dripping sex shamelessly before her alpha. Sesshomaru crouches. Once again he presses his face to her dripping flushed sex and pushes his tongue inside, although this time it is to heal any internal soreness from his prior rough treatment. He hears her gasp and moan, feels her shove back onto his face and he knows then that her need is approaching his own.

The cool air on her secret place combined with her vulnerability is an elixir, making Rin lust-drunk. She too has given up any control she may have claimed. She gives herself totally to her dominant alpha male, trusting herself to his care, just as she always has, and is ready to do anything he asks of her. She feels him pull back, and his member at her entrance, probing with a smooth round mushroom tip.

So hot and hard. Sesshomaru allows his tip to slip past her opening but then stills, the dominant beast inside holding back, wishing to force her humiliation, supplication and submission. Oh yes, before the end of the week he would penetrate her there as well.

Her entire body would be his, marked and claimed with his seed and scent. If he could, he would bathe her in a never ending river of his scent laden cum, and in this state, there will be very little recovery time between his orgasms, so he intends to brand her with his seed in many ways this night and these next few days. My Rin! This bitch is mine, and she will reek of this Sesshomaru, before this week is through. He feels her tense, but a whimper and spasm around his tip later, she cries for him. He will make her say it. Rin groans in frustration… Oh gods… She feels him grip his shaft and use his grip to tease his tip within her.

Demonic red eyes glow in predatory delight, and a deep growl shakes his entire frame, vibrating all the way down to his toes and the tip of his head.

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His shaft even quaked as he grips her hips, pulling her back and thrusting forward in one decisive movement and his jagged hip markings hit the full round cheeks of her ass. He groans at feeling her tight wet velvet walls clamp around his incredibly sensitized member. So fucking tight… so fucking wet… so fucking good…. His body does not yet fall forward, instead, he leans back, the angle of his thrusting hitting her most sensitive spot inside and more juices flow down his shaft, wet his silver pubic hair and her dark hair, and make her inner thighs glisten as he pumps himself wildly in and out of her tight warm depths, plundering her for all she is worth.

He howlsnot only once, but over and over. Ar, ar, aroooooooooooooooooooooo!!!.

His beast is in full control now, and his face is partially transformed. Gone from his mind are thoughts of decorum, decency, and what the human villagers must be thinking as the sounds of his rutting carry on the wind, waking them from sleep. Her mind is numb, all she knows is the pulsing jack hammer that rams itself into her internal pleasure center with brutal efficientcy and inhuman speed and strength.

She shatters around him, clenching and fluttering and squeezing and sucking his member into her depths. Tears begin to pour from her eyes at the sheer overwhelming sensation of him spearing himself relentlessly into her. Her climax seems to last forever as he simply forges on, pistoning his hips in short staccato strokes that seem as though they will never cease. She hears his howls cease for a moment and his dog-like sniffing of the air. His motions falter for the briefest moment before yet another victory howl tares itself from his throat.

Rin feels lost in animalistic instinct. She is no longer in control of her body and every human dignity flies from her mind, nothing but the rough hard rutting, the continual invasion of her tight slick passage and the pounding of his hips against her ass can exist for her. Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnn iiiiiiitttttt!

He never seems to stop. Finally his chest meets her back and an inhuman voice growls in her ear. You're MINE! Rin is yours! Say my name, bitch, my NAME!