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Until dawn drop hannah

Players can kill or save all eight protagonists in the game, or any combination in between. You could end up killing three characters and saving five, or killing seven and saving one.

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Despite this possible, unusual ending, the game starts off with more than a few tropes. A nerdy girl, Hannah, gets passed a note that prom king Mike wants to hook up with her upstairs.

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She is also the only playable character that cannot be saved, no matter what choices the player makes.

Whatever you choose, the blade will go for Josh. Jessica can die in Chapter 4, meaning she has the earliest possible death among the protagonists in the game.

User Info: Shadow1psc. User Info: SpeedSh0t He is one of three characters who cannot die until Chapter The other two are Sam and Josh.

You have to make a lot of small and big decisions in the game, and those lead to either salvation or death. At the end, you can either emerge with all eight characters alive, or you may finish with all of them alive … or all of them dead.

If he shoots the bag or does nothing, his relationship with Sam will increase. If he shoots the squirrel, their relationship will decrease and Sam will be attacked by a crow, which will affect later gameplay and Butterfly Effects. He is portrayed by actor Peter Stormare.

Until Dawn is an interactive drama in which players primarily assume control of eight young adults who have to survive on Blackwood Mountain until they are rescued at dawn. If he shot himself or did nothing, it will max out. If Jessica had hit the bird, an icicle will fall down, prompting a QTE for Jessica to roll them out of the way, or if the player fails Mike will get them both out of the way.

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