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Submissive bottoms tumblr

First off, let me be clear that i am not using the term faggot in a pejorative sense. One of the most effective ways of taking the sting out of a word is to re-appropriate it from the haters, and redefine it yourself.

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To the vanilla observer who would be put off by BDSM, it is merely an attractive piece of jewelry. Thus, we can wear it freely as a friendly salute, nod, and wink to other BDSMers we should happen to pass on the sidewalks and in the hallways of our daily lives. The three divisions represent the various threesomes of BDSM. Thirdly, the three divisions of our community: Tops, Bottoms, and Switches. It is this third symbolism that gives meaning to the holes in each unit. Since BDSM is at the very least a play style and at its greatest a love style, the holes represent the incompleteness of any individual within the BDSM context.

Years old: 50
Ethnicity: Latvian
What is my gender: Woman
What is my hair: Silky hair
My favourite music: I like dance

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Posts Ask me anything Archive. You want to be a woman… even in the bedroom.

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Especially the bedroom. No CuddleWhileFucking.

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