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Used panties auction

Do you want to make extra money from a rare and yet legit business? If so, start selling your used panties online.

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There are thousands of buyers on the Internet looking for used panties for sale. Both buyers and sellers can remain anonymous when dealing in used panties for sale. The snifffr marketplace has been built to be user friendly and affordable to make it easy for to buy and sell used panties. In order to get going, the first thing the used panty buyer needs to do is up to a snifffr. ing up to an is free.

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Pantydeal is an exclusive adult marketplace for the buying and selling of used panties. We are a community where members explore their sexuality with total freedom. Our range of features means that every transaction is smooth, safe and simple. You can offer more than just panties.

Stockings, lingerie, modest hipster panties, thongs, french knickers or lacy pants - as long as they're worn and used there is a demand. Set up your own online store with Pantydeal, advertise items, set your own prices, and chat with buyers.

Continue reading to find out more about worn underwear or and set up your store. For used panty fetishists, the thrill is in the smell.

A pair of used panties holds the intimate and sensual scent of the woman who wore them. And buying used panties from consenting and empowered sellers means their fantasies can be realized - and you can enjoy the financial rewards.

Used panties for sale

We bet you know you can sell your used panties on Pantydeal. From used socks to cam sessionsthere are lo of things you can offer in your online panty store. Check out this list and see what inspires you. Pick the panties, advertise them, wear them, and post them off. Kink truly has no limit. People sell used socks, stockings, bras, sports clothesand so much more.

You can sell an individual photo or a photo collection. You can sell pre-made photosor take photos for a personalized order. Get creative with your photos. What can you do to make yours stand out?

Sell your used panties to get rich fast: complete guide & much more

Many sellers are open to hearing what buyers are looking for. Custom photo and video requests?

Custom panty orders? Custom cam sessions? Anything and everything? Visit our article about what else you can offer in your pantydeal shop if you're are curious about other items or need some inspiration. Our marketplace has sellers of every shape and style. Panty fetishists have varying tastes and desires.

With our easy-to-use features and the help of our team and the supportive Pantydeal community, your business can thrive in no time. Statistics show that the used panty fetish is hugely popular.

Sell your used panties to get rich fast: complete guide & much more

For fetishists, your used panties are desirable and have serious monetary value. This means you really can earn a living by selling your used panties. Some people want to keep their used panty business a secret. We understand. And we assure you that on Pantydeal your identity and personal information is completely safe.

Sellers regularly receive payment and ship their products without disclosing their real name or address, and there are many ways you can run your business without anybody knowing about it. As a seller, you are in complete control of your business and your products. Every dollar you make is yours - you earned it. Our expertise means we can advise new sellers on the best ways to receive payment and safely ship their used panties. You can choose the payment method that suits you.

Sell used panties - yes, it's a thing!

And you never have to compromise on privacy or worry about not getting paid. Unlike other businesses, selling your used panties on Pantydeal. You are investing time and of course, panties. All you need to do is advertise, wear and get paid for your auctions. Selling used panties is a great way to capitalize on your natural feminine resources. Many used panty transactions are made privately over the internet, but these carry risks. Pantydeal offers a safe alternative to this. In our marketplace, buyers and sellers can connect and communicate safely using our private chat.

If there is any problem with the transaction or any instances of abuse, our team is here to help. Respect and consent is the foundation of Pantydeal. When people first think about buying or selling used panties, one of the main questions they have is about how to send panties in the mail.

For most panties, it is important to receive items discreetly and in good condition. For both buyers and sellers, it is important that anonymity is maintained. Fortunately, there are simple ways to send panties that ensure both buyers and sellers are safe and satisfied.

Sending panties in the mail has never been easier! When good quality used panties reach their buyer, their scent is perfectly preserved. These are the kinds of panties buyers are after! To do this, panties must be prepared properly before being put in the post.

The best way of mailing panties in this way is to:. When it comes to how to ship used panties, you want to make sure your buyer comes back for more. Some sellers like to go the extra mile when mailing panties by adding a thank you note, attaching photos of them used the packaged panties, or even adding candy to their package. Using a rigid envelope or small box will also prevent anyone from feeling what is inside. If you can do this you have the option of buying the necessary stamps or printing out a shipping label at home. You can then take your parcel directly to a postbox. Do not put your own address as the return address on your parcel.

This information is important to keep private. Lots of sellers use tracked shipping when mailing panties - and this is a good idea. If you choose tracked shipping, make sure you charge buyers the extra postage money and make this clear to them before any transaction is made.

Also, remember to make your shipping costs clear to buyers whether you or not you choose tracked shipping. How to ship used underwear? Let buyers know when their parcel has been posted. Sending them a photo of the parcel alongside its trackingas auction as asking them to let you know when the parcel arrives, is highly recommended.

If your parcel is lost in the post you will have proof of postage. When it comes to how to send panties in the mail, you want to make it as smooth as possible. All of our features are there to make your business easier to run. Our search function allows buyers to quickly connect with the right sellers. Our private chat and private community let you see buyers that are online. Our review system lets buyers and sellers review used other honestly. We are proud to say that our members treat each other respectfully and care about the highest quality service and products.

Our range of features let you personalize your shop - and have fun with it! You can set your own prices, customize your bio and any photos you want. You have the option to expand your business by selling photos, videos, and other clothing items, like bras, pantyhose or socks. Our team of experts create regular content on everything you need to know about selling used panties.

For many sellers, their used panty business is their passion. This means that alongside Pantydeal. On our platform, you are able to sell other lingerie and clothing items like used socks, as well as erotic photos, auctions, and conversations. See where your new business takes you!

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Your profile is your used panty shop, and the first thing potential buyers see. Your profile will include photos of you only the ones that you choose and a bio a written description of yourself. Read how to write a great bio in our magazine. Again, we recommend not giving away personal information, such as your real name or address.