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The fall katie and paul

The troubled schoolgirl - who still actually thinks she is Paul's mistress in her messed-up little head - has been causing problems for a while now, her latest came from nowhere as she launched a vicious acid attack against one of her former friends. It just goes to show she will do anything for Spector. They only problem with this route is the fact that Stella knows him inside and out.

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Warning: Contains major plot spoilers. So if you don't want to know what the gruesome gang are up to later on, best look away now.

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More info. The Fall concentrates on the intense manhunt for the fictional serieal killer the Belfast Strangler Paul Spector played by Jamie Dornan.

Audiences are getting an insight into his twisted relationship with teenager Katie Benedetto Aisling Franciosi. Their relationship seemed to teeter on the brink of romantic and sexual after Katie tried to find out more about Spector.

She also tried to help destroy evidence linking Spector to the murders but was stopped before she could do so. By this point, the schoolgirl had been playing truant and had become distanced from her family due to her escalating behaviour.

What happened to katie benedetto in the fall?

Katie had been self-harming while she was incarcerated but it seems Stella managed to have a meaningful conversation with the teen. Stella revealed she too had also self-harmed in the past due to the pain over the death of her father. Given the conversation with Stella, it appeared it may have been a turning point for Katie and after serving her time in the centre there was a sense the teen would choose a new path.

Irish-Italian actress Franciosi, who has gone on to star in Game of Thrones and The Nightingale, ly opened up about landing the role of Katie. So, I quite liked that about The Fall and I hope it comes across!

The Fall returns but will Paul Spector live or die? What happened to Katie Benedetto in The Fall?

Death and Nightingales: Is it based on a true story? Spector encouraged Katie to assault one of her friends, something which she complied with. Katie ended up in a juvenile detention centre after the assault while Spector was custody. While in the juvenile detention centre, Stella paid the youngster a visit.

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During the chat, Stella found out Spector had taken his own life in a bid to evade justice. Death and Nightingales: What time does it start tonight?

BBC Netflix.