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Ways to humiliate someone

Click to see full answer In respect to this, why would someone try to humiliate you?

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It is a tough world out there and you cannot live peacefully until and unless you take care of yourself and your belongings. It is not good to humiliate anybody; however, sometimes you have to take some steps to create a smooth environment in society when you observe something morally wrong that is plaguing the community. For instance, if someone keeps on insulting people without any reason, you must teach that person the lesson of a lifetime. The best way to teach such people a lesson is to humiliate them anonymously so that they may not insult or disturb other people without reason. There are many techniques which you can use. The selection of the method depends on how much you want to humiliate that person.

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People who feel disrespected feel empowered to lie, pilfer, sabotage, and self-protect at the expense of others.

How to humiliate someone anonymously

All are terrible actions — but 5 is the absolute worst as I see it. Thanks jcbjr. As I think about it, I think hot emotion may be behind some of these destructive behaviors. This sounds like a Steve Jobs leadership path — why do some of those succeed so well? Thanks Bill.

How do you humiliate someone publicly?

In some cases, perhaps we should learn to dance around unusually gifted people. It sounds contradictory to what I wrote. I wonder if intention is part of this discussion. Then there are some leaders who are just jerks. Thanks for bringing this up. Thanks — the process of leadership is complicated, and many faceted. I agree with the ideas you are promoting.

Beautiful list.

Public naming and shaming: the 8 best ways to humiliate bullies, cheats and naughty twerking children

I hope this one goes viral. I think the most dangerous part is when their followers choose to emulate these behaviors and the toxic cycle continues. Thanks Karin. Glad you ed in today. You make me think about organizational cultures where humiliation is accepted because those in power use it. In some organizations, stepping on people is part of getting ahead. If you want to have a pop at my people, go ahead. Thanks Mitch. You make me think about the role a leader plays in creating safe environments. When we believe someone has our back, we take more risks.

Bravo, Mitch and Dan! Employees believe it, see it, feel it, and know it!! In kind, employees will go to great lengths, and withstand much, to do their best work and go the extra mile. Consistently, willingly and conscientiously. Thanks Alan. We can take that one to the bank. Glad you jumped in.

All we have to think about is what will produce the greatest benefit in our relationships. Every time we speak, our character is on parade. Jesus upset their pride. And Jesus upsets our pride too.

Those are some deep words, makes a person think. Great post Dan and great reminder of our impact, good and bad, as leaders and people. I try to avoid the bad behaviors and I am going be courageous and send this to my staff and ask if I have ever done these things. Hopefully they will be honest and I can learn what I may need to focus on changing to become a better leader. Thanks again!

Want to be a great leader? never intentionally humiliate anyone

Thanks Mark. The word courageous seems appropriate. Best wishes. Nice list! Few if any would argue the positive benefit of treating others with compassion, respect, and dignity. Thanks SGT. This is a great list! Learning to communicate with the leader in the most appropriate way i. Thanks Stephen.

Yes, I think fear motivates us to act in ways to protect ourselves, even if it harms others. Agreed, Dan! It follows that, understanding the motivation for undesirable or threatening behaviour makes us better able to avoid feeling undermined by it, and also to mitigate it via our response.

We tend to be too judge mental at times not knowing the entire picture.

Listening is a key way to let others know they matter. I find that staying present takes concentration and is harder than you might think. We might want to consider the exceptionally creative leader. Creative individuals are very important to an organization think Steve Jobsbut maybe they should lead projects, not people. Just saying :. TRIED: joking back, pointing out the facts not appropriate or legal……. Have noticed boss is harder on woman than men. Fortunately it is not me, but care of those whom this is happening to.

This seems to speak to the self-awareness discussed here a few days ago. Maybe the problem is really with the leader, and on some level, he or she knows it. Great insight thank you.

I worked for the Australian Post Office for many years, my observations of the management approach there were very negative,humiliation was a daily event aggression was to be expected. The organisation lost many good people because of this approach, I suspect now looking back that it was all part of a strategic plan to push long serving staff out and replace them with compliant new employees.

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How do you humiliate someone publicly?

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How do you humiliate someone publicly?

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How to humiliate someone anonymously

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