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Slutty teacher stories

So every time I teach French, I dress slutty for the occasion. Today, for instance, my black push-up bra shows right through my blouse.

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Hi readers, this is Sarfaraz Khan back with another story. Hope you remember me. I love sex, which is smooth and seductive, never forced. So coming straight to the story. It is about my slutty elementary school teacher.

Her name was Sharon. Let me describe her here. There were rumors of her having some chakkar with our Math sir, Raheem. But those were all rumors among us. Aged about at that time married to a moron older uncle who by no means could have satisfied her. So coming to the incident. I was in a mall at the billing queue when I saw a familiar face in the front. I immediately remembered her as my teacher Sharon. My gosh! My dick actually flicked a bit, seeing her.

She was alone, and I greeted her from behind. I invited her to a nearby coffee house to talk for a while. She told her husband is working in the States for the last 7 years. Her son, too, is studying in Delhi, and she is living with her mother in the same city.

I saw this as a chance to get close to her and maybe bang my crush too. I was sitting opposite her on the table, sipping coffee. I shared her about my job and everything. Me: You were my biggest crush back in school.

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This time I glanced at her open, inviting cleavage with a thin silver chain hanging between the valley. She caught me and covered her cleavage but giving a naughty smile. I continued flirting with her. It was almost 2 hours, and we lost track of time. She finally agreed. We drove straight to the hotel. It was more of a resort-type story outdoor dining. We introduced ourselves to the manager as a couple, and he smiled at us. We were given a table near the wall with full privacy. Food arrived, and she was shy teacher a bride every time the waiter told us to enjoy while keeping the dishes.

Finally, after dinner, she wanted wine. I ordered for her, and soon she was 4 pegs down. She was getting bolder and bolder now, holding my hands looking at my abs and praising my body. You Slutty this property of wine. Finally, I took up courage and asked can I book a room for tonight. She nodded shyly.

She called up her mom and told some reason.

‘teacher’ stories

I called the manager and told him we needed a private room. He arranged and gave us the key. As soon as we entered, she hugged me from behind while closing the door. I turned around and directly went for her lips — what a juicy pair of lips they were.

One reply to “teacher sex stories: the naughty slutty french teacher”

Sharon now slid down her pallu. I wasted no time and began biting and licking the cleavage of my teacher. She held me by my head, pressing more onto her. I made red marks with my teeth on her flawless white skin.

Now I began opening her blouse and red lacy bra, and soon her treasure was out in the open. What a perfect pair of tits. If anyone looks at the pic of her boobs, they will confuse it for a year-old girl. Her nipples were still light brown, and her boobs not at all saggy.

I began sucking her nipples like chocolate and bit her nipple in between. She began putting her hand inside my zipper now and started playing with my 7. Now she pushed me into bed and began undressing her remaining clothes.

Her matching red lacy panty already had a wet patch of cum. Her pussy was an absolute wonder. I mean, it was more beautiful than a young girl. Clean shaved and the perfect thickness of lips. She came on top of me like a hungry tigress and began unbuttoning my shirt. She began kissing my abs and biting my nipples while I played with her smooth ass. We now shifted to 69 position.

She was an excellent sucker and was undisturbed by her pussy, leaving out juices. I licked her as deep as my tongue went more focussed on her clitoris and making her squirt.

She gave out a huge amount of juices, and I licked it clean. My cock was rock hard now, ready to enter my teacher. She guided me holding my circumcised smooth cock to her pink pussy. As soon as I entered, I was on cloud nine. Her pussy was so tightly engulfing my cock like someone giving a perfect blowjob. Her moist pussy and my stone-hard cock made the fuck like a knife enters butter. I was holding her waist, and she was holding my bums for support.

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I began banging Sharon like a bitch now. She widened herself as far as possible while her nails dug into my back with ecstasy. Soon I was reaching orgasm. I increased my pace while my thighs were hitting hers and making a noise. Soon my balls began boiling and close to cum. I withdrew my dick and splashed all my cum on her boobs.

My teacher was looking all sexy with the cum, naked. We slept hugging each other. We had another couple of sessions. We dressed up and left in the morning. So girls and guys. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


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Goodbye, all. So coming straight to the story It is about my slutty elementary school teacher. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.