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Skyrim camilla letter

There's something I don't understand about this. Why were you so relaxed about Sven's original plan to deceive the woman he claimed he loved? She's a nice girl, it seems a lousy trick to deceive her into the arms of a known liar and forger.

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I was about to stop and deliver when I saw Faendal nearby. I asked him what his problem with Sven. Apparently, him and Sven are pinning for the same girl in Riverwood, Camilla Valerius. He asked me to deliver a letter to Camilla and tell her the letter is from Sven.

I could either tell Camilla the letter is fake or do what Faendal told me to do. Faendal is an archery trainer, if I get on his god side, he might train me for free. Not surprisingly, Camilla got mad at Sven and called him an 'oaf'.