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Steve trevor fanfiction

Fix it that I might be persuaded to continue??? Thank you bloomsoftly for looking this over for me!

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When his alarm went off at 5 A.

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Up until the sthe pairing was featured in various Wonder Woman comics as well as in the Wonder Woman — TV series.

Between andthe pairing was broken up in the main comics universe and both characters developed romantic relationships with others. Elseworlds and adaptations such as Wonder Woman: Amazonia and the Wonder Woman animated movie did occasionally feature the couple, though not necessarily in a way that was considered in-character in the main verse e.

In the New 52Steve Trevor started heavily featuring in various Justice League -related titles as the League's liaison and his relationship with Wonder Woman was eventually re-established as canon. In the comics, their first meeting typically happens in the present as opposed to during the First World War that is canon in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The pairing started attracting attention again when the New 52 reintroduced Steve Trevor as a potential love interest not only in the main universe but also in several popular alternate universe properties such as DC BombshellsThe Legend of Wonder Womanthe Smallville comics and even the DC Super Hero Girls comics. Fan response to the portrayal of the relationship was overwhelmingly positive.

The tragic ending inspired much angst both among fans and in fanworks up until the first leaks confirmed that Steve Trevor would be returning in the next Wonder Woman movie. These developments reinvigorated the fandom and gave way to much speculation.

The first trailer to Wonder Woman was released in December and lead to increased activity in the fandom. Examples Wanted : Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples. Jump to:search.

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