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Son is the new man of the house

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With his father taking off to the depths of space, Jon is taking over as the protector of Earth, in Superman: Son of Kal-El which you can read the first six s of below. Nerdist recently participated in a roundtable interview with Tom Taylor, just as Jonathan Kent takes flight in his first solo series.

Nerdist: Kal-El is one of the most famous adopted superheroes.

Superman: son of kal-el vol. 1: the truth

Are you going to play with that difference of not knowing who your birth family is and how it affects your worldview, versus having the most famous parents in the world? Tom Taylor: Certainly, the fact that he has the most famous parents in the world is a big factor. And it was certainly part of my original pitch that we have to deal with that. Nerdist: Jon Kent is stepping into the shoes of the greatest superhero of all time.

Eva long – son is the new man of the house

Will he ever have to deal with imposter syndrome? His dad is the most famous person on the planet, and the greatest hero on the planet. And a lot of people kind of feel that way about their fathers. And he challenges him on that.

Are you going to address the generational differences between Jon and his father in terms of how they approach being Superman? Which I love. And fortunately, I have a year-old in [my] house. And so I can bring a bit of his real-world drama into this as well. He would find a way to talk through it or whatever.

Nerdist: Superman revealed his Clark Kent identity to the world, and by doing so, made his son Jon Kent famous too. Are you going to explore how Jon feels about the idea of secret identities in general now?

The showrunner

And would he ever explore getting one? Tom Taylor: There is going to be some secret identity talk. Imagine being a year-old, and not being able to walk down the street because people have seen you fly through buildings.

He is essentially a celebrity in every sense of the word. We have seen him grown up very fast, away from this world, and come back. And he may find friends that help him do that.

Oops, sorry!

Then he went away for some time, and Jon Kent became Superboy. But now Conner is back, and Jon has inherited the Superman mantle instead. There may be a story to tell there, but also we need to lift this Superman. We need to see who he is before we sort of muddy the waters with another one. Nerdist: Clark Kent has one of the most famous supporting casts in comics history. Do you plan to give Jon the equivalent? His own Perry White, his own Jimmy Olsen, etc?

Or will his supporting cast not be reminiscent of his parents? Tom Taylor: No, not really. But his cast of characters came partly from a plot point, and partly for what he needs in his life. The sort of friendship he needs, the sort of support he needs. He gets one very good friend very early on, by issue three.

Someone that he can talk to, that can be a confidant like Damian Wayne. He was a baby for five minutes, then a pre-teen for years.

Then he got whisked away by his grandfather Jor-El to space, where he aged up to a teenager. Do you plan on exploring that in Son of Kal-El?

Tom Taylor: It depends on whether it serves the story. But it needs to serve the story.

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And I think in issue one, we show enough of his character, of him as a person, and his beginnings, to hopefully get a new audience on board. Part of my job was trying to find a way to just distill all that down and say us in issue one, this is where we leap forward from. The Superman came out the year I was born. And that was the first time I believed that a man could fly. I grew up with a single mother, and I grew up with him as a pseudo-father figure. So he meant a whole lot to me as. Featured Image: DC Comics.

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