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Supergirl fanfiction kara weak

Request: hey! Is everything okay? You snap out of your trance and look at Kara.

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Kara had been putting on a brave face all afternoon. Alex figured it would have been a little more obvious to everyone had it not been for the fact that they all were. Nothing was that easy, though, no matter how hard they tried. Brainy held her just as tightly in return, as though he was afraid to let her go.

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Lena is not having her day. Cold sweat clings to her skin and her abdomen feels like a demon is trying to claw its way out of her. The wait for the painkiller she took earlier to kick in seems eternal. By now, it probably is; the drug too weak to fight her pain. Maybe she should change that, another time. With a deep sigh she lifts a new file from the stack and starts flipping through it, scanning the paperwork inside before putting it down and starting on one.

Red pen at the ready to scribble her comments in the margins. She needs to close her eyes for a moment to swallow away the pain and make the world stop dancing. A few blinks make the floor be down again and the ceiling up.

Most of the time. But alas, she does have that meeting and she really cannot miss it.

With a heavy sigh she gets back to work. She contemplates taking another painkiller. That used to be the case, at least.

Supergirl in danger

She should have known. It always happens when she gets up. Black and white spots invade her vision and she barely manages to sink down against the wall to prevent herself from collapsing onto her office floor. Her vision blinks black for a moment.

Maybe longer than just a moment. The world slowly stops tilting on its axis and the black and white spots disappear.

Carefully, she starts to get up, making sure not to do it too fast to prevent everything from going black again. She makes it to her desk chair and quickly sinks down on it. The world is tilting a little again. She pulls her knees up in hopes of relieving the painful cramps. It does, however, help against her dizziness.

On a deep breath she lets her head fall forward, forehead resting on her knees and eyes pressed closed tightly. She knows Lena has an important meeting today and will probably attribute it to that.

Plus, she has a meeting to prepare and paperwork to read. She can already feel the blood leave her head and her cramps intensify. Miserably, Lena rests her head on her forearm as she tries to catch her breath and spit out the foul taste lingering in her mouth. Kara, ever the angel, flushes the toilet when Lena lifts her head away from it and presses a glass of cool water in her hand. And if you really have to attend, Jess can just reschedule.

I can work just fine. Supergirl take some more painkillers. I can deal with it, okay. Lena immediately regrets her outburst. Tears rolling from her eyes, lipstick smudged and mascara running. Lena nods reluctantly. They did get out stronger and closer after each argument and disagreement. It helped them understand each other better and realise their own mistakes.

Yes, you said something that hurt me but you also apologised and I will get over it. Lena nods again. She casts her eyes down and sips the water Kara gave her before straightening her skirt and wiping away the worst of her smeared kara. And you did say he was the best candidate. Lena thinks for a moment, contemplating her options. Lena takes the time alone to slowly get up and fix her makeup and hair in the mirror. On her way to her desk, she gets another extremely bad cramp. She just feels really bad, hot and cold at the same time.

She lets gravity help her distinguish down from up and lies flat on the floor, waiting for everything to stop spinning and appear from behind the black spots again. Squeezing her eyes shut only forces them out faster. What happened? She can feel Kara brush away her tears. Just so the worst is over. I never asked. At least out of the building. Kara presses her fanfiction to her side and wraps an arm around her.

Supercorp one shots (kara x lena)

Lena is glad for the warm comfort. Jess immediately starts her newly ased task but the worried look on her face tells Lena she probably looks almost as bad as she feels. Going home really does seem like the best decision. So, instead of sitting down in the backseat, she gives in to the urge to lie down. She wraps her arms around her stomach and Kara nudges her to put her head on her lap. Lena shrugs. With great effort she sits up so she can follow Kara out of the car.

Let alone how she managed to survive the morning. Standing up is an even greater effort than sitting up was and she closes her eyes for a moment to recover. Immediately, arms wrap around her a little tighter in support. Is it okay if I carry you? Lena wants to decline.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She can walk to the elevator and stand in it for the ride up but Kara whips out her puppy eyes. Lena nods and catches herself feeling slightly relieved when Kara carefully anchors one arm behind her knees to lift her off her feet. She curls in on her girlfriend, possessively fisting the front of her shirt as she lets herself be carried to the elevator. With a tender kiss, she leaves Lena to undress herself and starts filling the tub. She adds some heat vision to the water until the hot water comes in and she can effectively regulate the temperature by adding more or less cold water using the taps.

Lena slowly undresses herself. Each article placed, neatly folded and with care, on the countertop next to the sink. Just as she finishes taking off the last of her clothing, Kara turns around and motions for her to test the water. She quickly folds the piece she just took off and dips her hand in the tub.

She tells Kara as much before raising her hand from the tub and slipping into the water. Lena sends her another questioning look. She clearly fails because Kara laughs, presses a kiss to her forehead and turns around to leave. Dave, the homeless veteran living on the corner of the street has become somewhat of a friend to Kara and Lena. The only things offered he accepts are food and beverages.

An odd blanket when the weather gets really cold. They give Dave food and Dave looks out for them.

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Kara closes the bathroom door behind her with a soft click, leaving Lena alone with her thoughts. She lets her head fall back, closes her eyes and hopes the relaxing sensation she feels in her limbs will soon spread to her core and make her cramps ease up or disappear altogether. On a well-deserved vacation, the first in years, phone turned off, laptop left at home and a cocktail on a small table next to her chair in the sun.

She should really invite Kara to a vacation like that.