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Spider woman fanfiction

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Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland.

Requested by: blue-hairedbitxh. Also Peter Parker is actually a popular kid in school while the reader is a nerdy, shy, quiet person. But then one day she comes to school with a stab wound or something a Peter finds out and you can take it up from here lol.

You were almost totally left alone when suddenly Peter Parker stood beside you, looking at the different spiders. Peter was one of the most popular kids in school, he and Ned were the magic team. Both of them intelligent and handsome, girls loved them, teachers loved them. You liked Ned, he often helped you with homework, but you really liked Peter.

What was there to not like? He was handsome intelligent and overall a good person. You look very interested. You remember him saying something and then he asked you to spider a picture of him while he was standing in front of the enclosure. He handed you his phone and then it happened. You took his picture and as he walked out to the next room, you felt a sting. Something bit your shoulder but woman fanfiction looked at it, there was nothing there only a tiny little red mark. The next day, you felt your body change.

You no longer needed your trusty glasses that you wore since 3 rd grade, you felt thinner and more muscular, you felt so fit. This is how Spider-Woman started. At first you were clumsy, trying to find out more about your powers. But you were certain of one thing, you wanted to use them for good. Then came Mr Stark. He changed your life forever, opened so many doors and opportunities for you. You loved him, you really did. And that is why losing him was one of the hardest things you had to go through.

Provides examples of:

And now you felt left alone. You of course continued to be the best hero you can be, helping others is what you loved to do and what you promised on doing. You were very proud of what you did. You often heard about the Spider-Woman on TV or in school. Others created theories, fanfiction idolized her. And you especially enjoyed hearing what people thought about her. And you were very happy to hear that Peter was also a fan of hers. Probably you have been having a crush on Peter for about 5 years now.

You have seen him date Liz and spider she moved away Parker dated Michelle. Although you do not know why they broke up, now he was single, you overheard him saying that he was focusing on his studies at the moment.

You first met Peter when you got bullied in school and he saved you. The others were picking on you because of your glasses and nerdy behaviour. Meanwhile you just sat alone in the back of the woman, feeling love-sick. You balanced your life as a hero and as a student. And ever since you became an Avenger, it got more and more difficult. And after what happened with Mr Stark, you felt like you were a mess. Which was probably true.

You felt like a newbie, making mistakes similar to when you started. You had a class early in the morning but on your way to the school you spotted two guys trying to rob a woman. You quickly changed and saved the woman but you got stabbed in the process of trying to hold the bad guys as they were trying to run away.

And the fact that your suit was supposed to be safe angered you a little. You got frustrated, and in your panic, you ran to school. You got your suit off but the wound on your side hurt like hell.

You stumbled into the school and managed to make it to the toilets before you collapsed. As you were struggling to find a way to stop the bleeding the door suddenly opened. You covered fanfiction wound and tried to stand up but failed. Are you drunk? Your head was spinning. When you fell back Peter tried to catch you but he was too slow.

So scared for your health and for someone to find out who you really were, especially Peter. But in your separate attempt you heard someone walking to the toilets. Spider eyes were begging Peter and as if he understood he helped you stand and walked you into a stall. He closed the door and motioned for you to keep quiet. He was so close you could smell his perfume.

You blushed as you heard the woman to the toilets open and in came two people. Apparently she got stabbed when she helped a woman. Did you see her suit? You think a knife could stab her? After that their voices got quiet as they left. You were still against the wall of the stall with Peter holding you up.

You now had to options, either you could tell him or deny everything and run. And you chose the latter.

Like every time you disappear and she appears. Like when we were in Venice you had to leave because you felt ill but then she came and saved us all.

It all makes sense now. Not like they will believe you but still.

You thought you were sneaky with your disappearing acts that you were doing but apparently Peter noticed. And now you were thinking if someone else did. You tried to apply pressure but you were weak so Peter put his hand on it. Get my phone and call Happy.

Happy got there for you and helped you into his car. Peter went along with you putting pressure on your wound.

Spider-verse (miniseries)

While you got treated by a doctor Peter was there with you. When you were patched up and got your painkillers, you felt better. With the others. Then he stopped in front of a frame. It was a picture of Tony. Everyone agreed that he should have at least one picture up in a common area to commemorate him. He saved us all. He was such a great man.

But I can ask Happy to drive you if you want to. You called Happy but he was busy so you had to look for someone else.