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Swing clubs in paris

Whether it unfolds exactly as intended however, depends on a few other hidden variables that are less easily controlled for the curious newcomer…. Les Chandelles is a swingers club before anything else. Admittance into Les Chandelles is a gamble, reliant entirely on the watchful eye of its gatekeeper.

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Some days are for couples and other mixed. Your behavior inside the club must be impeccable! Otherwise, you will be escorted to the exit and permanently banned from our club. Dear single men, your access to the club during the mixed days depends on the of couples and women inside. We simply ask you to avoid sports outfits …. If a person is taken to monetize its services, it will be permanently excluded from the club and the Police will be notified.

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Step across its threshold however and you enter a twilight world of chic fashion, pulsating pop music - and hardcore sex.

The sex club, where celebrities, politicians and rock stars lose themselves to pleasures of the flesh, is known for its veil of secrecy. I know from personal experience just what goes on inside the highly secretive and exclusive club, having visited on asment back in Men are instructed to wear suits and women must be in a skirt and heels.

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One visitor - rumoured to be Rolling Stones superstar Mick Jagger - was told to go and change his trainers before he was allowed in. She wrote: "Faced with this very old rule in France, even the singer of an illustrious British rock group had to give in: sheepishly, he left to change.

No satisfaction. Walk down the stairs into the club you end up in the bar area.

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The women are slim, young and beautiful - and the men are dressed in tailored suits. A DJ spins pop music as women in skin tight dresses and stilettos writhe around on the dance floor and mingle at the bar.

So far, so normal - but this is just the warm-up room, where the rich and beautiful check each other out. Take a left down a dimly lit corridor and you end up in the heart of the action. Naked couples take up all the available space, while those who prefer to watch loiter outside, peering through the open doorway.

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Crammed into the small room are couples, threesomes and orgies. I was lucky enough to create this place and fix myself.

She should not be a trophy for exhibition or body to be shared but a goddess to be honoured, adored. Discretion is key as politicians, musicians and city millionaires are all said to visit.

Former French finance minister Dominique Strauss Kahn allegedly spent wild evenings inside the plush pink club. And inLes Chandelles closed for one month following a pimping scandal.

But Herve insists: "There was nothing in the case at all. She writes: "When I recontact this young woman that I was, I want to say to her: 'Wake up, save yourself. She fell into the swinging lifestyle and while the relationship wasn't to last she developed a life-long love of libertine clubs.

She pointed over to a smartly-dressed man in his fifties who sipped on champagne while a much younger woman in a tiny tartan skirt writhed in his lap. Many couples opt for a romantic dinner downstairs before entering the club, where the sexual tension builds. While Les Chandelles is the most famous, there are over swingers clubs in France - the majority of which lie in Paris. And a recent survey found that Parisians take twice as many sexual partners as Londoners, with a quarter confessing to taking part in an orgy.

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