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Slave rey fanfiction

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passion Anahi

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~veggieheist~ — here it is, folks! the official poster/cover art

On Jakku there had been a myriad of creatures—mostly deadly—that Rey had learned about very early on. You had to if you were going to survive the desert.

Every child knew about the ripper-raptors, gnaw-jaws, and sand snakes, and everyone knew someone who had been killed by one of them. Rey remembered when she first saw a sand snake, slithering through the dunes at dusk.

It looked like some invisible cosmic being was dragging their giant finger through the sand, leaving a rippling indent that meandered around. It was wondrous until the head of the monster emerged in an explosion of sand and clacking of teeth, snaring an unsuspecting victim and dragging them screaming back into the churning dunes.

Outside of the instinctual fear wracking her small body at witnessing such a terrible thing, Rey had wondered what it felt like to move through the dunes. At what point was the sand too heavy to slither in?

How did they know which way was up? How did they know not to go too far under? As the weight of sleep slowly eased off of her, Rey emerged from her slumber as if she were one of those sand snakes coming up from the deep. It was a slog at first, her mind not quite sure if she was awake or still dreaming, but once her consciousness made it to the surface, she found her eyes blinking open to a low-lit room. As a Mandalorian, Phasma knows she shouldn't let her personal feelings interfere with a mission.

Buffshipper's blog — supreme leader kylo ren and slave girl rey (insp

But when she meets the slave girl, she can't stand by. Ten hours, no sleep, and 19 episodes of the Mentalist later, I give you the official Chains poster!

And bonus individual shots. Kylo could sense what she was feeling and he knew there really was no proper word to encapsulate it all.

Nelsbels — rey as a thrall (a slave), a stolen high born lady

He looked at the blurring lights and was suddenly reminded of the moment Girl had emerged from the bacta tank, her own light exploding in the Force. Send help. Ch 84 is UP!!! Summary: Kylo Ren was supposed to go to Jakku to find information on Luke's whereabouts, but the Force-sensitive girl in the slaver's auction was too interesting to leave behind. Rey has only ever known the life of a slave on Jakku, bought and sold from master to master, but the mysterious and terrifying creature who now owns her is like no master she's ever had before.

Surprise! ch 84 is up!!!

Chapter The Test excerpt below On Jakku there had been a myriad of creatures—mostly deadly—that Rey had learned about very early on. View Full. Phasma x Slave! Rey As a Mandalorian, Phasma knows she shouldn't let her personal feelings interfere with a mission. Same energy.

Just tell us when? Or release it within a week if you say "soon"?? One more day until Chains ch. Here it is, folks!

Fuck off. Rey be a jedi. Fuck off about Rose.

Aurora — from the ruins chapter 6 - a jedi’s weapon (sneak

Leia and twilek women. A redraw of a pic I did last year for chapter 19 of Chains. More art on my Instagram! Chains is my slave-au series on AO3. You can check it out here! Chains update: Ch 77 will not be posted tonight.

Chapter 34 - garbage will do

It will most likely be posted on April 4th, as originally planned. Thank you for your understanding!! Show More.