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Toilet transformation story

If you refuse, if you try to run away, if you try and lie one more time," this time there was no doubt about a flicker of flame in his eyes, "i will transform you both into a pair of gender neutral toilets!

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Welcome to Choose Your Own Transformation, please select your starting path! Chad swaggered down the hall of his high school like he owned it. In a sense as the school's quarterback, and water polo team captain he did. He was 6'3" with curly blond hair, broad shoulder, and a narrow waist. He was also an arrogant bastard who bragged about all the women he had, about who he wanted to have, and about all the wimps he'd put in their place. He opened his locker and his eyes focused on a black gift box wrapped in purple ribbon with a lavender scented envelope.

How old am I: 33
Ethnicity: Portuguese
Color of my eyes: Bright blue eyes
Hair: Coarse reddish hair
My figure type: My figure type is athletic

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Jeff searched through the options.

He didn't see anything that he particularly liked. He grabbed the mouse to hit the back button, but he accidently pressed another button.

Without knowing what had happened, he left and went into the bathroom. When he entered, he noticed the toilet had dissapeared, and only a pipe stuck out of the ground where it had been.

Jeff walked towards the pipe, and suddenly, without warning, his clothes dissapeared. The pipe which was sticking up reached up, and stuck itself into Jeff's butt. He was forced onto the ground.

His mouth was forced open, and he was unable to close it. Jeff felt so much pain, he passed out. He woke up in the bathroom.

He couldn't move. He felt pipes running through his body. His mouth was in a forced open possition.

There was alot of water in his head. He didn't know exactly how he knew, but he was a toilet in his restroom. You are not logged in.

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