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Skyy John is a Bahamian host and content producer of the YouTube channel Tipsy Bartender, the kind of show that has people wrapped around his finger in order to learn how to make colorful cocktails.

He is 42 years old. He appears to be a man of average stature going by his photos. He was born in the Bahamas and much is not revealed about his parents or siblings.

Skyy has not yet disclosed if he is married, he is quite a reserved person. Once the information is available we shall update. It has been four years since then and no official announcements have been made with regards to the wedding. Before moving to Los Angeles Skyy had three occupations in the Bahamas; a bank teller during the day and a pizza delivery guy at night. He did fishing on weekends and earned a living.

Exclusive interview with skyy john, the cocktail mastermind behind tipsy bartender

He was also a former member of the Bahamian Military. He started as a bartender after going to auditions and he was repeatedly told to come up again since he was from the Bahamas and his voice did sound different.

He did not possess a typical American accent. Skyy decided to start the Tipsy Bartender show to capitalize on his voice.

Tipsy bartender dating emma

He started to produce videos using the garage lights and as a result, the video had poor lighting and the sound quality was bad. He constantly pushed himself to produce better content.

Maximizing on the good qualities of a bartender such as having a great personality and memorizing the drinks database, his show eventually grew and created many job opportunities. Skyy is no longer referred to as the Tipsy Bartender but as the host of the Bartender show. Skyy John started the show of Tipsy Bartender seven years ago.

His inspiration for starting this show sprout from his love for drinks. He merely began as a bartender and his passion for making cocktails built the foundation for the online brand. The show has attracted at least 3. In a week Tipsy Bartender show makes at least 50 cocktails.

The show started with the aim of making fun videos but over time, it has experienced tremendous growth from the quality of the video that they produce, to the invention of recipes that make pretty and colorful cocktails. The process of inventing cocktails is focused on what the viewers may find entertaining and fun to try.

Exclusive interview with skyy john, the cocktail mastermind behind tipsy bartender

Skyy maintains the purpose of the Tipsy Bartender by ensuring that they only merge with a brand that has a booze connection. The show has a vision of having a vast website whose construction is currently underway. Through the site, viewers will be able to access at least videos and recipes.

Once the construction is completed the fans will be able to watch the process of making cocktails and download the recipes. Tipsy Bartender show is an online brand that has heavily dominated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get to the viewers. Skyy started the show on YouTube by making fun videos and thereafter moved to Facebook where he has put his focus on.

Facebook alone attracts at least Youtube channel has M views and He earns his money through and views from his social media platforms. The bulk of his wealth comes from acting Television series and also hosting the bartender show which boasts of at least million views on YouTube.

Skyy john tipsy bartender, bio, wiki, age, height, wife, show, salary, and net worth

Skyy was born and raised in Nassau, in the Bahamas. He later moved to Los Angeles approximately eight years ago. Skyy has resided in Los Angeles for the past eight years since moving to the United States from his native Bahamas. Skyy resides in Los Angeles. This has been for the past eight years since moving to the United States from his native Bahamas.