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Sub zero and kitana fanfiction

At the Soul Chamber, Sub-Zero has finished freezing two people who failed to defeat him.

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A lone figure rested on his knees in deep meditation in a small wooden room. The room was lit with candle light and incense scented the air. The man wore the garments of the Shirai Ryu, a Japanese Ninja clan known for their skills in Ninjutsu.

A thick, yellow over mantle rested on his shoulders and ended in loin cloth with a black belt tied around his waist. This covered a black body suit that concealed his chest, legs, neck, and head. He wore only a pair of yellow clothed wrist guards on his arms and a gold plated mask that covered the lower half of his face, leaving his eyes and the bridge of his nose visible. He had fallen into a trance of meditation two hours ago in an attempt to clear his mind of any fears he had.

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He was ased to take part in one final mission before he would be aloud to retire from his clan and devote all his energy to his wife and son. A mysterious sorcerer by the name Quan Chi had requested the services of the Shirai Ryu to retrieve a stolen map somewhere in the China.

The headmaster of the Shirai Ryu, Takeda, immediately enlisted his finest ninja Hanzo Hasashi, code named Scorpion, for the task. The man suddenly woke from his trance. Horror struck at the heart of him as he broke from his meditation. In his trance he saw visions of suffering, torture, and death. He saw fire surrounding him along with soulless creatures snarling at him.

He could see his wife and child being slaughtered slowly by the demons that materialized from the fires. But what haunted him more so was the sight of a specter, garbed in the yellow garments of the Shirai Ryu with a flaming skull atop its shoulders, reaching out towards him. These visions filled him with guilt, for his hands were stained with the blood of many.

He never killed in cold blood or without reason, but he never desired to take the life of another. He knew not of the specter that reached out to him, but he speculated that it was some kind of reminder that he may suffer the eternal damnation of the Netherealm once his time is done on earth.

He shook off his thoughts and reached for his weapon of choice that lay untouched on a small pillow in front of him. It was his Kunai attached to a fifteen foot rope.

His "Spear" was ideal for quick kills that required stealth and was also a formidable throwing weapon the exceeded the power and accuracy of a Shuriken. He held the weapon's hilt with a firm grip as he thought of his upcoming asment. He had bid farewell to his wife and son prior to his meditation, promising a safe return.

He then stood from the floor and equipped his Spear in a patch on his belt. The man standing there was an honorable assassin of the Shirai Ryu. A caring father and a loving husband. A deadly warrior skilled in martial arts and stealth. The man standing there was Hanzo Hasashi, code named Scorpion. Hanzo made his way to the Shaolin Temple and drew out his Spear. He swung the rope it was attached to a few times before throwing it high in the air.

The rope wrapped around a large gargoyle statue at the roof of the temple and Hanzo used the rope to pull himself up.

He climbed swiftly with his muscular arms and remained unseen due to the night time sky. As he reached the top of the temple, he slid open a window and swung himself inside. Once he landed on his feat, he loosened the grip of the rope attached to the statue and collected his weapon.

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He then ventured on through the temple, hiding in the shadows and remaining unseen to the Shaolin monks that prayed and guarded the rooms. Hanzo's stealth served him well as he journeyed chamber after chamber without alerting the monks.

In the times his stealth failed, he quickly knocked out his enemies with hand chops to the back of their necks. As he made his way to the lower levels of the temple, he noticed that someone had already been there.


Dead monks polluted the wooded floors of the temple. Hanzo kept his wits about him as he continued his pursuit for the map. More and more bodies became present the farther he went, some brutally beaten to the point of death. To Hanzo's added horror, some of the bodies appeared to be, for lack of a better word, frozen in place.

Hanzo studied the frozen bodies and gathered that someone he knew did this; an assassin with a trade mark of freezing his victims before he kills them. If his suspicion was correct, it would mean that a member of the Lin Kuei was in the temple.

He proceeded with caution, hoping that his suspicion was false or that the Lin Kuei had already left. Though the Lin Kuei was a hated rival of the Shirai Ryu, he didn't want any blood spilled on his. After a long search of the temple, Hanzo reached the chamber that contained the map he was looking for.

