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The office fanfiction jim injured

By Nebula, September 25, in Fanfiction.

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Based on the BBC series of the same name, the American version of The Office hoped to bank on the same popularityy of the original series.

Centered around the mundane lives of the office workers of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, the series explored not office office life but the lives of each worker as well. Through heartbreaks, love, and The everyday fanfiction at work, The Office managed to create a series full of heart, humor, and real characters that audiences grew to love.

Though the series lost its lead actor, comedian Steve Carell, by seeason 7, the series continued through two more seasons. Fans everywhere bid a tearful goodbye to The Jim on May 16,with happy endings for most of the characters. Throughout the series, most characters, whether central or recurring, had their fair share of either blossoming love or eventual heartbreak.

Over time, the office workers found themselves dating each other and even found love outside of the walls of their office building. While some couples made us swoon and envious, others made our stomachs turn, hoping they would end as soon as possible. In this article, we will explore the pairings from the show that helped improve the quality of the series and also contributed to its lowest moments. Any relationship on T he Office involving Kelly Kapoor would be expected to be drama filled and ridiculous.

However, after her breakup with Ryan, she took a chance with Darryl Philbin from the warehouse. The biggest issue with this relationship was that it was all a farce. Kelly simply used Darryl to try to make Ryan jealous. Although they did share injured cute moments, this relationship simply had no legs to stand on.

Chapter nineteen

We all knew Kelly would make it back into the arms of Ryan eventually and Darryl happily accepted their breakup. Amidst the over-the-top relationships from the show, Michael and Jan certainly stand at the top of the list. Even after breaking up, Michael still found himself still trying to be a part of her life through her pregnancy. However horrible this relationship was, it served as a lesson for Michael for future loves.

By enduring such an awful experience with Jan, he was able to discover what true happiness actually felt like. Although we still regret that some of the other never played out sorry, Isabelhis pairing with Esther never seemed like a possibility. Although Esther appeared to show genuine interest in Dwight, we all knew he was not meant to be with her.

Even on the day he planned to propose to Esther, he chose to propose to Angela instead finally. Darryl always remained a fan favorite throughout the seasons of The Office. Although we saw his career blossoming over the years, his relationship status remained pretty limited. Besides a brief reappearance of his ex-wife Justine and his messy time with Kelly, his love life stayed very stale.

However, with the appearance of new worker Val, Darryl finally finds someone to pursue an active relationship with. Between their back and forth flirting and his declaration of interest in Val despite having a boyfriendfans grew to love the dynamic between the two characters. Though the relationship was short-lived, we finally got the chance to see Darryl in a healthy relationship for once.

In the end, Darryl reconciled with his ex-wife and moved with her and his daughter to Austin. As a fan of The Officeit has been hard for anyone to see characters Jim and Pam with anyone else other than each other.

The injury

Though they seemed to have some chemistry, Jim eventually realized he had little in common with her and knew very little about her. She simply served as a distraction from his feelings for Pam. Although she was nothing like Pam, the two seemed to click very well together. Granted, things got complicated when they chose to move to Scranton, but they still tried to make their relationship work.

However, the presence of a newly single Pam began to affect Karen negatively. Jim realized his feelings for Pam were too strong and eventually broke up with Karen. Their relationship just served to drive Pam into an angry frenzy just for the sake of comedy. In fact, upon discovering her real age, Michael immediately began to lose interest in her. Well, unless you count Helene being dumped by Michael on her birthday as eventful.

Although the interest between the two began while she was dating Andy, she soon discovered that her feelings for Pete were too strong to resist. When Andy selfishly left to go on a very long boat trip with his brother Walter, Erin recognized how caring an attentive Pete has been to her. We are still trying to comprehend why this matchup ever happened.

Two of the oddest characters on the show being brought together on a, what, a whim?

Honestly, it was just uncomfortable and pretty darn gross. Thank goodness! How could you not love the train wreck that was Kelly and Ryan?

Granted, these were two of the most selfish characters on the show individually, but together they became a force to be reckoned with. These two lovebirds continued their on-again, off-again relationship through the entire show.

