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Tentacle armor skyrim

Having to navigate an underwater section in a Metroid game without Samus' Gravity Suit is an incredibly daunting prospect. Having to defeat a boss while in this state is really quite another though. Thankfully, the fight with Drogyga, which takes place in the Burenia section of Metroid Dreadis actually a relatively straightforward one; at least once players understand how it works, anyway.

talent gal Ana

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Then again, I also have my video settings turned up to ultra, so your mileage may vary. Fores New Idles : Necessary for most of the animation mods below.

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File Submitter : CPU. File Category : Other. Some useful syntax highlighter of function discovery are available here and there.

But I never found something that had a couple of options mandatory for me :. To use it, be aware that you cannot just replace the files. Installation instructions :. Compile Papyrus also by editing files inside Mod Organizer folders with full Console support. There is an autocomplete tab, just activate it. With a yellow background. You can also add a comment like like: ; - Some meaningful name And close it with: ; - This will create a "spoiler" inside your code, useful to group and collapse whole sections of your code.

This version works except the code compilation that requires a slightly different file, not difficult to create also for Fallout4 Papyrus. File Submitter : skyrimll. File Category : Quests.

C5kev's animated living armor

In a nutshell, this mod will add several types of parasites as complements to Skyrim diseases. Each will come with their own mesh, trigger, healing method and side effects. I am also working on a questline to unify them during gameplay. For example included in this tentacle releasesex with Spiders will come with a chance of vaginal infection by spider eggs.

You will have to figure out a way to cure that infection skyrim side effect yet except for increased arousal during sex and inflated belly. I will eventually add lore, quests and dialogues to seek help in removing the parasites or using them strategically.

Note: The Living Armor and Tentacle Monster cannot be removed in-game at the moment, but you can use the menu to roleplay removal when you want to. SexLab V1. NiOverride included in Racemenu is needed skyrim you want proper inflation of breasts and belly during infections, but it is not required for the mod to operate.

The Living Armor and Tentacle Monster cannot be removed in-game at the moment, but you can use the menu to roleplay removal when you want to. Th e KyneBlessingvisible-parasites-test. They may or may not crash your game at this time hopefully not but be ready to go back to an earlier save if they end up causing crashes. I am providing this version as a test for anyone who want to take it for a tentacle while I am away for the week of Nov 19 to Nov File Submitter : MixedupJim. File Category : Sex Effects.

I just wanted something to add a bit of risk to having sex whether consensual or otherwise but without the major complexities of other disease mods. File Submitter : m. Molag Bal's War. There are three kinds of people: a sheep, a wolf and a sheepdog. Which one will the Dragonborn become? The room seems almost empty, featuring a sturdy wooden armor filled with papyrus scrollsmaps and delicate metallic objects, glowing with arcane runes.

A humanoid, male looking silhouette is sitting behind the table, reading intently one of the papers, occasionally making notes and armor lines with a quill. A polite knock echoed in the room, interrupting his work. I've been expecting you.

Miraak's robes

A door opened, and black-clad woman silently walked into the room, walking fast with a fluid grace of a predator. Without asking for permission, she sat down comfortably in a chair against the table, putting her legs on the table, right in front of Molag Bal's face. I will feast upon your soul, for this! Oh stop it already.

Molag Bal growled loudly and menacingly, his serpentine face contorted with rage, baring his canine teeth. Azazel continued to smile, innocently and brightly, looking straight into black eyes of her host. After several heartbeats, Molag Bal suddenly stopped growling, toothy smile on his face.

Haven't noticed even a trace of panic or fear.

Hermaeus mora tentacle armor & tentacle spell & ability/abilities mod request

Very good. Now, I expect you want to know why have I summoned you, my pet. Azazel started reading the scroll, and the room fell silent for a while, Molag Bal looking at Azazel, studying her face while she was reading. Finally, she looked up from the scroll, looking slightly puzzled.

And were are looking for a long time In terms of bondage interactions, ideally Azazel will be kind of mSex Veronica successor mSex Veronica is a very nice concept that is strangely missing from Sexlab related mods. Maria Eden is very nice, but unfortunately it doesn't support DD related mods, so it is a no-go for me. Also this mod will have a dependency to Devious Attributes when the refactored version will be outwill be used to determine stuff like dialogue outcomes. Devious Attributes is not forgotten or dead, soon there will be a new version.

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Knaeggchen has taken over the development, and I am checking the possibility to rewrite part of Devious Attributes as SKSE plugin so it will be easier on performance. She should initiate dialogue when she notices the player force greet. What do you think of existing features? Of the concept?

In general, I'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad. Not sure if this is my Skyrim mod configuration or my general noobishness with CK, but I couldn't get rid of dark face on Azazel. Not sure it will appear on other systems.

If it does appear, please tell me so. I suspect that this mod might be to blame, but haven't found the real culprit so far. If you've ever thought that the dungeons and crypts of Skyrim are too predictable then this mod should help change that. It is deed to add random events while you are venturing through these areas so that you'll never know exactly what will happen. The mod works on a random timer that will then roll to see if an event takes place.

Tentacle stuff pls

Not all events are bad, some are good if you're lucky! Also, this is an adult mod so expect adult themed events. Current Status. Very much a beta. I wouldn't install this unless you want to help test etc.

Miraak's robes

Quite a lot I'm afraid All DLC for Skyrim 2. SexLab Framework and all dependencies 3. Devious Devices and all dependencies 4. Fuz Ro D'oh. Current Events.

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Creature ambush Depending on the type of dungeon you are in a of different ambushes can take place. This includes things like Draugr rising from the ground or spiders dropping on your head! Hidden Treasure The earth tremor that usually precedes a creature ambush instead dislodges some hidden treasure. Hallelujah it's raining gold or gems or ore! Future Events. This is not a complete list, just something to give you an idea of where skyrim mod will go. I'll add to it as I go. Underground Tomb Pitfall The ground gives way causing you to fall into an underground tomb.

Fight off the undead while you find a way out. Underground treasure room Similar to the Pitfall armor but this time there's treasure and monsters Cursed Fabled Loot possibly deviously! You find an item that casts a magic spell upon you making you the leading part in a strange fable story. Think along the lines of little red riding hood where you now become the focus of a big bad wolf.

All those involved tentacle the SexLab Framework and Devious Devices mods user for helping with some of the ideas Everyone who's downloaded and helped troubleshoot mods. In case you find a bug, please report in on the thread, or better yet report it as an issue in the GitHub repository.