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Sloans trick bathroom

Looking for ideas for using chalk paint on floors?

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Instant gratification! I keep coming back to it for my quick transformation ideas. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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See my full disclosure policy here. As I recommended above, I would choose something small and inificant as your first piece in order to build your confidence. Or go big or go home — you choose! In this project I painted the base of my kitchen table. If your piece of furniture has any hardware that can be removed, then remove it. If you plan on changing out the hardware, then you may need to putty it and sand it down. You may not need to prime your surface, but you most definitely want it to be clean.

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I painted our kitchen table legs and they were so caked with food ewww … gross! I usually just use a damp rag, but it just depends on how dirty your furniture is. Usually a warm, soapy dish cloth will do the trick! Just be sure to finish up with a damp cloth only to make sure no cleaner or soap residue is left behind. The fun part begins! At least this is the fun part for me because I love a good transformation. Everyone says to brush in the direction of the grain, and that is trick fine, but it depends on what I bathroom the finished product to look like. If you are going for a smooth finish with distressing, then use a regular paint brush and go with the grain.

I do find that there will be some brush strokes at the end, so just know that you will be able to see them some when you are finished. If you are going for a more imperfect, messy look, Sloans I would use a natural bristle brush and would suggest doing 1 heavy coat. Depending on how large your project is, you may be able to start the 2nd coat whenever you finish the first! You will most likely need a second coat of paint if you want full coverage. Just paint it on like you did the first and you will see most of the big brush strokes go away.

If not, just go over those brush strokes once more after the second coat has had a little bit to dry.

If your paint is getting too trick at this point, at just a smidge of water to thin it out. A little goes a long way and Sloans can always add more if you need to! And if the paint goes on a little too thick at this point, you can always sand it down and repaint or just sand it a little. This paint is very forgiving! Just wash your brushes in warm, soapy water to clean them up. I find that it tends to chip anyway, so I would hate for you to use this and then the project gets chipped and you hate it. The only exception would be if you are planning on sealing it with clear polycyclic.

I use a fine grit sandpaper usually to lightly bathroom the corners and edges that would naturally get worn with wear. Just a couple light passes with the sandpaper will do the trick. I like to use the clear sealing wax on all of my projects. I did use the dark wax to highlight a baby crib I painted.

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Either way, I use clear way to seal the whole project first. You can use a wax brush specially made for applying wax. Or you can use an old t-shirt or lint-free cloth to apply the wax. You want to apply a thin layer of wax to the whole project, then lightly wipe off any excess wax.

Once the wax has hardened about 24 hours lateryou can buff the wax to a shiny finish with a t-shirt or lint-free cloth. I like to do this step as it gives the final product a smooth finish. As a reward for reading this monster of a post about painting, you get a sneak peek of our in-progress eat-in kitchen. Thank you for taking the time to read this whole post!

Or if you have questions, please leave them in the comments below! My Haint Blue Porch Ceiling Sea Salt Kitchen Load More.

Save Save. Hi there, Can I use choke paint on my Parker furniture and what preparations would I have to do first? Thank you Savka. I have black mill due in the grout of my shower, as much as I clean I can not get rid of it. Then paint the grouting bathroom Annie Sloan will that solve my problem? I have just painted an old mirror and drawers off a dressing tableI cleaned it with meths trick rubbed down etc. I then painted with french linen let it dry then lacquered itunfortunately it has dried a little brownishcan you advise!!!

Will chalk paint work well on rattan chairs, if I seal them with wax? I think it would be a pain to wax and paint, though, because of all the detail. Would you use this paint to finish the top of an old oak desk? The top has Sloans sanded before and is in need of refinishing.

The rest of just original varnish. What if I determine after some time passes that a well-used table should have a clear polycyclicn finish rather than only wax and the wax has obviously already been applied? Is it possible to then remove the wax somehow to apply the other finish?

Also, if crayon or marker marks show up what is the best way to remove them? But that would take off the finish as well. Hope that helps! We recently painted a large coffee table and all went well until we buffed the wax.

First, some thoughts on painting with chalk paint® …

How can we remove the wax, then perhaps give the table a third coat of paint. We thought we could then finish the table with a light varnish rather than the wax. Thank you. Very excited! Thank you for sharing! Thinking older bedroom suites. Thank you for this tutorial. I am on Spring Break this week and have two small projects I have been thinking about. With your tips, I know I can do them both with chalk paint.

Thank you, Cynthia. One of the easiest ASCP tutorials to follow. Thanks for sharing your process! I feel pretty confident now. I have the same chandelier, good taste! Your home is lovely.