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Small dick insults

And, truly, is there anything more juvenile than a good dick joke?

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First impressions are a slippery slope; especially when it comes your partners, um, downstairs compadre. This rings especially true if said partner isn't exactly packing the heat. While studies show penis size doesn't really matterfor some women it does. And sometimes, you may have just had bigger expectations.

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Want to stand up for yourself without being a jerk?

Welcome to I Should Have Said where we teach verbal self-defense and how to stand up for yourself the easy way. Whether it is in the change room or the bedroom, no guy wants to be ridiculed for having a small penis.

If you do have a small penis, it can be devastating to have someone make an insensitive comment, especially publicly. After watching porn, fifty percent of men actually want to have a bigger member. Honestly, big penises are overrated.

The average vaginal canal is only inches deep. A bruised cervix is painful as hell. Grab our FREE starter guide, so you know not only what to say- but how to say it.

Discover the secret of shutting down rude people. Learn how to stand up for yourself in any situation, the easy way. I created this site to help people with verbal self-defense and to find the right words in difficult situations… .

Do you need a little help standing up for yourself?

Funny how often people talk about something they wish they had… 2. At least I have balls.

At least mine is real. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained within this work are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your counselor. All matters regarding your relationships require professional supervision.

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Great comebacks if someone says you have a small dick. Even a looks small going through the Grand Canyon.

Find the best small dick insults here!

It is not small, it just looks like it compared to your giant vagina. That is funny because your mom thinks it is huge. Get in touch:. Prev What to say if someone calls you negative. Next What to say when someone calls you gross Next.

Funny how this post has a lot of views but not a lot of shares. How about this one: even a whale feels tiny swimming through the vast ocean. Get in touch.