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Thong bikini story

Hello, my name is Sandra Tanner, I was born on February 5 th which makes me 28 years old at the time of this article. Personality wise, I would say I am somewhat reserved, tend to lean more towards the conservative side of things. I am not an introvert nor an extrovert, just a normal 28 year old woman.

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To start my name is Cathleen and I am 29 years old. I haveonce child, age 6. I am not a fitnessfanatic however I do eat properly and walk an average of 15 miles in total aweek plus fun activities like hiking and skiing etc.

This is my story about the first time I wore a thong bikini,what it did for me and what the future holds for my swimwear collection. Over the past 14 months, I have been forcing myself to stepout of my comfort zone which to be honest has been a little scary at times yetexciting too, for example, I hate rollercoasters yet forced myself to go on arollercoaster barrage that turned out to be a whole lot of fun after I got overmy initial panicked anxiety state.

I do not typically like spending a lot oftime in the water yet this past summer, I forced myself to swim when ever I wasat a cottage, pool or beach.

I guess thong bikinis are becoming a mainstream trend

For me, my comfort zone was a behavioral place where myactivities and behaviors fit a pattern or routine that minimized my stresslevel and risk associated with that behavior. It provided a state of mental security that I was taught from a youngage from my parents. By the way I am notbashing my parents either as its benefits are obvious for example, low stress,reduced anxiety and a regulated fun level, but I also realized that itregulated my confidence as a person and limited me as a woman.

The concept of optimal anxiety by pushing yourself out ofthose comfy zones is by no means a new concept.

Almost everyone has an example ofa time when they were forced outside of their comfort zone and achievedsomething amazing. That bikini of accomplishment is not only empowering butcreates an adrenalin rush that is completelyaddictive, thus my desire to keep pushing my boundaries. My point of the Coles notes above is that I am trying toforce myself to face my fears, become a better person and enjoy life to itsfullest. It wasa trip we had been talking about since we had met three and a half stories ago.

By the way, I am not a prude, I do enjoy wearing a bikiniand have quite a collection to be honest but thong we were planning our trip,Jordan had made a joke and said I should step out of my bikini comfort zone andget a thong bikini for the trip. It was another opportunity for me to step outside of myspace and experience something different.

The opportunity to step outside of mycomfy place I think was more appealing than wearing the thong at the time. This whole thong episode churned through my mind for monthsleading up to the trip, not that I had bad thoughts or that I was scared, itjust seemed different. The thong is as normal on a beach as the sand itself andthey really are the norm.

Cheeky style bikinis are far more popular than anyother bikini style whether it be in cottage country, local beach, pool orresort vacation.

First time thonger

I decided that this vacation was going to include a thongbikini and off shopping I went. I purchased not just one, but I decided just incase I liked them, I purchased two, a little red thong bikini and a yellow one. The yellow one was a considered a Tonga which has slightly more coverage than athong but not much more and the red one was a true thong bikini. I had what I came for and off I went home toslide these new garments into the bottom of my suitcase for another day. So, the vacation was planned and we flew out of Wisconsin onFriday March 8 th The flight was smooth taking about 3 hours 45minutes.

Cathleen wears a thong bikini for the first time

We landed and the weather was as beautiful as we had dreamed, clearskies, hot with crystal clear water like I had never seen before. We stayed at the Ocean Club Four Seasons Beach Front Resort which by the way was absolutely beyond my wildest imagination and exceeded our expectations by a long shot.

We got settled for the first day, but that bug was in me, I kept thinking about those thong bikinis hidden securely at the bottom of my suitcase. Now it was not that I was scared, to be honest I was looking forward to trying on my new bikinis and strolling out to the pool but thinking back it was more about when was the right bikini.

Well Jordan lasted in the room about ten thongs and wantedto head to the pool, well more like the pool bar so I told him to go ahead,order me a drink and I would be along in few minutes. As soon as the door shutbehind him, I was off to my suitcase to get my hands on those new bikinis, Idecided to try the yellow Tonga first, I slipped it on and put on a pair of newwedges through a towel over my arm, put on my sunglasses freshened up my makeupand headed out the door.

The feeling was not what I had expected, I had envisionedthis as being a stressful situation full of anxiety and regret, yet it wasweirdly freeing and empowering. I felt good about myself and was excited aboutmy first entrance onto the pool deck. I strolled down the thong beautifully detailed paths andquickly found the pool. I located Jordan patiently story on bikini alreadysipping on his second drink. I was not flaunting itjust smiling in all my glory. Jordan loved me in my new stories, therewere a couple of times when he showed a little bit of jealousy towards someapparent new found friends I had, but I found as long as you actedappropriately for the most part it was just like wearing any other bikini.

I also noticed that many women were also intrigued by thethongs, kind of interesting actually. For me, it was just another opportunityto step out of my comfort zone. Like I mentioned earlier, I think it was thefact that I was showing more of myself then I traditionally would be comfortablewith however the experience was to say the least exciting.

For me the experience of wearing a thong bikini wasexceptionally positive, I think because I had never been the type of personthat spent a lot of time thinking about my body appearance, more about beinghealthy yet all of a sudden, I felt different it the sense of special. Once I got the thong on and wore it down by the pool on thefirst day, I felt extremely confident in myself, for some reason, it boosted myself-esteem. It added a certain amount of contentment in my being and arealization that I was in fact feminine and strong.

In summary, for me personally, wearing a thong on the beachwas a personal challenge. It was another opportunity for me to push myboundaries, the outcome was far more rewarding than I could have foreseen.

Deer story

Looking back, I had Jordan take some pics of me in both of my thongs, but we went to a secluded unmaintained location of the beach where it was private and away from the ocean and people, I wish I had taken some photos on the beach front. But there is always next time. We are planning our next trip and have already purchased a new swimsuit. This time it is a one-piece matte black thong with high cut hips and a plunging neckline.

‘thong bikini’ stories

You must be logged in to post a comment. Cathleen M. Just me having some fun. Jordan was taking the pictures. Looking back, I wish I had taken some by the ocean…It was so beautiful, but I was not comfortable yet having my picture taken in the thong on the beach in front of others. In retrospect, I wish I had pics of me everywhere. The first day I ever wore a thong bikini on vacation in public was March 8ththis picture was taken on the March 10th two days in.

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I am feeling very comfortable and confident in myself. Me in my red thong bikini on vacation. This is my third day wearing a thong. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.