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Stretched out assholes

Perhaps the biggest question of all: Can backdoor sex do permanent damage to your butt? If you're a fan of butt play, you don't have to give it up for fear of damaging that vital muscle, says Kerner.

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Just as you can overstretch your hamstring in yoga, you can overstretch your sphincter during anal. Get all the erogenous zones in on the action in order to optimize your body's ability to relax and, thus, relax the sphincter, says Sinclair.

Also, lube. Goldstein adds, specifying not to opt for a warming or cooling or numbing variety.

Furthermore, without the proper prep, Dr. Goldstein says you open yourself to the risk of injury and decidedly not-fun situations, like pain, the tearing of anal tissue, and even permanent dysfunction. And while being really, really prepped every time should keep you safe from anal play having any lasting side effects, the fact that the sphincter is comprised of muscles offers certain pros and cons.

But just as you can overstretch your hamstring in yogayou can also overstretch your sphincter during anal. So, repeatedly engaging in activities that test your body's elasticity over time can certainly lead to getting stretched out, he adds.

That's why both experts say the fear of damage shouldn't stop you from exploring butt play and pleasure with a partner you trust. To tame your worries, practice preventative measures, like kegels and pelvic-floor strengthening moves. Sinclair says that, yup, those famous do-anywhere vaginal-strengtheners also lend themselves to your anal sphincter. You might try strengthening them Hilaria Baldwin-style. With a proper warm-up, lube, and exercises, you and your anal sphincter will be great, but if you do suffer any kind of injury, seek advice from a doc who specializes in sexual health.

Goldstein says. Speaking off butt sex Want to try pegging? Plus, learn whether or not you should be worried about imbibing a bit of period blood during a sexcapade.

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A nal sex and butt play are like pineapple skin care : If you're not trying it for yourself, there's a good chance you're at least curious about it. And considering butt play can lead to A-plus orgasms no matter your anatomy shout-out, prostate and A-spotthe interest makes total sense. Related Stories. Loading More Posts Featured Collection. Close Close.