Between the constant breakups, attempts at making the other jealous, and even a quickie marriage, Kelly and Ryan continued to come back to each other. Even after the two seemed to finally end things Kelly moved on to Ravi and got engagedthey still managed to drift to one another once again. Though her relationship with Jim served as the endgame for the series, we were introduced to Pam through her time with Roy. Roy was insensitive and often neglectful, but this pairing did help Pam see how much better her life would be with Jim. Given that their breakup fanfiction a necessity, their spiraling relationship together eventually took a turn for the worse.

This pairing hit a new low after their breakup when Roy lost his temper in a bar. His anger continued into the office when he attempted to attack Jim. This act seemed a bit excessive, turning fans against Roy for good. Honestly, we were rooting for this couple to make it. They shared the office silly energy and instantly clicked when they were together. After initially ending things, they jim tried to move on with other people. However, in an attempt to rekindle their relationship, Andy drove down to Tallahassee, Florida to confess his love for her. Unfortunately, is decision to take a three-week cruise with his brother, leaving Eric behind, seemed to be the last straw.

She eventually broke up with The after he returned and moved on to Pete. For the first three seasons of The OfficeOscar appeared to be in a relatively healthy relationship with his boyfriend, Gil. This relationship was messy from the start, with Oscar injured participating in Robert's infidelity. Despite his past issues with Angela, this type of betrayal should have never happened between these friends.

The injury

In the end, the Senator not only cheated on Angela but Oscar as well. Among the many failed relationships and awful hookups, Phyllis and Bob maintained one of the healthiest relationships on the show. Shown to be dating as early as season 2, the two eventually settle down and get married, serving as an excellent antidote for the typical Michael Scott antics.

Their marriage continued to be quite healthy, despite some concerns Phyllis had of Bob cheating on her with his secretary. However, her concerns are quickly dismissed by Dwight, and she pushed her doubts aside. Yikes, but also, aww!

To be fair, Andy had a genuine interest in Angela at first and did what he could to win her over. Although Angela dismissed his affections for her numerous times, she eventually broke down and gave in. However, she secretly began her affair with Dwight again, despite committing to marrying Andy. At times, Angela seemed to have doubts about the affair and appeared to want to care about Andy.

In the end, however, the relationship was revealed, with Andy being heartbroken over the betrayal. Fans were sad to see kind-hearted Andy put through so much pain. This long-standing affair carried on for the majority of the show and remained a fan favorite throughout the series.

Trollhunters fanfiction jim injured

Since the reveal of their secret affair, Dwight and Angela seemed like a mismatched couple. However, over the years, the two came to appreciate their differences and even began to complement each other. Through breakups, a baby contract, and misunderstandings, they still managed to come back to each other.

Fans longed for the day that the two would eventually get the timing right and finally be together.

Dwight schrute was a warning

Thankfully, the series ended with their marriage. Dwight and Angela finally able to be a happy family with their baby. The relationship between Angela and the Senator seemed wrong from the start. Understandably, fans longed for Angela and Dwight to get together, however, the termination of their baby contract served as the end of their affair.

Hoping to find true love elsewhere, she began dating Robert, and they eventually get engaged and married. In a twist of fate, she became the oblivious spouse in a marriage where her husband was doing the cheating with her coworker, Oscar. She remained in the union, too ashamed to admit she made a mistake and unwilling to be humiliated.

The office fanfic "hostage situation"

In the end, Angela suffered far more than she should have and her time with Robert seemed like unnecessary filler for her storyline. Though often his fault, his years of dealing with awful girlfriends, selfish lovers, and brief affairs left him yearning for something more. Looking to have a happy life with his future wife and kids, Michael finally found his match with Holly Flax. These two characters shared the same quirky behaviors and proved to be a perfect match. Despite some hiccups in their relationship and eventual breakupthe two managed to make their way back together when Holly returned to Scranton.

They eventually married, with Michael revealing in the series finale that they had a family together. When you take one of the most lovable characters on The Office and pair her with one of the most despised, you get one of the most worthless couples on the show.