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Tg fiction pregnant

Charlie was having a good day. He was still in his thanksgiving break, he did not have work, and, for the first time in months, he had no reason to leave his house. However spending the last week cooped up playing video games and binge watching his favorite TV shows left him feeling stuff so he decided to go out.

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Pregnant !!

It's been 13 years since Thomas Beatie sat down for his first TV interview and told Oprah — and the world — how he could possibly be pregnant, as a man. Today, the concept of a transgender man giving birth is hardly novel, although research, education and awareness are still severely lacking.

But society has come a long way, and so has Beatie. The father of four, now a stockbroker in Phoenix, spoke to TODAY Health about how he thinks the trans community benefited from the media attention his pregnancy garnered, and how he and his family are doing today.

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And then on top of that, they can give birth! I think exposing the importance of fertility for trans people was a huge eye-opener. Inafter he wrote an essay for The Advocate about his pregnancy — a piece he wrote, he said, because he was desperately seeking advice from anyone who had been in his shoes, and fearful that his daughter would be taken away by authorities — Beatie's story spread around the world.

Photos of Beatie cradling his stomach — a bare, enlarged, pregnant stomach — went viral. Requests for TV and magazine interviews rushed in. After having his first child, Susan, inBeatie went on to give birth to two more children with his then-wife, Nancy Beatie.

The couple separated inand in Beatie married his second wife, Amber, who worked at the daycare his children attended. They had a baby together into whom Amber gave birth.

Today, Beatie and his family live a relatively quiet life in Phoenix, although Beatie occasionally takes on public-speaking jobs or small acting roles maybe you saw him as an extra in a U-Haul commercial. But soon enough, word got out about his public past, he said. Not that he minds, exactly. I'm so proud that I was the one to bring my kids into the world.

It's kind of like a badge.

Mostly, he marvels at how much the world, while still very much flawed, has changed since his story was in the spotlight. Despite the challenges of sharing his story and the fame it spawned, Beatie does not regret talking about his pregnancy experience publicly and said he hopes by doing so that he made things a bit easier for the trans men who came after him.

Yet he acknowledges that even if public perception of his personal experience has shifted, there is still plenty more work to be done to support trans people hoping to start families — more training among health care providers, equitable access to fertility treatments and parental leave, for starters.

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