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Teenager spanking stories

This is a little story that I originally published on the the Google group soc. The story was inspired by another writer, who obcessively writes stories about teenage girls who needed to be spanked so they will not have irresponsible sex. I tried to write a story about hot responsible teen sex.

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How old am I: 46
Meeting with: Male
Tone of my iris: Big hazel green
My gender: I'm girl
My body type: My body features is quite chubby
I like to drink: Ale
I like: Swimming
I like tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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I think kids should not be spanked after the age of about 12 or when they start developing. Spanking kids bare bottom, especially after the age of 12, can cause psychological trauma and even lead to molesting.

Kids also should not be spanked in front of other people, like brothers and sisters or relatives or friends. Her mom spanked her with the back of a hairbrush, hard, then made her stand in a corner with everything still down.

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We were all about 13 that time, which was way too old. Her mom also let her older brother watch, which I think was all wrong. In my case I got spanked bare bottom several times in my teens that I can remember.

The first time I got caught smoking cigarettes. That was when I was about My mom found out and was totally upset. Mom lit six cigarettes and made me smoke them all at once til I was choking and gagging and about to barf.

Then, still coughing and almost upchucking, I had to take my pants and panties off, then mom put me over her lap and spanked me hard with her hand until I was crying. Then she made me get up and fetch a hairbrush and spanked me with that. The horrible spanking while I was feeling sick from all those cigarettes kept me off cigarettes ever since.

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