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Most of us have a go-to move that works for us in bed—something that never fails to get you off or take your partner to the finish line. In the interest of education and, fine, nosinesswe asked 17 guys to share the sex moves they love in bed—moves that made such an impact that they still fantasize about them to this day.

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Being surrounded by that silky stuff turns us both on. When we get home, I show him my own lacy undies.

He loves the way the strands feel grazing his body. When my guy came home, I pulled him into the bedroom and pretended I was acting in the flick. He was totally turned on by my role reversal. The emphasis on slowly undressing really puts us in the mood.

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I start slowly and softly, and when he opens his eyes, I give him the full deal. He loves the added friction from the inside of my knuckles. When he gets a peek at my naked buns as I bend over to grab a dish, he says he can hardly wait to have me. It sounds simple, but he says it makes his knees weak. He says just thinking about it keeps him excited all day.

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When I lightly massage that spot, he starts moaning. It sends him into orbit! The friction warms up the oil and makes for the hottest sex. The coolness of my breath on his warm, wet skin sets him into gotta-have-it motion.

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He ties me up, whispers naughty things in my ear, and has his way with me. Then we trade positions and I take charge. The changes in pace anti rhythm practically make him scream.

He loves that he can position me against a wall or the back of the chair without having to hold me up. I get a cup of ice and a cup of hot tea. First, I put the ice in my mouth, and when my tongue gets really cold, I give him intense oral sex.

Then after a sip or two of hot tea, I take him in my mouth all over again and do my thing. The changes in temperature against his skin absolutely kill him!

Kat klub hq — 10 lesbian oral sex tips and tricks

That way I can let loose and enjoy myself. The key is to rub over and then back down the head of his penis every time.

It always, gets us giggling. I move with my man. He says it gives him an incredible orgasm. When he gets home, he just grins mischievously. It creates an exciting hot-cold sensation.

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Now we buy Altoids in bulk. The muscle contractions drive my man crazy.

So we jump in the shower after a run, lather each other up so we smell great, then go have wild sex. When my man and I get busy, we have the perfect way to watch, which is a total turn-on for us both.

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And anticipating the thrill makes me hotter than normal—which excites him beyond belief. We take off all our clothes when we get home after work, keep the TV turned off, and concentrate all of our energies on each other.

It gives us something to look forward to and gets us through the workweek with a smile. He loves the thrill of doing it in the car, especially if there are people around. Filed under Sex.