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Slave maid tumblr

When you are finished, take off the dress and stand in the corner. I will inspect your outfit and then when I find something in it, you will punished.

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We are a married couple in our 30s, recently became really interested in cuckolding. Looking to meet people in the DFW area. I am Queen Nicole and my husband who will be referred to by her Sissy name Erin. We are part time kinksters in Texas. I hope you enjoy the pics we share.

Age: 33
Sexual preference: I love man
My sex: I'm lady
Languages: Italian
What is my Zodiac sign: My Sign of the zodiac Libra
My body type: Quite thin

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Many women may be hesitant to sit on a submissives face, and prefer he gets on his knees to perform oral, however, there could be massive benefits that are missed because of that hesitancy. Facesitting has a similar impact on both partners, as pegging does. Knowing that she can take him with her cock at any time, just because she feels like it, brings out extra submission in him.

Slave to ladies

As she discovers her power through this, she comes to enjoy the strap on, and can have orgasms of her own, just by using it on him. Pegging can be used as a disciplinary device as well, and is often more effective than painful punishments. While seeing a submissive on his knees is a pretty sight, facesitting takes it to a whole new level because of the psychological aspect.

The idea of being under her, looking up at her beauty as she lowers herself onto his face, promotes some of the strongest submissive feelings a submissive can have.

The ability to grind on his face is also a bonus. She will feel like she owns him, and the view she can have, facing his body, can be of great amusement, as she gets to play with his body, perhaps out of discipline, or pleasure, while he is busy pleasuring her.

Her scent will intoxicate him, and it will make him addicted to her more so than he was before. The feeling of powerlessness being under her will have him deep in subspace, more obedient than ever.

Even more so than pegging. Pegging, chastity, and facesitting all compliment each other beautifully, and help to completely own him.

Facesitting becomes a luxury for him. She can have all sorts of fun with facesitting as well.

Facesitting makes him eager to provide oral pleasure, but she can facesit him and take even that pleasure away with a face dildo. She can have good penetrative sex with him, using his face, and his only reward is her scent and fluids on his face. Completely in his place.

This opens her up to being able to use him in any way she pleases. Her pleasure becomes his reward.

Beta boy slave who was born to obey and serve — cruelgirlfriend: sissy maid spanking from sir

She becomes sacred to him. His face is her throne. There is no greater purpose for him, than when she is on his face. She is his universe.

Sissy maid

Completely owned, and totally devoted. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive.

Need this done to me. You know it. SissyCeeCee Also on Fetlife.

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Same handle. Top Photos.

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