The round chamber was massive, scaling fifty feet in diameter with green and brown marble floors and walls and pillars for support. The map rested on a small display platform in the middle of the chamber. As Hanzo walked towards the display, his footsteps were halted as he heard the door behind him slide open.

Hanzo, unable to find a suitable hiding spot, simply turned around to face the approaching figure.

The door opened to reveal a man clad in a blue and black ninja suit, identical to Hanzo's with the exception of the color. The approaching ninja stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Hanzo. The two warriors glared at each other as Hanzo recognized his enemy. The blue warrior narrowed his eyes at Hanzo and said, "That map is mine. I was hired to retrieve it. I will be dead before I fail a mission on of one of the Shirai Ryu's ninjas.

Lay on your attack, or get out of my way.

I do not wish your death but I will kill you if you don't leave this temple. Sub-Zero made no verbal response as he stood in his fighter's stance; his left foot forward with his left fist resting beside it while his right hand rose up next to his chest. Hanzo slid his left foot forward and clenched his fists, placing his left fist next to his left leg and raising his right above his shoulder and next to his ear. After the two stared each other down for a moment, Sub-Zero made the first move and ran towards Hanzo. Hanzo blocked three punches thrown at his face and chest and landed an elbow strike on Sub-Zero's left shoulder.

He then continued his counter by spinning his body and landing a well placed back fist on the Lin Kuei's chin.

Sub-Zero managed to regain his composure with a kick to Hanzo's head. Hanzo ducked the kick but was caught of guard when Sub-Zero swung his leg back, connecting his heel with Hanzo's face. The blow caused Hanzo to stagger back a few steps as Sub-Zero stepped towards his enemy. Hanzo regained his footing and blocked a hand chop intended for his throat. Hanzo then grabbed Sub-Zero's wrist and twisted it, nearly dislocating the t.

Sub-Zero cringed and pulled his hand towards him to bring Hanzo closer. The Lin Kuei then thrusted his head forward and head butted Hanzo. The blow sent Hanzo to his knees but did not knock him out by any means. He countered by spreading his legs and performed a scissor kick which caused the Lin Kuei warrior to fall on his side. Hanzo then got up to his feet and paced back a few steps as Sub-Zero sprung up to his feet as well.

Hanzo stood his ground as Sub-Zero charged at him again. Sub-Zero threw several punches and hand chops at Hanzo, all of which were blocked or dodged by Hanzo's quick movements. Sub-Zero then tried a spinning leg sweep.

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Hanzo jumped over the swooping leg and performed a powerful roundhouse as Sub-Zero stood back up. The blow connected with Sub-Zero's left cheek and spun his body as he fell to the floor. Hanzo allowed Sub-Zero to spring himself up to his feet and awaited his enemy's next move.

Sub-Zero stood his ground as Hanzo waited for him.

To Hanzo's horror, Sub-Zero's arms began to change in appearance. From his finger tips to his biceps, his arms turned to ice. His powers charged, he again stood in his fighter's stance and waited. Hanzo narrowed his eyes and ran towards Sub-Zero, overcoming his fear.

Sub-Zero surprised his enemy by sliding his way towards Hanzo with his right leg extended forward, leaving behind a trail of ice. The move caused Hanzo to loose his footing and was sent flying into the air over Sub-Zero's head. Hanzo landed hard on his back upon the ice trail. The ice made it difficult for him to get to his feet as he slipped numerous times before Sub-Zero slid his way towards Hanzo again, this time bringing his shoulder out to connect with Hanzo's chest.

The blow sent him back several feet back until he hit the wall behind him. Hanzo fell to his knees and tried to recover from the attack. The shoulder thrust nearly knocked the wind out of him. As he tried to catch his breath, he grabbed his Spear from his belt and kept it hidden as he slowly rose to his feet. Sub-Zero allowed Hanzo to get up and waited for the next move. Hanzo threw his weapon at Sub-Zero with what strength he had left.