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Spiderman gets new powers fanfiction

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But there still remain a few relationships that fans of the web-slinger have always wished for but never got to see in either the comics or the big-screen adaptations. Thanks to fanart and fanfiction thre, these "dream couples" can still be manifested among Spidey fans. While a majority of these ships cater towards Spider-Man himself, a few other instances also imagine the romance between characters such as Mary and Gwen, or Miles Morales and Kamala Khan. Flash Thompson has been notorious in Midtown High School for his constant bullying.

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This will be updated as I continue to write fics.

Izuku has spider powers fanfiction

He needs help, he needs Tony. This was all his fault. Just a trip to the store to get some food for a hungry teenager. He knew he had to get somewhere safe, to get help, but his vision was nothing but blurred lights and black spots, and when his eyes closed of their own accord, he dropped to the sand and felt nothing. He let go of the bars and fell. Written for a prompt sent to me on Tumblr: I was wondering if you could write a fic where peter gets hurt fighting the vulture on the ferry? And tony is scolding him for going after him and everything, and then peter passes out or something?

Written based on a prompt sent to me: Could you write a fic with peter and tony getting trapped under a collapsed building and peter holds it up long enough for the other avengers to get tony out but the building collapses before peter can get out? Written for a prompt sent to me on tumblr: Could you do one where peter has to use his powers at school and he gets shot and tony has to come and save him?!

Tony felt like throwing up.

Avengers fanfiction peter runs away from the avengers

The last thing he remembered, was walking home from school. But he never made it home. Written for a prompt sent to me on tumblr: tony and peter go to somewhere really really cold on a mission and peter somehow manages to fall into the freezing water and tony has to keep him warm until help arrives.

Tony had hit him. Peter flinched as another voice met his ears in the dark. Peter is kidnapped and given a strange virus, leaving Tony, Steve and Bruce to find a cure before time runs out.

Plus, Tony would lose his mind over it. Peter could hear the bomb activate. Peter got knocked down in Civil War, but when Tony went to check on the baby Avenger, he realized he was more badly hurt than first realized.

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It was stupid really. It was also, almost laughably stupid, that it had happened on a school trip through a forest. No cell coverage, which meant no calling for help, which was bad enough without the snake. Peter finds himself in a partially collapsed building, with a very angry alien who wants nothing more than to crush him and eat him for dinner.

At least his days are never boring. Peter had never liked Doctors, but this guy had to be the worst.

Peter is drugged, and left to wander, alone and scared; as he tries to escape the nightmares chasing him. Steve is trying to train Peter to control his strength, to use it when he needs to instead of holding it back all the time.

It felt like every day he knew the little troublemaker, the more grey hair he got. If he was feeling sentimental he may have said it were worth it, but in the moment, all it was, as stressful. His latest grey hair was due to a dinner they had. Seriously, only Peter Parker could find trouble at a simple dinner. It was supposed to be a boring walk home.

With his suit being repaired from his latest mission, he new supposed to have a day off. Peter is locked in Stark Tower with an angry Hulk, and all Tony can do is watch from the outside in, and hope that the kid makes it out alive.

Based on the two seconds in the new Infinity war trailer where Peter is hurtling into space on the giant black alien doughnut and my whumpy suggestion of how he survives. Tony had been in a lot of stressful situations, and a lot of battles, but nothing had prepared him for taking care of a superpowered teenager high on pain meds. Peter gets his wisdom teeth out, and Tony learns how hard it is to be a parent.

Thank god the Avengers are there to get. Tony had promised that he would always do everything he could to keep Peter safe, but when the CIA came for him, there was power he could do. This is a version of Civil War where Zemo gets to Peter before Tony does, and convinces him to fight for his side. He had no idea what was coming for him, and no clue as to what was playing on every news announcement on tv. Tony should have asked Peter to stay home. He should have brought his suit.

He should have never let Peter spiderman the bullet. Prompt fill! Peter is swarmed with Paparazzi at school and freaks out. Tony, of course, comes to his rescue. Peter suffers from heatstroke and has to get himself home while trying not to pass out or fall off a building. Tony gives Peter a real, live, alien egg for his science project and, predictably, things go wrong.

How were they to know it could fanfiction people? Oh, yeah because Loki told them. So, he abandoned his post.

Peter was burning up, his temperature far higher than any normal person could survive and so, May does the only thing she can. She calls Tony. Ned had never thought about what happened when Peter got hurt as Spider-Man until he saw it with his own eyes. Peter Parker is needed for a mission with The Guardians of the galaxy and of course Tony is coming along too. Peter is so excited to work with his heroes but when something goes wrong all he can do is feel guilty.

I write fanfiction. — au that peter got his spider powers from his

Various scenes and prompt fills based on the main theme of Tony having accidentally adopted a whole ass kid without realising, even though everyone else has. Tony thought that a botched mission and a fight between him and Peter would have been the worst thing to happen that week. He was wrong. Peppers voice was strained and Tony turned away from it, trying to ignore the tremor so clear in her voice.

Avengers fanfiction wanda injured

She was on the other side of the door, hands pressing to the metal that kept her away. Something like Peter. You know what a broken leg feels like? Not good. Not good at all. If only he felt safe. If only he knew what to call the fear clawing at him from the inside out. If only he never died. First Flash had punched him in the face for no reason and he got detention, then they were kidnapped from said detention.

How could his day possibly get any worse? Maybe if Peter had known what it was like to have a big family he would have known that being babied by the Avengers meant that they loved him. Maybe he would have asked for help when he needed it. Tony crossed his arms, watching Peter kick at his blankets, bandage around his new itching. His body lay there on the street, arm flung out to the side, palm streaked with blood. It seeped beneath him, soaking the sheet that someone had been decent power to drape over him. Peter was dead.

Peter misses Tony. Basically, that bridge scene in Far from home after everything goes down but its just whump and fluff with MJ spiderman exactly what being Spider-Man entails. Peters caught in another building collapse, sparking anxiety and issues over his Toomes collapsed building trauma and neither Tony or Peter are handling it well. If Tony, Bucky or pretty much anybody that knew Peter had seen him that morning they would have smacked him upside the head. All warnings and tags can be found through the links and you can find all my works including works from other fandoms through any of the links, just click on my author name.

Peter is sick but is afraid of doctors and refuses to go. His chest was burning, making it hard to breathe as fire raged around him. Tony is the get of mind control, and Peter is his target. A bomb, an inhuman, and more than one fanfiction. Because nothing was easy for Peter.

Yep, the mother fucking snake.