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Spiderman and starfire fanfiction

It's not easy staying optimistic in the DC Universe when you got villains like ScarecrowDarkseidand Parallax putting a damper on everyone's mood. Thank goodness that Starfire is around to brighten up every room she enters.

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Raven stood outside of the bedroom door breathing heavily. She could not believe the two of them could go at it, for that long. Raven peaked through the doorway. Princess Koriand'r, Starfire, bounced up and down, riding the large cock of Spider-Man. Raven's eyes could not be torn away from the big, juicy cock which was slamming deep into Kori's warm slit.

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Peter is starting to lose his faith as a hero, but can one team especially a certain violet hair girl help hi Peter is starting to lose his faith as a hero, but can one team especially a certain violet hair girl help him regain his confidence? Electro was a little disappointed, here he has the power to become a god and make all those around him tremble before him. Instead he gets a group of kids starfire by a former sidekick. Right I knew that. And me a favor, you kids go home and call the real heroes, you are way out of your league.

As the smoke cleared, the Titans were nowhere to be seen, Electro frantically look all over the place and then he saw Starfire flying away with Iron-Spider's body. As he charged up to attack, Nightwing swings down and kicks him in the face as Cyborg removes a street from the ground and hits Electro. Beast-boy transforms into an elephant removing the fire hydrant, letting a stream of water explode out of the ground, allowing Raven to use her magic to take the stream of water to hit Electro. Iron-Spider was slowly waking up and due to Electro short circuiting his suit.

He started to panic, fanfiction he did not how or why he is floating. Funny I didn't think it be this dark and hot, and figured I'd be flying on my own and not an angel. Spider-man was still in a daze when the Titans arrived, he saw the five of them standing in front of the Green Goblin who has been becoming more Hulk spiderman by the second. Didn't think it was possible for the Goblin get even uglier," joked Beast-boy.

Goblin let out a loud roar and fired a massive fireball at the Titans. Raven held onto Spider-man as they dodged the fireball. The fireball hits the Raft inmates who are under his control, killing them. Beast-boy transforms into an elephant and wraps his trunks around a few raft prisoners and threw them at Goblin, Goblin swipes them away from him and leaps forward and punches him in the face.

Starfire then fires her starbolts at him as a distraction from Raven taking Spider-man out of there. Goblin then looks around to figure out how to stop her. She gets hit, but regains her composure and flies down and crushes Shockers hand. Shocker's scream of pain helped Spider-man regain his senses and slowly gets up and walks back to fight against Goblin. This isn't even your home world. But, I'm not going to stand by and do nothing. I did once before, and I paid a terrible price for it.

I refuse to let that happen again. I'm not going to watch my friends get killed. From what she had heard about Spider-man, she had an impression that he was a self-righteous jokester who never fought for anybody but himself and let others take the fall just so he could save his behind.

But right now was unexpected, Spider-man was more than willing to go back out there even though he has no chance of surviving against Osborn, he still goes out there to save the day. Back with Osborn, Robin pulls out electric batons and whacks Osborn across the face with them and follows it up with a sidekick to the face.

Then Cyborg tackles him and fires his sonic cannon to his face. Then Starfire bombards him with her starbolts leaving very little room for him to dodge. Osborn gets up and is fully frustrated with himself for taking too much time with the Titans. Spider-man then lands in front as the remaining Titans except Raven appear next to him.

Look around you, Iron-man's team has been defeated, and you think a bunch of agents can take on these guys? You guys are heroes shouldn't you guys care what happens if they get out? Iron-Spider opens one of the hatches starfire sees his old uniform. Fanfiction picks it up and starts to reminisce all of his adventures prior to the Civil War, and remembered why he risks life to save others; he then hears the explosions from the fight between the Titans and Electro and looks back at his old mask and knew what he had to do.

The fight between the Titans and Electro was going nowhere, the more of the monsters that the Titans destroy, the more Electro makes. After the last batch of monsters was destroyed, Electro finally fanfiction fed up and decided to take matters into his own hands. I am all-powerful! You're back!

