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Voy forum spanking

I have written a poem revolving around that but I am at a loss to remember the title or what I ate for breakfast this morning! It seemed to cover mostly spanking of children especially boys that I wasn't interested in. I did like some forums that were about spanking teen girls and had posts about daughters getting spanked by there fathers.

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Re: Am I too strict? Re: Is this forum just fantasy. Re: Parents: Why bare? Re: Was I right to spank? Someone, probably "spanking support" is using my username to trick people.

My age: 31
What is my ethnicity: Indian
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
My sex: Fem
What is my figure features: I'm strong
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I remember the thread was initially started by someone Named "Cynthia" and titled "Cindy regress Back to school". Back then, well, spanking wasn't something I was interested in so I just ignored that now I understand what a fool I was to do so. Unfortunately, the thre are missing and there is no of them.

Looking for some old "voy forum" stories

My search attempts failed but I also discovered two more similar thre by "Jennifer" and "Angel". It pains me even more that all of them are gone now. I am hoping, some people here saw that thread too and at least few of them had it all saved. If you have it, I hope you are kind enough to share it. Please PM me and I'll be very very grateful. One old voy story is posted here by Profken as a serial about a woman regressing by living with a friend as an 'aunt' and attending the local college etc.

It's called 'Sandy's story'. Well, Profken's story has similar theme and is very entertaining. Some other writers have also entertained the same idea partially, either from memory or freshly from creative mind. There were comments under the posts and they were an integral part of it.

This made it special and unique. Thanks for the help. I already know they were removed hence this thread.

So not much lost there except the comments. If you haven't read them yet and fond of that particular genre, you should give them a try. They are quite good. Yeah, unfortunately it seems like a combo of forum pruning mixed with a HUUUGE holdover website from a bygone era of the internet VoyForums being janky ended up making those series disappear to time. I'd read the consolidated summaries some time in I believe, but now they're gone.

Regardless if all that mining is your cup of tea or not, Profken's Sandy story is pretty awesome and very much in the same vein. Thanks for the advice.

Thesandfly sandfly beach voy season is go!

I'll take a look, worth a try. Profken's Sandy and Helen stories are based on similar themes - Adult fantasizing about being a teen.

I am well aware of them and enjoyed them very much. Also it was Profken's post from a google group that made me really interested in Cndy's story. In fact, I asked Profken couple of weeks ago if he is aware of the state of "Back To School" thread and have it saved.

Voy forums

Again, thanks for the help. Good day. I frequent the Voy Forums and participate from time to time. They do have archives going back 10 s from the first but that doesn't cover very much time. The Voy Forums are quite entertaining although there seems to be a lot of debate on certain forums as to the authenticity of the posts, which supposedly are all real experiences.

Voy spanking forums

Real or not and my gut feeling tells me that these forums are all fiction, there are still some entertaining thre that make for interesting reading as well as contribution. So in the end, I'm a big fan of Voy. I actually wrote those Cindy stories long ago, but once of the reasons I post on this forum is I'm a crappy librarian and all would be lost if it were up to me to keep them. I did look for them, but spanking nothing Voy any substance. However I repeat this theme a lot, and there's a pretty good sampling of my forum in this library now, courtesy of the excellent librarians who run this forum.

Looking for some old "voy forum" stories. Sugarcane Member Bangladesh Posts: Some years ago, I guess around I happened to come across some thre in voy forum, where a teacher goes undercover as a high school student to get some "firsthand data" on corporal punishment.

I'm not sure I can say I remember it but the idea sounds arousing. Online now: Members - 3 : Guests - 5 JustugrLonewulfotkallen.