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Sex at comicon

Anyone who knows me remotely well is in on the fact that I'm a closeted nerd. Just kidding, the only thing closeted about my nerdy proclivities is that I don't keep my old comics out in the open, as they are poly-bagged and cardboard-backed to retain value.

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How old am I: I am 33
Ethnic: Turkish
I like to drink: Liqueur
My favourite music: My favourite music heavy metal
My hobbies: My hobbies diving
Smoker: No

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I got sex at comic-con - a fanboy comic book geek's move from nerd loser to player of love

Penthouse Magazine recently ran a piece on "Geek Love," where they describe how Comic-Con has become a new hot spot for hookups. As a three-year veteran of the con, I consider myself something of an expert on what does and doesn't happen on the convention floor -- or the hotel room floor -- so I've done a quick fact check on the article and whether its claims of sexy times in San Diego are true or false.

Penthouse says : "I was a little surprised when my friendly neighborhood comic-book-store clerk told me she was looking forward to this year's New York Comic Con because 'conventions are all about the sex. Comic conventions -- in New York or San Diego or anywhere else -- are never "all about the sex.

It may happen slightly more often than an normal weekend for some con-goers, if only because it packspeople with similar interests into a convention center where they spend four days getting incredibly amped up and drinking like thirsty vikings.

See a problem?

The show is not "all about" the fact that hookups happen -- it's about comics If anything, hookups are a bonus, like the t-shirts and posters that the Marvel booth likes to toss into crowds of screaming fans. Penthouse says : "It's all these people you see only a couple of times a year at hotels, you're all into the same things, people are dressed up, you've been flirting online for months It's pretty hot.

This is a much more realistic way to describe the situation -- a lot of shared, uh, passions and close proximity, coupled with the fling factor of hooking up with people you don't have to see regularly. The "dressed up" cosplay influence is pretty small, though, since contrary to what the mainstream press seems to think, the vast majority of people don't dress up.

How to pick up girls at comic cons

And of those who do, I can't say I would describe many of them as "pretty hot. This is a total lie.

Those VIP parties are limited to just what they say they are -- VIPs -- and unless you know that this means you, it probably doesn't, and the only place you will meet Scarlett Johansson is either in your dreams or through binoculars from a hundred feet away in Hall H.

In general, the closest you're going to get to actual celebrities at Comic-Con are the mega-panels that get projected on giant screens in enormous ballrooms packed with thousands of other fans. And unless you are writing for a media outlet so famous that people's moms know about you, you are not getting any preferential treatment from celebs.

The 5 reasons why you shouldn’t try to pick up girls at comic cons

Probably not even then. Penthouse says : "There are a lot of hotel parties in people's rooms.

You just bring some booze; everyone is always really friendly," says Eva, a year-old who works in publishing. Room parties are a big part of socializing at Comic-Con if you don't have access to the swank industry parties, and even if you do, the afterparties often break off to hotel rooms.

Comic-con is full of kinky sex, just check craigslist

But remember, room parties are only as cool and fun and sexy as the people inside them, so choose your destination -- and your guests -- wisely. Penthouse says : "It used to be pretty male-dominated," says Glanzer.

Things like Japanese anime have really brought a lot more women and girls to the show. Last year attendees were about 40 percent female.

There are lots of ladies at Comic-Con these days, which improves the odds a great deal for the guys. It is also why articles like the " Girls' Guide to Comic-Con " make want to punch holes in the wall. Also there's a "Twilight" trailer screening for the upcoming sequel "New Moon," and it will be hard to ignore the thousands of pre-teens squealing in unison.

Penthouse says : "It also provides readymade opening lines. Guys, do not be fooled by this.

Comic-con hookups: true or false?

Like most pickup lines -- and certainly all cheesy ones -- one-liners like this are only going to get you girls who already think you're hot. Penthouse says : "Jennifer, a software company project manager, is rocking extremely revealing Wonder Woman gear complete with the kind of red rubber boots that are found only at the most fetishy sex shops.

And yet she insists guys aren't checking out her barely there bustier. Comic-Con Hookups: True or False? Laura Hudson Published: July 22, : Conventions. Back To Top.