By the way I found a spare Spider-man outfit in your jet. They quickly got away from the shockwave and they met again on top of a spiderman to discuss what to do next. They all looked up and saw clouds forming and rain falling down. As the rain drops land on Electro, he winces in pain at and drop touching his Electric body. Iron-Spider surveyed his surroundings and notices the Hudson River not too far from where they are located.

While Electro felt the punch, it did not and him. He dodges it and swings towards the Hudson River. He randomly spidermen his lightning bolts in a fit of rage, hoping the Iron-Spider burns to a crisp. Raven uses her magic to lift a bunch of cars, and throws them at Electro one by one, causing him to walk backwards. Cyborg fires his cannon to distract him from Starfire flying very fast and punching Electro in the face. Robin, and Beast-boy leaps from building to another to a nearby water tower and damages one of the legs of the tower and Starfire flies by to lift the broken water tower and throwing at Electro, hurting him and he takes a few steps back wincing in pain from the amount of water he took in.

Iron-Spider swings around Electros legs slowly tying them up. Electro was slowly losing his balance, and with Starfire's and Raven's last attack he finally falls into the hudson river. He immediately sees Nightwing and walks up to him. Where am I? He looks at his surroundings and sees the starfire of the Titans. His expression drops, and was at a loss. I thought A giant all out brawl had erupted when Captain America and the rest of the Anti-registration team arrived.

While on surface it looked as if the heroes had the upper hand, however the inmates were given a power boost from Goblin making them deadlier then before. Spider-man could not focus on the other inmates, as Goblin was thrashing his way towards him. He then shot a web-line at a nearby inmate and threw him towards Goblin, only for him to catch the inmate with his bare hand and crushing his skull. He then fired another web-line at nearby debris, throws it up in the air and kicks it towards Goblin's face, Goblin flinches, but nothing came out of it.

She then fired a black energy beam at Goblin; he blocks it and is slowly making his towards them. Starfire flew in ramming Killer Croc to the wall, and Robin threw a batarang at Bane, disconnecting him from his venom. Bane slowly lost traction, and just as he reached Spider-man he kneeled down, and as he looked up Spider-man delivered a powerful right hook. Starfire is sent flying out of the hole she created when she ran Killer Croc into, and as he emerged from wreckage, Cyborg threw Beast-boy and him, and Beast-boy transformed into a giant elephant slamming into Killer Croc.

The Titans formed around Spider-Man and got into fighting stance as Goblin got up. Oh dear boy, who ever said anything about escaping? I don't care what happens as long as the Spider dies! Lamest plan ever. They all charged at the Goblin, as he leaped past all of fanfiction in an attempt to crush Spider-man underneath his gigantic feet. Spider-man leaps out of the way, fires a small web ball at his face to blind Goblin, and kicks him in the face. Goblin takes a few steps back and Cyborg starfire an spiderman, sending him up in the sky, and then Starfire fires a giant starbolt at him sending him down to the ground as Beast-boy transforms into a T-Rex and tail whips him towards Robin.

Robin then throws explosive batarangs at him and Raven then traps in him a bubble and throws him wall to wall.

I am the Green Goblin, I am more powerful then before, you cannot beat me. As he turned around, Spider-man leaps off from a wall, kicking him in the face, and lands behind him and uppercuts him in the air and the leaps into the air once and punches him in the stomach leaving behind a web strand.

Spider-man repeated this several times until Goblin was completely webbed up.

Once Goblin was defeated, all of the inmates, snaps out of his control and loses their power upgrades, causing them to be beaten severely by the Anti-Registration. Anybody here? If no one is here then My name is Spider-man, and I am Who are you?

And what do you want with me? Listen lady, I think you got the wrong guy, you should've asked Captain America, Superman, Ironman, Batman, hell with enough persuasion Deadpool would be better choice then me. So what can I do to help? He walks in to investigate what had happened her, and then his Spider-Senses goes off and dodges energy like beam, he then looks over and sees a run-down Cyborg.

What are you doing here? And what is with the new costume? And who did this to you? Where have you been all this time? There is no more Teen Titans, you destroyed it.

Amazing Teen Titans By namestillpending Just Another Night. A Whole New World. Field Test. Titans vs.